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Written Aug. 20 3 am EST

Update Aug. 24 11 pm EST




   As Omar and Talib raised perceived tensions in the media, as only in their vivid imagination with some aspects of the Democratic Party, they, like AOC, think they are soooo important in our legislative branch, but are being played by both Pelosi and Schumer. Consider why they were banned in Israel. Schumer is a Jew. The anti Israel rhetoric was off the charts in the American media, as if America was brain washed into protecting Israel. As Netanyahu who is new world order like Hillary, is not influenced by Trump. They are enemies. He hears the words of the Congresswomen only, and cares not of what America thinks, thus makes his own decision. Anyone calling for the boycott of Israel, is against its laws as Democratic sovereign nation. This is the bottom line, but you can see this.

   Did the Palestinians get the raw end of the deal, as the nation of Israel continues to land grab? Yes. Nations in the Middle East have attacked Israel since the sixties, member states around them were not compensated by the United Kingdom, who wanted the Jews out of Europe. They were seen as invaders. Ask, why did Europe not accept Jews back into Germany? So you as puppy congresswomen want to see, how we spend our money knowing, most is spent for military defense? How can you fact find, when you do not know the facts, except what you are told under of Pelosi, who lets little knowledge flow to you two. Again as idiots, you do not even know when, you are being played. So who is the idiot that allowed a terrorist organization plan and support for your trip?

   For Talib, you made a critical mistake, when crying to see your Grandmother, and then putting it on the back burner, as you placed a dig against Israel. You never cared about visiting her, because family comes first, not a political stunt. I ask, how could you use a family member like this? Enjoy your almost 2 year fame, as you will shortly flame out for reason, you will not see. Just like Beto and now Harris.

   Prince Andrew now embroiled with Epstein denies his behavior, but he is lying. After Epstein being convicted as a pedophile, he is back at is home on camera, allegedly tapping that young ass, birds of a feather. For the Crown, they are on damage control, but as the earth changes increase, watch the Queen run. Allegedly both Andrew and Clinton have a fixation with young fresh virgins, and did anything to keep association with Epstein. They banged what was available, but on the island, it was different. What about Hillary, Huma was her steady girl, but that young ass on that island, plane and other encounters was an alleged temptation, which will be revealed by another source. Epstein was a sex addict, and anyone within his company for an hour would see this. What was hidden was he went another step further, pre puberty girls that disappeared down to the age of 5 was his true obsession. Once finished, they were sent to the new world order as blood sacrifices to the dark one. You ask, why would I allow these revelations to be known? All that is rotten, like Andrew will fall.

   You really think those weak men, would turn down a 14 year old, that will not reveal what happened? So picture this, men talking about their power, drinking and 14 to 16 year old prancing around half naked around the smoke filled room serving them drinks, and being groped. The sad part, many of them ejaculated in their pants, as they were so excited by a mere touch, and those that made it to bedroom for many, it lasted 30 seconds, as they could not fully penetrate a virgin with their soft Viagra di.ks. The tiny ones did. What floated in the children’s minds under them, was sooo disappointing.

   Was the place wired, yes. So how did Epstein get away with taping? He taped for years, before approaching the men for favors. He approached all for supporting the island with voluntary payments. When refused, the tapes were shown. This is where we stand, and the Feds do not have the tapes. Will they appear mysteriously, yes. A slow drip as all continue to deny. Those suing his estate is going after the money, he wanted you to see.

   With the UK in turmoil, the US said we can have a trading relationship. This is now opposed by many of your Senators and Representatives in Congress. You need to ask why? You were told, the EU, will not offer the UK a new negotiated plan, and there will be a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Remember this is what kept the peace. Will the IRA rise again? As for the rumors of food and medicine supplies running short, no. They will get all they need from the United States and Canada. As of now, there is no deal. The UK, if they cave, they will be slaves of the EU. Break, and they will be made examples of. You knew this, as you were warned, and now that time is about 70 days away.


Update 8/20 11:59 pm EST


   The EU came back again today addressing the Brexit deal with the UK, and said there is no new deal. How many times do you have to be told, you will not win against the new world order. Traitors within the Mps are bought and paid for. There will be a hard border on the isle of Ireland. Merkel and Macron are new world order controlled as is most in Brussels running the EU. You have no chance or choice, but to break. Join them again, and your nation will descend into shortly a dictatorship. You have no cards to play, and all know it. You will fold Boris, and you better hope your majority 1 vote control does not go with it..

   Much has been said about the US purchasing Denmark, and its Prime Minister scoffing it the suggestion. The people of Denmark have no place to go, when the tidal waves rolls over their flat lands shore to shore. The sad part, how do you back off from protecting your nation from the coming earth changes, you definitely know, are coming. You cannot send them to Greenland as darkness, severe winds and wild animals, lack of resources, diseases, and you think millions will survive on a post Arctic terrain as the permafrost melts and all hosing is swallowed? Oh, I get it, you never thought that far ahead. All, yes I said it, all will die. Trump in a backdoor agreement was willing to give your nation enough money for the population to migrate in return for future land. I would take it, as you know time is short. When the tidal waves hit various parts of Europe, the Danish minister will jump, but what they would have received, shall fall dramatically.

   As for Omar and that other one talking about the rights of Palestinians crushed by the UK and various nations in the EU after 45‘, but you won’t go there, as you know your place, so now you are well briefed by the State Department? Nancy is no fool, so lets all laugh, as you try to play with the big girl, we all see your game.


Update Aug. 21 11:59 pm EST


   So Boris, you were warned, and got bitch slapped by Merkel on BBC News. She gave you 30 days, but all know Oct. 31 is over sixty days away. The Almighty will continue plague Merkel with health mishaps. The backstop, do not honor it. Then see what they will do, when you exit with no deal. If there is no deal, then you have no obligation to honor old agreements of protocol, f..k them. The EU has chosen to crush the UK, and like May you want to roll over like an old farting cow. You have choice Boris, fight for the UK and blow them off, as you know what is coming, or drop to your knees as a coward under Merkel, your choice. The view is not pretty.

   The EU crushing Northern Ireland, forcing the IRA back to life, will not bode well in the world. Merkel as arrogant as you are, new world order, lets see how your knees hold out, as tidal waves assault your shores low at first, then a rouge waves scour the land where many shall perish. Settle with the UK or face the wrath of the Almighty. This is your last warning.


Update Aug. 22 11:59 pm EST


   Boris after being educated just yesterday, you make the same mistake the next day. Are you a problem child that can not learn? Remember as the PM, you represent the Empire that defeated the Germans, and for that French resistance celebration, would be just a dream if not for America, remember that. Contribution does turn the tide of war, it only helps to a certain degree. Did the resistance save thousands of Allied lives with their intel and network, yes. On their own, they would still be enslaved, if not for D Day. This is the Truth.

   The Irish backstop is indispensable, as you were chided on BBC by Macron. You will be slaves to the EU, just get a pair of balls and leave. The EU is not the only game on this earth. You have Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other nations to trade with.

   As the Middle East suffers disruptions in oil supplies, the EU will turn to Russia rather than deal with UK. Allies, no they used you, just like the America, as they do not pay their NATO bills or provide a standing army to push back against the Russians and Chinese. They will be invaded by design. Cut all ties.

   The Amazon in Brazil is out of control by design. The elite wants to clear the land in the rain forest for financial exploitation, and care not about your green new deal. Fires set by design until the world sends money for Brazil to contain the fire outbreaks. Of course most of the money will be embezzled by design. Your politicians will claim an environmental disaster that must be prevent at all costs. That is the hook. They get paid. You pay for disasters that was planned, as they do not have the resources for wild fire containment. Your leaders (AOC) are idiots.

   Your Icelandic snub to pass on Pence for that pathetic side meeting in a Nordic country really, you can play that game, as your world will shortly change, to where no life will exist on your island, as the Mid Atlantic Rift rips. That rift passes under your nation, but you know this.

Update Aug 24 11 pm EST

   I ask, does the Queen take the world for fools. Andrew followed your script to preserve the royalty dignity. Andrew stated to the world, he did not know Epstein was a pedophile. Like most of the elite, he lied. So he ignored all the topless pictures adorning the walls of Epstein’s properties. This is documented by witnesses. I guess all those children prancing around half naked did not catch his eye, but they did. He visited far more than he has admitted. Let’s see, the Queen so meticulous with social protocol, did not have Andrew informed on Epstein’s conviction and what shame association it may bring to crown? Ok. All royal travel is monitored and locations of stay. Andrew had protection from MI 5 and reports back to the Queen on all that Andrew does. Epstein was a creep. Andrew went there for the opportunity to be in the company of Epstein. Did he have an ulterior motive who was surrounded by young girls? Young girls is a fact. I do not have to paint this picture. What happened on the island mostly died with Epstein, but there are tapes. Billy beware.



   Epstein was eliminated, as some guards were not correctional officers, cameras looped and hours passed, as all guards with responsibility were conveniently asleep. Were you provided a picture of the room or the position of Epstein’s body? No! A lot major players wanted him dead, as his mouth could implicate so many of the rich and powerful. Yes they removed him, but the tapes are still out there. Fear this. In this case, the prison director, insiders demoted, transferred or guards disciplined will not be the focus. Those with an interest to make this go away, will be our prime targets.


Update on Epstein


   Now it has been released 12 year old girls (virgins) were provide for Epstein by a French elite agency, but you were told this as BAU. Does it get worse? Yes, down to the age of five, as sex addicts are looking for the next new rush. All that associated with Epstein was privy to his secret lair. Andr.w answering his door, says it all. Now you can swallow the Que.n’s bull sh… Or believe your lying eyes. Epstein was killed for a reason, as screwing teenagers is perverted, raping a 5 year olds and up both boys (T.ny B liked them) and girls (a ….. lady liked them) crossed the line that will destroy many of the elite. This is what they face. This is why Epstein was killed. Most encounters with underage children are all on tape. If you post pictures every where in your home for al to see, you have tapes.


Update Aug. 21 11:59 pm EST


   The ALCU going after Trump for keeping illegals indefinitely, is nothing you should try to reverse. You are here to prevent injustice and America comes first. The voters know, we do not need a flood of low skilled workers, that use public benefits. They will ask, who pays? You are idiots. This is common sense. As I told you, the vocal segment on the DNC news does not represent how the Middle Class and poor truly feel, as they answer to those who employ them. Their jobs come first, follow the narrative. Look at DeBlasio, allowing few precious spots for affordable housing to be given to illegals rather than our own needy poor. This is the disconnect.

   For Trump, I do not want to repeat this twice, as you are smart, but sometimes like me, state dumb statements, you cannot take back. You were chosen to lead this nation by Father. As all alternates answered to the dark one. But do not look to the sky and call your self the chosen one. He is yet to be known to the world until after the Warning, and it is not you. Stick to your mission please.

   Oh by the way, for the fools who may try to invade Area 51. Everything has been moved. Push it, and they will give you a tour, and you will be so disappointed. They do exist, but to see one, is not what you think. Depending upon what many seek, and will have contact. As what is dark, will control the dialog 95% of those who seek. You step on the ship, and it is a one way ride to what you think is a false heaven, but is truly hell, for any reason. Heed the warning.

Update Aug 23 4 am EST

   The problem with our political system, is that our voting system exploits those who are uneducated by the media to start. Thus minorities are at risk, as they trust what is told without researching the facts. AOC states the electoral system is a farce. The electoral vote was put in place to represent all, not the Bronx. Shifts in population concentrations to the cities do not address the total needs of a nation. This is why our founding leaders in their wisdom, put this in place. Shun Middle America and you will, then you can grow your own food, but you won‘t.

   Look at your cities where rents and low paying jobs are out of control. You speak of the rich paying for your plans, they will move. You are out of your minds. So we let millions in, giving them benefits when we can not give the same benefits to our own on top of trillions for college, green living, health care and this is your plan. The rich have tax write offs. While the rest of the world laughs as they burn the Amazon forest and use coal plants. They tell you mind your own business, translated, go f..k yourself, good luck.

   For Trump, there is a sinister plot in place for finance. You have noticed in the absence of inflation, but interest rates continue to rise. What is being done by the Federal Reserve still under the control of the new world order is to exploit this nation. Yes you have taken back some aspects of the Federal Reserve, but the banking industry seeks higher rates based on Fed rates. In the End Times their goal is to strip the common man of wealth and on the other side, and remove guns be pre arranged massacres.

   Oh, the elephant in the room is the new arms race. Putin trying to develop weapons to destroy the West, like the one that exploded at that clandestine base. Lies, the scientist died from food while on holiday eating Fukashima crabs. Really, so lets sue Japan. Wait, the crabs lived and the scientists all died at the same time and went on vacation at the same time, but no reports of locals dieing and you in the media reported this? Putin is angry and Trump abandoned the intermediate missile treaty, as he was told Russia and China are prepping for war and hiding nuclear weapons in former states as the pole shift approaches. You were told Putin and Trump are enemies, but you do not believe your lying eyes. The Russian bromance was a lie and now you have proof. You are fools.

   Trump new directive, when war comes add new world order elite bunkers to the target list. If they start it, they will die by it. This order comes from the Almighty.


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