Political Snap Shot




Written Aug. 21 11:59pm EST


   As the Democrats continue to keep an open policy on illegals, one only has to look to the EU and now in South America as migrantsí riot for their rights. Brazil, Peru and Ecuador have closed their borders. In the United States illegals have no rights, as they are working for a paid compensation, greater than what they receive a home. Yes you were exploited by what is an American standard as a worker off the books, but it is greater than what you can achieve at home. You made a choice and are compensated.

   You have this grandiose idea that you are needed and deserve citizenship when millions wait in line that embrace this country and assimilate by adapting our language and values. This is America and not Mexico. I ask; why did you leave? You know, it is the dollar bill. Events will happen that expose the injustice that employers exploit you and our social service systems as an incentive. The migration will end as our own will find supplies scant and you will find none in the coming earth changes. Those Americans that helped will be betrayed and killed (victim souls) as you starve. It is here the race wars will start with you and expand by opportunity to other minorities.

   We now hear that the Greek Financial plan has completed. The new world order designed the collapse of the Greek economy, by putting in place corrupt politicians that stole and funneled wealth to select government contractors and corporations controlling social services increasing debt to the world banks.

   Austerity has crushed the country due to its inept leaders and more than 20% of your population lives below poverty levels for Greece. In the United States that number would be much higher. The people who trusted government betrayed them, what else is new. The current government will offer a slow set of reforms while slicing off a reserved cut for themselves much lower than before as hoping not get caught before earth changes covers their trail of theft. This is the present plan in Greece by those who rule the population.

   In the news, we have seen the North Koreans are allowing family members from the South to reunite many years of separation after the Korean War. Many are elderly and have little time, so what is holding all from seeking a meeting with living relatives? The problem is logistics, communication with those in the North and a lack of funds. Time is short; presently Kim is open to the idea with a sum to cover the cost and all will reunite within reason. The earth changes will take your choices away shortly, move now or your people will never forgive you for money you refused to spend that will shortly be worthless. It is about peace between all loved ones. You have the money, just do it.

   There was a report of a left wing Democrat protesting against the far right, but was attacked by Antifa for carrying the American flag. I have warned you that Antifa was infiltrated by elements of the new world order and that has expanded. This event should shed some light to your future. As your future, has started with one.


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