Political Snap Shot



Written Aug. 30

Released Sept. 07 11:59 pm EST


   Your world has been enveloped by the dark side, this was predicted in the Bible. As you focus on the lies, delivered through your media and the actions of your politicians. The information decimated through various sources, will allow some truth and deniability. This is by design. The reason is, to allow the soul to come to its own conclusion on their life on earth. So there is a natural balance put in place by God, that is rapidly leaving neutral, as the time of the dark one walks this earth and that is very short. So the dark you secretly hold in a valued esteem, will have their sins revealed. How will you like them when in the know? I have told you all is not what it seems.

   You say one party is for the people, and the other, is racist. But you refuse to look at, what is presented to you by God, the Father Almighty. He is giving you a choice, the Living Word, the Bible to guide you or mankind now under the influence of another? Few are listening. So what have you missed?

   The Democratic party was and now in a minor aspect, still is the party of Jim Crow, racism and lynching for over hundreds years. As you know, a leopard does not change its spots, but morphs. They offered you inept social programs, that should have changed your plight 60 long years ago, yes 60, and many of your neighborhoods are still slums? Let’s cruise your cities and back woods poor areas of the South.

   Remember, no child left behind? There are still looking for that lift, and now their lunches are taken away due to Covid, but lack of distribution by those who lead your cities fall short. The food is still there in your Democratic cities. How is that working for you? This is why Cummings was removed from this world by the Almighty. Much responsibility and gifts was given to him by the Almighty, and he changed nothing in his own district. Look at your cities, your eyes do not lie. What is given is can be taken away, including life. The Federal government helps states and cities in need, but incompetence sets the tone. This is why the President threatens to cuts them off. You do not feed a stray dog that bites.

   Those who control your Black or minority race, yet subtle, offer sub standard education, lock some of you into neighborhoods filled with blight, and rampant crime. Rent control restricts what you can do, as if you leave your apartment, you are subject to rents of the real world, if your income does not rise, due to lack of opportunity. So you stay as a prisoner locked up in the projects or other controlled apartments. Lunch when offered to students, some parents mismanage WIC benefits for their own needs. Social programs over sixty years have made no to little change, but events are now worse. This is a fact.

   You talk about racism and a police force that has little respect for the black man. This is true for some to few in the police force, but most choose not to act on their emotions, but uphold the law. The hard heads will fall, the key, when arrested, stop fighting, but you won‘t do that. The media touches on you are peaceful, (no resistance, again none), but few protesters go to jail. First Amendment Annotated: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Many riots are in violation of the First Amendment. For the democrats, they will not contest this.

   The nation sees buildings burn, elderly people being dragged from their stores and beaten. Intimidation in your face when looking for self time, people shout in your face. Offer a difference of opinion (free speech) and you are intimidated. Try that with Black people as the aggressor. You will be beaten down in some cases, but those you accost those who mimic sheep, but this will change, as you just have to fight. This is your downfall.

   Black America has been duped. The Democrats have run your cities for over 60 years, are they not in control of appointing your Police Commissioner? Almost all brutality has occurred in Democratic cities. So we keep hearing that racism is systematic, I ask, just how when your own Democratic leaders control them? 60 plus years in control and you can not control those who work for you? Now you want them to run the country? How is that going to work for you? Hundreds of your own citizens have fallen under the leadership of Emmanuel and Lightfoot. As dead children unjustly are killed upon their streets. Just what percentage was killed by the police, you control? How many Blacks are killed unjustly by the police, against the police shot or ambushed? I say, you should be the social volunteer to walk into a domestic dispute. You should be the one to stand down as a felon walks away and opens the door to a car, while children are in the back seat. Hoping he does not grab a weapon. You should be the one, when you see a gun, and you choose to use words of compassion instead of force. But as the cowards that you are, you ask others to do, what you will not do. To those in BLM do not lie, you would cower if put in that same position or dead. Do not ask another in public service to do, what you would not do.

   Your democratic leaders set the tone for the police force. Your Democratic leaders picks the commissioner who leads your police force. Corporations pimp your leaders for tax breaks in the billions and you wonder why, there is nothing left over for social programs? For a change try something new. What about an agreement for areas to have the same limit on tax breaks and other incentives, but you won’t do this. You beg (ask for political donations) for funds to gain power and then you owe, just like the mob. Democratic mayors control it all. Now either your leaders are totally inept or they don’t give a damn about your black lives. Which is it? They tell you its Trump’s fault, yet he is banned from the city that burns. Peaceful, no out of control and this will sink Biden and the Democrats in the upcoming election. You can not have it both ways. They and you in the media are lying.

   BLM has bit the hand that fed them recently, corporate America. All in the reigns of power in corporations, fear what they see on the streets through the media, but are afraid to speak. Now those that provided millions in aid, may be removed by the Board of Directors as Biden wanes, and the debates have not even started. You were told BLM would turn on Democratic leaders as the Portland Mayor saw, Lightfoot is may follow even with protection. What is next, home invasion? Maybe, it is a race war predicted long ago, as the media stirs the pot. The mayors of these cities face extreme turmoil, as they have to fire a certain percentage of city workers and cut services, and your cities fall into disrepair. Yes, all while you stood by and watch BLM and Antifa steal and burn your cities under the guise of Floyd. It does not matter if the one shot that killed was justified, this is out of control, and you fear this. You are fools. The rich, high end stores will leave your cities as the rich flee, never to return until things change. But as dim as you are, you never considered this. Sales and Property taxes will plummet. Now what? No jobs for the weak, soon no money for your citizens you vowed to protect. The rich have left, so where will the money come from to stop evictions? The protests will change your lives, but it will not be, what you expect. You sowed the seeds Democrats, and now you can not control it, idiots. Try turning on BLM and Antifa, please try it, cowards.

   It is out of control, when a woman is attacked in broad daylight on a NYC subway platform and instead of springing to help, they recorded it. You are out of your minds. The Democrats pushed the rioters, but what they did not expect, was for them to be out of control before the election. Now they can not reign them in, as a few group are stating to chant, “death to America.” How is that working for you? What is next, home invasion? This is a definitive, as they are entitled, a gift from you Democrats. If you can not control common rioters, how can you control the world? This is what you face. Independents see this and quietly, you are panicking by reacting after the fact, instead of shutting it down as a leader.

   Your leaders do not make the hard decisions to move America forward, when it comes to your future. They let your cities burn, people lose their lives on both sides, and when polling the common man, as if they know the answer in focus groups, they change direction blinding on the words of the few. Stating on the most part, what you want to hear. They are getting paid and hope to continue attending the gravy train of focus groups, as the right answer allows them to return. You listen to those who get their news from a slanted media? So you base your campaign to those who no nothing when you face Putin. Are you going to depend on a focus group? So why now spin your campaigns on the basis of them?

   Your political system does not address that which plagues it, but sets policies in commercials and tone until the votes come in. You hear, we will change the system and we will attack those who do not agree. Do you know what this means? This nation has been taken advantage of. Your own leaders Black and White sold you out, and now you think your marches will change events? Just how, when many under educated can not guide their own children through their grade school lesson at home due to Covid? Do you know that insiders have told me that hospital administrators put people on ventilators, when even when they were not sick. You ask why would a certain hospital at the epic center do this? With the lost of elective surgeries, this was a new source of income from Medicaid, as they pay lot more for patients on ventilators, check it. Many without Covid died for greed. This is disgrace for the value of life in the immigrant community. This shows leadership in that city has no clue, but they can paint street signs in front of Trump Tower. This is the unfortunate Truth.

   Biden has lost muscle mass in his arms and legs and taking Trump into the alley being a short one against Trump, he would back slap you like a bit.h and would send you to the ground. Dream on Biden, please do not send wolf tickets, that you can not back up.

   I say against this, is the time where the wheat is separated from the chaffe, any anyone preaching we must bring all together, they are a tool of the dark side, as this is the final months of their time, instead of years.

I hear again, you want to build low cost housing in Middle Class neighborhoods. This sounds just like busing, but worse as buildings once built, do not move. What do you hope to accomplish? Do you really think, those in the new housing and the middle class residents, will become friends? Property values will fall, and there shall be a Middle Class flight. This never changes, yet you do it again and again. Why would build in an expensive area, instead at a fraction of the cost, rebuild on slum sites. Whites do it and you call it gentrification. Zoning codes changed at the mayor’s level and you don’t think you are being setup? Oh that is right, everyone wants to gets rich under the guise of helping the disadvantage. This is the Truth.

   Covid has brought out the flaws in your society. We hear social distancing, but this impossible in the cities. Elevators, subways, buses and protests are points of super spreading. You have no answers. What about schools, now it is no secret that the many high school dropouts, will now have to educate their kids. How is that going to work? Social skills will be absent without interaction, and abuse once addressed now hidden. God help our little girls. This is about standing up for the decency of mankind. It is not about politics or a party. It is about what is right. Look at the record. Race was used the democrats. You have nothing on Trump, but plenty on Biden. Trump did not wear a hood like your democratic governor of Virginia. Your eyes do not lie. Nutrition, is out the window, as uncaring parents buy soda and candy to appease their kids. This is what you face, and Biden is not the answer.

   Could Hillary if elected changed the course of the Covid pandemic? Well she would have the same supplies as Trump. The difference is, not offend China and tens of thousands more would have came to this country. The Democrats stated there was no threat, and the travel ban was unwarranted. Millions would have died and the media would have played this down. And you none the wiser.

   I told you once, you disregard your duty to this nation, there will be a heavy price to pay. This is now in place, as the Almighty has transferred control of this world, to those His chosen on earth. There are Seven, fear them as they are His vessels. You talk about how the black covenant (new world order) is incarcerated on certain sites as they control the future of this world., but have not even considered, who and what is behind this.

   Those in the Democratic party were incensed, that their ancestors were caught enslaving an entire race except a few freed. They were forced to give voting rights, as sit in violence against real peaceful protesters, was revealed to the world. They were forced enact social programs, but they made sure that most failed, and those in administration got rich. I saw the mayor come out for BLM and Antifa, they booed him, then they came to his house. Instead of shutting down the protesters as a serious threat as they tried to burn him out, he ran (moved) like a coward. This is your future.

   China and Russia when they invade, and will kill you all. You will ask, who will lead us? No one if you choose a coward to lead this nation, who is new world order. This is so important. This is where the veil is removed. This is why you vote. To change the future, which if no action is taken, events will follow what is written in the Bible. If Heaven writes off those in between, billions of souls will be loss. You can stand between two chairs. Is that what you want?

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