Political Snap Shot

The Epstein Death


Written Aug. 11 11:59 pm EST

   The media was warned of the significance of the Epstein trial. Witness after witness could be rebuked as unreliable, but Epstein would seal the fate of many of the elite, if he testified. He has passed. He threaten to revealed everything that occurred on his island as he wanted to live even in jail. You were told, he would be eliminated. As some who interviewed him leaked what was coming for money, would shock all, millions were paid. A high profile prisoner under what should have been a suicide watch, hanged himself. The clothing is made out of paper, and there is nothing to hang from on the ceiling of the cells. You are being lied to.

   Epstein was allegedly killed, as those in control of the facility, was allegedly paid that reaches all the way to the top. A team went in and a single entity strangled him, and then set up the suicide as he hung himself off of his bed that is 18 inches off the floor. Ask how? Epstein when confronted did not even put up a fight like the last time, as he knew another attack would follow if unsuccessful.

   The elite of your government feared their names being mentioned like Richardson. All at risk voted to take out Epstein, and this seals your fate. So instead of Epstein revealing your crimes, little will be revealed from the files taken from Epstein, it is now in the hands of the Almighty. Epstein is burning in hell and screaming, as what he perceives as his small dick causes him the most pain, while being raped by unholy creatures in what he thinks is his ass and mouth. In hell he is fresh meat.

   I have asked the Almighty to eliminate those who voted to remove Epstein from this world. It has been granted. They will suffer 3 times what Epstein suffered, their crimes revealed and their souls sent to hell. This is a promise. Watch the accidents and strange deaths occur with no realistic explanation.

   The crimes as to avoid being sued will be framed as alleged. Tony Blair, both Clintons and Prince Andrew who visited the island, is just the tip, and you really believe their dicks stayed in their pants never entered any of those young girlís mouths or vaginas? Clinton screwed trolls in the White House, no self control. Underage pus.y walked around the island topless or naked. Epstein had tapes and now that he is dead, the tapes are not admissible if the Justice department does not talk.

   You ask, why was not Epstein protected? He was, but money allegedly offered, made the guards walk away with no choice. Epstein belonged to the dark one, and because of that, his death could not be prevented. Billy, the dark one is coming to claim your soul. You can ask for forgiveness and reveal to the world your sins and those of your wife, or be taken. This is the only option, I am offering you a change to make this right, as this is authorized by the Almighty.

Update Aug 13 3 am EST

   What the media is not being told, is that Epsteinís bed sheets were made of paper, as was his clothes. If they take away shoe laces, they would not leave cotton bed sheets? He was taken off suicide watch by his lawyers, as they were compromised. Will it be proven, no. The removal of the cell mate in a timely fashion as to have no witnesses, will it be proven, no. The time lapse of the guards checking on him and the inside of the cell not visible to cameras, will it be proven, no. Digitalize recordings tampered with? You can count on it. The autopsy will raise more questions, than give answers. Epstein was about to burn major political figures. If Billy could not help himself with a below the oval office desk blow job from an intern, which is a fact, you really think a 15 year virgin with a body and face walking around half naked, would be turned down on orgy island?

   Many of the elite politicians were blackmailed by Epstein in bed with children of both sexes, and the little girls served both men and women of power. As of now, there is a power struggle to close this case for what they see as the good of the country, and distribute the wealth of Epstein in a series of non disclosure agreements. This is were we stand.

Update Aug. 13 11:59pm EST

   As the Epstein alleged suicide unfolds, few in the media and political circles think, his death was suicide. Many of your leaders, Hollywood icons have dirty secrets, that were plain disgusting. Epstein told the world, he had dirt on many of the worldís elite, and you think he hung himself from a 1 foot bed frame with a paper bed sheet? The media will never show you his true cell. Then you will realize a hanging death would have been impossible, no matter how long between checks on Epstein. The only choice for Epstein to die was to stuff his mouth with the paper sheets and have balls to die. He was a coward.

   What those who arranged Epsteinís death, do not know until now, they will never spend that money. Yes you were allowed access to the accounts through a corporate debit card to draw limited funds over time until a set date, when the heat is off years later. You are paid. Doubt it, check store videos when certain people make purchases in high profile establishments and look at the source of the debit card. This is how the new world order works.

   The Warden and some guards will be lucky if they make it a month. The money is returned and you are dead. As for Epsteinís woman associate who knows all the secrets, she is now targeted. She will be heavily protected after seeing what happened to Epstein, her only choice is reveal all, which is occurring now, just incase someone gets to her.

   Epstein was black mailing the elite with video and audio tapes. This is how he made most of his money. With todayís technology a voice print match is a no brainer, and so they paid. What was unique, is that Epstein still invited them back, as if he released the evidence, 1 or 20 times made no difference. The victims saw the bribe money as free access to young pu.sy. So to them, it was not a total waste. As he offered young virgins.

   For all, do you not think Epstein gave multiple statements to the Southern District as to who, what and when? Do you not think that a slow leak of tapes will burn many high profile people that could be the Clintons and that many others pay on release, is already in place? Just what would the DNC pay? What the Feds confiscated from Epstein is the tip of the iceberg. The true dirt is still hidden. Epstein is dead, but the game is far over, watch as it unfolds.

   By the way, I support Chris period. Home, restaurants, and when with family is off limits, for any reason.

Update Aug. 17 2:30 am EST

   A quick update on the autopsy of Epstein. They found evidence that he was strangled. But powerful people made the examiners caste doubt. Ask, why an outsider was on the floor with a high profile case. Falsified reports of the rounds, videos that show nothing. You hear they were asleep, but there were paid off, like the warden. Epstein had dirt on both the Democratic Party and the Republicans. The problem is, nothing points to Trump. You were told that what Epstein experience is associated to murder. The upper bunk was removed in Epsteinís cell when his cell mate was removed. Many came the to island for many reasons. Epstein death hides what would destroy that which, you hold as true.

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