Political Snap Shot




Written Aug. 18 3am EST

Updated Aug. 19 2pm EST


   The deep state is puling out all stops as an Admiral is going against their commander in chief. Why is that?

   Many of the elite from Silicon Valley, China and Australia have been buying up doomsday residences in New Zealand; the point is the government has now shut foreign land ownership down. Pricing for its citizens is out of control, due to foreign investment. This is a fact. All in power that has been in place for over decades; are established. New money and industry execs are just rushing in due the rumors. Check it. Just know, you can not run and hide from what is to come as you leave the general population to just perish without warning. This shall change as you will not stop the warnings now approved and coming and your homes just wait for the surprises as you will cower on your knees.

   Many tech companies are traitors to this country like Google. Algorithms manipulating search engines that will guide the public to sites that are irrelevant to their needs, in an emergency. They have agreed to browser censorship in China for greed and these are your leaders? Facebook whose owner crushed those with the original concept settled for hundreds of millions, but made tens of billions, through deceit and greed and you trust him? All cell phones track and listen, and you are the fools as you do not know you are being herded. The goal is to predict how the population will react in behavior to what they face so that the elite can put in place preemptive measures as not to affect them. You are pawns.

   The Democrats continue to push socialism a slight modification of communism over capitalism. I ask; who is paying the bills with a restrictive business environment that will leave when there are no profits compared to other countries? What about those who presently do as little as necessary to get by with their jobs, just how will that work for all? All are equal so why innovate or create?

   You socialist in your grand scheme of thinking, how do you control the banks? You donít, and this is your downfall, as interest rates on your debt will enslave the current and future population. This is the plan, but you Democrats are to unaware to see this. People need to innovate that creates wealth with hard work, but also provides the funding for a temporary safety net for those in need, not a way of life.

   As the earth quakes continue to rise in Central America and land access to the United States will cease. The Caribbean basin will be littered with dangerous whirlpools and rogue waves sinking many boats that will attempt fleeing South America. You as citizens need to fight for your country instead of running like cowards. This is the problem. So the United States needs to take in over a billion people who get abuse around the world? If you cannot stand up for your own nation, we do not need you. Where does it end?

   It has been brought up in the media, why are we still in Afghanistan? It is the military complex of this nation and it is all about the money. We will never change the mindset of the population and we are just allowing the elite in power to steal. I would use Agent Orange on the poppy fields and leave. With one choice you cut the source of income funneling from greedy American politician and military drug dealers to the Taliban and dampen the primary source for opioids in this country. They are on their own as the country will be worthless as the earth changes are on the increase. They will not have food, water shortly and just die, like most of the Middle East. Their trials will force all to consider God or choose another.

   Finally De Blasio, for once in your life you need to sit down in quiet and call out to the Almighty for guidance. It is just a suggestion. Your city is falling apart and shortly will need help as unexpected tsunamis funnel into the New York bight causing extensive flooding for your population, underground utilities and subways thus crippling the city and your goal is to fight Trump as being decisive.

   The polarizing within America was by design as the new world order was to financially enslave our government with debt, leave it without a manufacturing base and dependent on foreign oil. Many of the established politicians on both sides had agreed with the plan and at a point where the nation was demoralized, they would accept one government and one religion. This is the current goal in the End Times. Hillary started the birther movement stating Obama was born in Kenya. Hillary and the DNC paid for the Russian dossier. Hillary started the rumors of the Russian collusion to stop Trump momentum never thinking he would win. Had this nation elected Hillary it would now be in the hands of the new world order and a limited nuclear war would have solidified its control of the nation at the expense of several cities being totally destroyed and irradiated. Trump is not onboard with the new world order and this is why all hands are on deck trying to remove him. Almighty choose him because first he is delivering and is not corrupted by the one world government. Yes he has faults, which the other side exploits. Remove him and nation will fall under the control of the antichrist and many minorities except for workers needed will be eliminated starting with the Jews and Blacks.

   De Blasio do not wait until your city is in dire straights to realize the truth, because it will be too late and there will nothing you can to save your city as tears flow from your eyes.


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