Political Snap Shot




Written Aug 31 8pm EST


   Last night little to report as Tucker and Hannity were preempt due to McCain’s funeral arrival to Andrews Joint Base and Trump’s rally in Indiana. But we can comment on Cuomo as you started out on the cancellation of Federal workers wage gain. Cuomo wake up call, not even Verizon employees make a guaranteed base salary of 76 thousand and they work. As with any government agency most are run by political appointees within the last 2 decades put in place since the Clintons and riding the gravy train through Bush & Obama. Trump is canceling a raise, not because it cannot be afforded, but is unwarranted. Most when approaching retirement do not work, but coast. This is your system. Federal workers will be brought down to parity with their co-workers of private industry and will be held accountable for productivity.

   When elections are won political appointees take leadership positions within the Federal Government. Talent and brains are not important, but loyalty and personal contributions are. This is why social programs go bankrupt.

   We have El Salvador complaining about the abuse of children in US detention centers. Really as your own soldiers rape and kill at will and your citizens flee to seek safety in the US? Yes, sick employees in the detention centers rape innocent victims and this is wrong and when caught will be prosecuted. How many of your children are raped by their fathers or relatives before they cross the border? When you accuse this nation of a crime that abuses your children, the solution is, do not come here.

    Cuomo, you asked a stupid question on your show Thursday night? Who would have been a better president, and you said McCain. Obama did you hear that? McCain like Hillary were groomed for the presidency, both answer to the new world order. The goal is to subjugate mankind under the control of the antichrist. Now, again for 95% of you, see this as fiction, but your world will change and then what? Trump is aware, as are you from your father and your brother Andrew. This is why he is quiet for now.

   A warning for all minorities as the Democrats smile in your face, but what has changed since Martin Luther? Trump is crude as he cannot hide his flaws in public. Few want to teach him as he is the enemy. I told you words mean nothing, but actions do. Politicians paid off to protect bad trade deals as they get rich. Trade imbalance is a deficit, but the uneducated to the inner workings of government do not have a clue. Illegals increase housing prices in the cities and healthcare as many do not pay their bills and the cost is written off to you. This is not the 19th century when we needed immigrants and the Democratic Party and socialism will not work until they take care of their own.

   Today we hear Ohr had a conversation with Steele not recorded, but he “thought” the Russians may have Trump over a barrel and the media runs with this. News flash it is almost 2 years later and nothing has surfaced on this hearsay. If anything it is Trump banging Russian girls, nothing new here as Stormy has no leverage. Trump was a married man, not a politician like slick Willy using the oval office as a hotel room. Do you really think Monica was the only intern compromised?

   As for the lobbyists who did not register as a foreign representative and bought tickets to one of the inaugural balls for Russians? And you call this funneling money to the Trump organization. Anyone with money can buy tickets and Trump did not care who came as long as they paid as it was a function with food, drinks and entertainment to cover the costs. Buying a ticket does not mean you meet Trump or get an audience, if so thousands would have. You are really digging here and wasting the time of your viewers with irrelevant news. The lobbyist saw an opportunity to make money as he presented a story to them that he could not deliver as a ticket broker.


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