Political Snap Shot





Written Aug. 15 11:59pm EST


   Today Brennan had his security clearance revoked. This was a privilege, the present Administration granted as others have in the past. Brennan was not going to be asked for any advice from the Trump Administration in any form as many others of his like. They are considered as a potential leak undermining the present agenda in the White House. Was this, the right approach, yes, and should be expanded? Will it be exploited as vindictive, yes, but they were not needed. No matter how the media spins this. Cooperation is needed for advice to be taken seriously, and your use Clapper as a point man in the media is foolish, as he is new world order along with Brennan. Not to be trusted. There is no collaboration for the greater good between the Right and Left at this level, thus nothing would be gained.

   Some speculate, where will this stop? Do you really think those at the top in the FBI will not have access to top secret information to protect this nation from foreign and domestic violence and threats, because of the Mueller investigation? You in the media are idiots for implanting fear of something that may not occur. You have been told the Mueller investigation is prosecuting greed that was in place with the Podestas long before Trump and Manafort with the blessing of both Podestas used his political savvy to hedge their bets if Trump won. If Manafort worked with Podesta and Gates stole from him, what crimes were created by the DNC as they all stole?

   What is behind, the massive accusation of 300 priests in Pa. in 8 dioceses being cited for child molestation? As many will realize, this is the tip of the iceberg and the exposure is an elevated attempt to destroy Christianity and the Laws of God. God did not sanction their actions as it was the dark one that influences them through visions and feelings of lust in their physical bodies. This will be used set about the persecution of Christian churches where the faithful will get hurt, driving membership down. Remember who influence the priests to sin, and abandoning your faith is by design by men who sinned guided by the dark one whose time to rule has come. All need to rise above this, and move on. As you answer to God, not men in the clothe, who have sinned.

   Today we also see on Tuckerís show, a representative of a think tank that is against the progressives or popular vote. With the elites, a swing to either side of a progressive movement is dangerous; as those in power are threaten. There is now a subtle push back to preserve the status quo and those behind Trump and the far left are increasingly seen as hurting this country, but they will not say how except race baiting.

   Your justice system is skewed, as the 2 men and 3 women who abused and trained some of the 11 children for terrorism in schools to kill your children and slayed a 3 year old in a ritual satanic murder were released on bond in New Mexico. This is your system that is out of control, but you will send a black male to jail for a year for a couple of ounces of weed for personal use. The person responsible for this should be fired, as they are not protecting the citizens of the state of New Mexico.

   So now letís examine some words heard on Cuomo tonight and yes Don you are still a waste of my time until you change, objectivity please. You say there is no proof that Trumpís phones were tapped in the Trump Tower. This is true. I told you the room was under electronic surveillance by the Deep State with tools that are untraceable. Trump never held sensitive meetings there and his son was warned.

   Your guest Ana N., are you for real about diverse opinions? Just when was last time you worked on a political team or corporate office? Remember what Donna B. said, stand in the middle of the road and you will get hit. If you are not on the same page you are out. This is the bottom line, not your reality. Keep talking about the kids and I ask when the earth changes destroy Central America and our coastal cities flooded with millions at our border seeking help and your family without food or shelter, then what? Watch what you wish for.



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