Political Snap Shot

Ice Deportation Raids



Written Aug. 10 7:30pm EST

   As America, we are the shining beacon of the world. All despite our faults, immigrants legal or illegal still flock here at any cost. What you have to realize, it is not about left or right. It is about America. I told you, we welcome all, to build this nation and respect it, but times have changed. Democrats say we need unskilled non speaking English workers to do the jobs we do not want to do. This is true, but it crushes us on the back end with the cost of social services. Pay enough and you will get farm workers you need. Cheap labor for plants that are already fully employed until ICE removes staff. Farm workers needed, but no wife or children as it is suppose to be temporary. Any long term stay negates the value of their work, as the farms past that cost onto the taxpayers in the form of social services.

   We are shown by the media, that babies are separated as children from their parents, with no clue, they were told what to say in Mississippi. My father is no criminal. No 7 year old can comprehend immigration violations, as this was a set up. ICE is here to remove all, whose cases have run their course. Rights to a new hearing, how, when you have had them, and it is final. This is not about legal immigrants as the media paints, it is about final removal of illegals. There is no threat to Hispanic Americans or legal immigrants. ICE only removes those who have no right to be here, as they were served an order of deportation in a court of law.

   What about child separation, if an American commits a crime, they are separated from their children. You have no rights, to counter to what you have been told from groups protecting illegals. Know this, if deported, you have a choice to take your child with you, but you choose to leave them. This is not a political issue, but a personal one of free choice.

Update Aug. 11 11:30 pm EST

   Today we see the media painting a picture of no invasion, crying kids as if this is a reason to skirt our laws. I told you, when you included illegals with those who are legal, this would backfire in the media. This is not on Trump, as you promoted it for advantage, and it has backfired. No one in the leadership comes after Hispanic Americans, but they do come after the hundred thousand plus on average that assault our borders every month. If a hundred thousand of anything entered your home, you would call it an infestation, as it is unwanted. So what you are saying, you want millions to come here with no repercussions? Americans are no fools, as there over a million crossing the border every year, pictures show the truth. Placing a crying child as a prop, does not reflect the real world at the border. This is the Truth.

   If you have a mission to save Central American children, then do it, and come out of your pocket. But do not place what is moral in your minds on the backs of the American taxpayer. I am tired of hearing the lies, we need poor people that do not speak our language and will marginally assimilate. Poor people do not pay taxes. So it takes 15 working people to pay the rent in one apartment in most cities, then their children cost over 10 thousand a pop to educate, and this is why we need migrants? Again we have a processes to welcome those from South and Central America, no migrant has a voice in our laws. The new world order is using this to divide, and it is working.


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