Political Snap Shot





Written Aug 14 1:30am EST


   Reports have surfaced that China has taken control of a predominately Muslim area of its country and the word “reeducation” was used by the lying media parroting the Chinese government. They are being indoctrinated and are being told lose your religion or die in an ethnic cleansing. The UN has made protests without proof and “appears” to be concerned with the injustice, but both answer to one. Millions will disappear, but be replaced by resettlement and you none the wiser. The remaining shall be moved to work camps as few in power will care as the earth changes ravage their countries. I have told you about your world, all is not what it seems.

   The BBC News has released information about the 3 year who body was found in that New Mexico compound with the other approximate 11 living children, a few being trained, yet this new revelation was not covered by US media. They have said the 3 year was being trained and was killed in a ritual slaying. They say he was influence by the devil. So exactly how does that work with a child whose only influence is the adult as the age of reasoning from right and wrong is about 7? The truth here is that the child was a ritual sacrifice to satan, which was confessed by two of the women. The information was shared by the intelligence agencies and the leak provided by MI 6 was for the astute to read between the lines by design. Children are innocent and only mimic their adults. No three year can be trained to kill as a decision of it’s own, yet your media release expects us to believe this.

   The newly elected primary winner in the Congressional District containing parts of the Bronx and Queens posed a question. Why can’t socialized healthcare work in the US as it has in Europe and Canada? News flash, doctors, healthcare workers, tests and drugs are far higher in the United States than the rest of the world. No matter your plan for healthcare for all, it is unaffordable unless you want to try a roll back the wages and fees for doctors and tests. Salary cuts and fees for hospitals, try it and you will last one term. Any healthcare plan will bankrupt this country and by the way we are already bankrupt. Illegals skip out on their emergency visit bills to the tune of billions, why can’t Americans? This is your fallacy.

   Turkey is complaining that tariffs that have just been enacted are crushing the economy. How as if Aluminum and steel compose their entire economy? It is just the US not the world. What is going on in Turkey is financial speculation and the traders are shorting the currency for profit. This is not about Trump, but greed and even Turkey’s leaders are short through proxy. This is the deceit of your world.

   Cuba under communism is considering gay marriage. First, communists are atheists and do not believe in God as marriage is a Sacrament of God between a man and a woman. I have told you that communism answers to the antichrist and homosexuality is against the Laws of God. As in the United States and now in communist Cuba this abomination is being promoted by one source, the dark one who roams this earth still now in secret, the antichrist. Connect the dots people, please.

   The Antifa organization has been infiltrated by the new world order as this is the source of the violence displayed by your media. Many are paid and masked to stir up division as we need to protect America. Where were you when people were marching in the streets against Obama with nooses and joker faces? Hillary started the birther rumor to get elected in 2008. This is a fact. The Republicans used Trump to promote the same message to elect Romney in 2012. Trump was the Republican patsy, but now the tables are turned.

   So there is a coordinated effort by both sides to remove him. Racism, hides with a smile and you go nowhere. Promises, but conditions do not change. I ask again minorities what has changed since MLK? The answer is nothing. This was before Trump and will continue after him as you can not see in the forest. The Democrats have done a great job of race baiting Trump, but this will fall apart when the earth changes hit the US and the liberals as coastal cities are washed away and they hide, Trump will offer a solution, but you when seeking safe spots in mountains in Republican territory, this will be another thing as you spout hate towards them as if life will go on as normal. You are being herded.

   As for Cuomo last night on your show, no person has the right to put their hands on another, because of their beliefs. This is America and we have freedom of speech even if it is hate and I do not condone it. Some women murder the essence of life through abortions and as if they have a voice in the eyes of God, but who answer to another. Kill them it is your body. Cuomo choose wisely as you influence millions, God and His laws or another. God is the only Judge as He knows the heart, can you say the same? These are our laws and they are here to protect the innocent. At some point those you think they are protecting America will slaughter an innocent family, then what?

   Current earth changes are escalating in China as reservoirs overflow and rivers expand their banks flooding provinces with land slides off mountains crushing all below. Again, this is not covered in mainstream. US media will continue cover up the new trend as extreme monsoons.


Update Aug 14 11:59pm EST


   The bridge collapse in Genoa Italy states what is wrong with the media. It was revealed the collapse was no surprise, but it was as they would have closed the bridge for emergency repairs. This is the lie and all should be held accountable. In America that news rode along the bottom ticker for the most part. You have been told accidents are not accidents as a storm came in as the cover and a sound bridge collapsed. I need say no more. Expect many more events like this.

   I have told you that socialism is another name for communism and it has not worked anywhere on earth as people are lazy and eventually those who work just stop instead of being taken advantage of. This is what you do not see with the system. The rich will flee America rather than share, then what? The social services controlled by the elite will continue to drain your resources as you see as help, but you are blind.

   The riots in the EU should be a lesson of what not to do, but your inept politicians are sending this nation down the same path of welcoming all and they cannot pay the bills. This country is bankrupt. Unlimited immigration was needed in the past, but times have changed. So you have leaders stuck in the past and unable to lead in the future as they are guided by polls who are guided by the media instead of innovating and providing a direction for this country to rise. The media are patsies of the elite who own them and broadcast rhetoric to herd you. Remember what you hear is a mixture of truth and disinformation taken from the annals of the CIA. Is there anyone out there who can lead in the name of God?

   Let’s examine racism as almost all major politicians Black and White use the N word among true friends and family. Just ask Hillary and Pelosi. Bill had no problem using the word and also in discreet situation banging a group of Black women rather than his stiff wife who prefers women. Waters considers her constituents as needing her, as they do not have the intelligence or drive to help their own, yet your lives have not changed under her.

   Illegal immigration keeps wages low and entry job prospects for the youth non existent and you support these policies. Interest rates for student loans designed to keep anyone who gets a degree in debt. Why are student loans so much higher than subprime mortgage rates? Why are there educational degrees that do not transform lives? Racism is subtle as when it is true it is not recognized. The point, those it is used against do not advance. What needs to be understood is that actions presented by the media and the essence of true hate, is just a diversion as the reason. The bottom line key or overall objective, you do not advance remaining a subclass. You need to look at the true cause instead of being baited.


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