Political Snap Shot




Written Aug 29 1:30am EST

Update Aug. 30 10am EST


   Letís start with McCain, I have told you in the media to leave this alone, but you canít. Schumer are you insane? Renaming the Senate building after McCain as it seems popular now? This will change. Schumer, you know McCain was under house arrest for crimes against this nation as your lesbian Hillary and her lover Huma (for the public check the rumors) and you want to make him a national hero? She has the same boot. Please say the word and I will release the Truth and you will fall with him. This is not a bluff. Plus the controversy over the flag up after Sunday and down to half mask after pressure. Do your job, and save this nation against the Russians and Chinese. They are prepping with joint war games involving up to a half million troops, you need to ask why? Public opinion when they are not in the know is a bitch. Do you really want to play this game?

   Just for you, Schumer, I have picked two new world order pawns to fall and this is on you and your arrogance, Netanyahu or Kissinger. One will be taken by the Almighty with no notice or time frame, yet he can repent by revealing the secrets of the new world order and be saved. For them it is tick-tock. Letís see how this works for you.

   Few have taken little notice of the reverse discrimination in South Africa. White farmers that had purchased property in years after the original settlers stole it. They can not be refused compensation as this is wrong. Did not the Jews do this to the Palestinians? America should be very careful, if Native Americans rose to power, they could do the same here in the future, but we have months for this world and you if challenged would seek world support. Justice is not equal.

   It was wrong to confiscate the land from the natives in South Africa, but that was on England who enslaved or killed millions in pursuit of their Colonial Empire. Let them compensate the Afrikaners, but they wonít. Not one of you addressed this. You are fools as land is not the true power, but the DeBeers gold and diamond mines are. These are untouched.

   White farmers you have been betrayed by the new world order, to cause division and turmoil, yet the rich keep their spoils and you are murdered and your land taken without compensation. The sad part is that the Western Nations back the present government of South Africa and its policy of land confiscation. Oh I forgot they answer to the new world order. This is the Truth

    Many think Trump is inventing conspiracy theories about Google and it placement of web sites. I lived this from 2001 until this day. With advancements in astrophysics a threat to main stream science and black projects, all websites other than Google were within a range of parity.

  Google, Facebook, Twitter and others rose to dominance as they control the flow of information and opinions through social media. They do not censor here yet, but what they do allow is those that are of like minds, to their agenda is allowed to be seen first subtly as to raise little suspicion about the free will of social media. This is the key that few will understand. When the world is inundated with earth changes, information will be key to the elite, all provided by your freedom of texts. What are the thoughts of the general population, and where will they go to seek survival. This is their plan.

   The San Juan mayor is misleading the American public. All death tolls due to storms, the number of reported earthquakes, and their Richter intensity have been reduced by design due to the proximity of Niribu. Puerto Rico was responsible for its own death count, but they were not honest and you blame another with your lies? The almost 3 thousand lives loss is still far short of the real total. You will face a greater storm and your island will sink to a point that your coastal cities will need a massive relocation to higher ground. All in control of your commonwealth are aware, but care less for the general population.

   As for Trump, go ahead with impeachment and as a parting gift to the world he will reveal the deceit of the End Times and Niribu. You cannot assassinate him as he is protected and before the proceedings begin in December 2018 all of the astute and some of the general population of the world will know for sure. Then What? As I have told you Democrats and turncoat Republicans if you do not stand up for America, then you will wish you were never elected. As for the socialists, you cannot afford them.


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