Political Snap Shot



Written Aug. 29 2:30 am EST

   Little at the G 7 conference addresses the existential threat facing the EU. Brexit did not get any coverage, I told you Boris. You are powerless to affect climate change, as the industrial evolution adding CO2 is powerless to stem the tide. Did you consider how people will behave when threaten with extreme weather? Limited resources, but billions of cries from the world. You can only save a fraction, as this is the ugly truth. Mankind is not the true cause, but only contributes. This is written in the Bible. The G 7 offered 20 million dollars plus to Brazil, this was an insult as to the true cost. President Bolsonaro concluded the offer from Macron as an inept order from the West, where Brazil, still is seen in the eyes of the West, as a third world peasant country. Bolsonaro said we are not a colony of the West, but you were under Portugal, just decades ago. You are financial slaves under the World banking Industry, only the name of slavery has changed in your perceived freedom.

   Brazil is well aware, that they will not do well after the pole shift, so their only options are to exploit the Amazon for funds to acquire supplies and the evacuation of the elite. The G 7 is not truly interested in Climate Change, as a half a billion could have been offered, to shut the fires down and stop the arson. That is a plan, as it incorporates fraud and theft of services by the Brazilian elite, yes they steal.

   Trump, Pelosi and select members of Congress were briefed on the approach of Nibiru, now critical. This is why so many members of Congress are resigning. This is why Trump sent a stern message, as he did not show up at Climate Change meeting, after stating he would by design. You in this world need to read between the lines. Trump cannot say to the world, it is going to end as you know it. So he offered bold statement that can on the other side, be seen as insane. This is the balance of the universe.

   Jakarta is sinking, as its land mass sinks as a whole. It is not the depletion of fresh water, as salt would take its place. No country decides to move 10 million people, unless they know the sea wall is futile. Indonesia is ending the game the world is playing, just like Brazil, and now are looking out their own. Australia and New Zealand told Indonesia, their population is not welcome. The Queen does not want deplorables in her new home, as she abandons the UK.

   Deforestation is a far greater threat than Climate Change, as you remove nature’s filters and impose on the backs of the Middle Class and poor, a solution where those backing socialism get rich. Solar panels will be destroyed by extreme hail storms. Hurricane force winds will topple wind turbines, as the spin out of control as fail safety brakes fail. The earthquakes and tidal waves will crush the cities, so much for a 2020 victory, as those along coast lines will perish. This is what you face, as you dare not tell them.

    Today, we hear Perdue Pharma will give billions for opioid addictions, few ask why would a corporation volunteer to such an agreement? This day has been expected, and they have held profitable assets to be released at this time. The losses due to the opioid crisis will be written off of what would have been taxed. Your media would not report this, as they want the public to see Pharma paid a severe price, but you the taxpayer again loses. As those funds that should have been paid, but are written off. The tax coffers of the IRS will lose to this nation. Pharma pays almost nothing, and business as usual as certain elements on the inside sell to the black market.. But your Democratic leaders are so wise.

   We have seen it before, Job Corp reaping in millions to train those neglected with a new future. Lots of money made, but few integrate into the work force. Drug rehabilitation centers under little supervision, bill billions into our health care system under a perceived care, later known as fraud. The addicts return to the streets and you pay.

   Your taxpayer money is nothing, but a bank to get robbed, offering what you see as services to help the poor. The problem, nothing changes, but the flow of money from our government into the hands of the connected.

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