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Written Sept. 05 1:30 am EST

Update Sept. 12 11:59pm EST



   Yesterday we here the some details from the Bob Woodward up coming book from the media. I have to say you are a brave man or just plain stupid as do you know who you are up against as you add to the division? And I am not talking about Trump. So we have crazy town without the reference to why from Kelly, and the best one from Mattis, a mind of a six year old, yet Trump built billion dollar corporations. From the other side, they are saying Woodward is a Democratic operative; thanks Don and you need to talk to significant other and get a woman. Oh you say they cannot satisfy my needs. I say teach her and save your soul. No man is worth damnation.

   As for Woodward, he has been compromised by the new world order and the book is a mixture of truth and fiction again to remove the President as he does not want to join the one world government, who will slaughter all that are not brain washed in this nation. You as a nation are being led to the slaughter by those you trust. This is why McClain was eliminated by the Almighty and many others will follow until you get the message. As the few, are privy to the Truth.

   We hear that Trump will get us into WW3, but you say he colludes with Russia and Putin is his best friend, how so?  This is your fallacy! We hear that diplomacy is out of control as Trump wants to withdraw all troops from the Korean peninsula. Korea can protect itself if attacked, nuclear war would level North Korea and its allies under Trump, but we must pay for this when our troops could be more affective elsewhere.  This is not a baby, but smart.

   Who loses, the Koreans do, as they now are financially responsible for their own? Samsung makes hundreds of billions in America over time and your diplomatic choice is for us to protect them at are expense in the name of freedom? If the North Koreans mass at the border when we leave, they will pay anything for help. They are not are friends and laugh at Americans as stupid in their conference rooms. Your politicians get paid, but you think it is diplomatic. You are idiots, you buy their products, and your tax dollars protect them. This is the deal Trump is trying to end. The military complex loses as procurement contracts for Korea dry up and kicks backs to Korean officials end. This is the push back from Congressmen and Senators here as they salute the almighty dollar instead of our American flag.

   We hear that certain Trump political appointees took it upon themselves to save this nation by removing documents from Trumpís desk. This is a lie. The White House is wired for sound and video in every room especially the Oval Office. Theft of sensitive documents is a federal crime and they would have been exposed or just disappear. This phase of the book is a Woodward fantasy.

   The Woodward book was carefully crafted as to deceive this nation as to why Trump is cutting against the grain, but clarity will be revealed shortly. This nation will face the greatest threat shortly as those on the space station know they are on a suicide mission. The cover story that an astronaut wanted to come home is a lie so he drilled a hole through the exterior wall with no one seeing or hearing him, really? They were all screened for stress and you say he breaks with protocol? The space station has been getting peppered by micro meteors, but the general size has been increasing and they are running out of patches. This is the problem and they will continue to lie.

   As Niribu tail assaults the earth, the space station will fail and fall from the sky fulfilling the Hopi legend. Satellite failure will expand, and the cellular land based network in secret will be the temporary fix as the public will not notice at first. So you ask, what can I look for to confirm changes?

   The gravitational field of Niribu will start to influence our oceans and then our atmosphere. The tides will be altered as a first clue. Your moon be drawn close on some occasions explained as a new super moon, but you will be afraid, and will be pushed far out of its orbit as it will appear half of its present size. Scientist will blame an optical illusion, but your eyes do not lie.

      What is going on with the Florida Gubernatorial Race? Andrew Gillum race against DeSantis took an initial turn towards racism. Monkey up was a direct message, but not endorsed by the Trump Administration. He is on his own as with all candidates when they take the media at its word and think the far right is empowered. This is far from the truth as the far left are just as guilty. DeSantis thought it would energize the Trump base as portrayed by the media. Few agree with the neo conservatives, but your media states this is main stream. Had DeSantis made this statement at the beginning he would have been replaced. The suitable intent of racism has no place in the Trump Administration.                     What you do not know is that both are new world order as the gaff by DeSantis was by design. The neo-nazi robo calls were funded by those who hope to gain, the Democrats. Gillum rose from mayor and received funding from new world order Soros enterprises. This is your clue. Florida will sink below the waves and a governor can slow the evacuation to maximize the loss of life among the undesirables. This is they plan as with both, whom ever is elected the elite wins. This is your political system.


Update Sept. 06 1am EST


   To Trump, why are you so perplexed by an insider, that is a traitor. Were you not told by me, that moles would be placed in your Administration as recommendations in order to subtly shape your political direction while undermining your presidency, before you were elected? This mole did not reveal what you are doing to endanger America. This again is the clue as the perception is far greater than facts designed by your false media. Fair trade deals, reigning in the Iran and North Korea, removing troops from areas that do not pay and this is your complaints. He is unhinged only that he does not follow the status quo. Look at your economy. Look at how Mexico fell to their knees and agreed to a fair trade deal for both sides. Look how the EU is paying its fair share and the funds to terrorist countries shut down, really. Yes, Trump leaked information that all would consider you insane by design to catch moles, but his flaw is that it overlapped during your social events when he was relaxed. You are the leak for most and all listen. Ego is a bitch and I have been there. I am just saying dial it back a little, and no matter how much you know you can crush them, just walk away. It is bait.

   Now you have many targets aligned with the new world order. With any spy, they want credit and promotion of success, and with any group it is the top one. This is your key. Out of the appointees put there by others, who is on top is your source. Fire him as a message to the new world order. It does not matter how the media judges you, your insiders will know all moles shall go. They will resign.

   Trump is a danger to the status quo or new world order (Deep State). He threatens the military complex by ending useless wars, military contractors (Blackwater), and more important foreign access to this nation by lobbyists. Manafort was recommended to Trump by Republican insiders that had known his connections to the DNC, Podestas and the Ukraine. His lawyer Cohen was basically a thief, who thought he would never get caught. The Clintons were a little smarter as they hid their influence peddling in their charity. Donate and you get access as the funds received only distributed 5%. Hillary loss and donations dried up, sends a message. But you are not listening.

   When Trump was elected, funds were transferred to a country in the Middle East with no extradition. Ask why? All Presidents since the Seventies except Ford and Clinton are corrupt in some way. The difference today, Trump will not betray this nation. This is the bottom line. For those who hope to remove him by impeachment, know that you will be removed by the Almighty by my request. If you want to play this game, know what you risk as I do not bluff. Ask McCain, oh he passed.

   The goal is to save this world and its souls and if I disrespect those who may be destined to hell, so be it. I have told you, all that you see presented by the media, may not be the Truth.

   The powers to be are busy, as a plot to spread disease in America was thwarted at JKF today as the CDC quarantined a plane from the Middle East. The cover story released to your media said it was Influenza, but that takes time to incubate within the body (1-4 days) and then ravage the bodyís system after the first 7days later of day one. All were sick within several hours of the flight of around 8 hours. A new disease was introduced to the airline air system as to gauge the desired effect on passengers. It was a failure in that only dozens were affected and less than 20 got sick that went to the hospital. What they did not expect was quarantine. The new world order will modify the aerosol spray now with a fast acting genetically modified version of Ebola. You have been warned. Next they will taint world vaccines.

   Nothing much was said, as it was planted in the media, now sleeper cells are activated. No intel would reveal their intent. The media would is pointing to Pence subtly. The goal is for Trump to again take the bait and fire his entire staff under suspicion. This was the goal of the NY Times Op Ed leak. The mole is high level, but not in the spotlight. Consolidate your staff to those who are loyal, then move on from there. The leak was from several insiders, one high and many low level, as not one had the courage to stand on their own.

   Would Pence like to see the demise of Trump by his own decisions, yes, as it is on him? Is Pence new world order, yes placed in as a backup? Yes. The release of sleeper cells activated is partially true, but will have not affect upon the present Administration. CNN just how did you get that info? You were told this only to shape opinions as undiscovered cells as are most affected, when they are not detected. This is where you know you are being lied too. Some speak about the be acceptance of transgenders, but on a date with whom you think is a woman, then what? The partner needs to know, but only may be told in the bedroom.

   Japan just got crushed with a severe typhoon and then a severe earthquake, good luck.


Update Sept. 07 1am EST


   Yesterday Obama solidified his support for the new world order by breaking protocol and coming out against the present administration. You have been told this over and over again. The deep state controls your politicians down to the point that all repeat the same message by design. What the nation does not get is the fake media. It is designed to tell some truth and blur the lines to where the masses are being controlled or herded. You feed the opinions and they react in a desired way. This is what the common man has not realized yet, but this will change.

   You have the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion now affecting the mid term elections, but if just one of you does their homework and investigates how the FISA warrants were obtained illegally by series of planned and paid for events. The judges signing off were also aligned with the Obama Administration. As they know who butters their toast. All that follows is mute. Then case must be dismissed. This is your path. If you ask you shall receive. Who is brave enough and wants the job? You have 30 days.

   For the deep state and all of your minions, keep subverting this nation. Earth changes never seen on this planet since the time of Noah will crush you and your families here in America. You have been warned.


Update Sept 12 11:59pm EST


   First Jimmy Carter was brave to warn the Democratic Party of alienating the middle as they shift more to the left. Heed his advice. As those who promote open borders look to the EU countries that now cannot afford it. The crimes of those from other countries with strict sexual laws are now relaxed so they rape. This is a fact in Western Europe and this mistake will not come here. Exactly who would push this agenda that is counter to our growth? Immigration without education or a skill set was needed in the 19th century and those promoting this are incompetent as they do not comprehend our future needs. So vote for Democratic socialism that has failed in every nation or choose wisely as both sides are corrupt.


Update Sept 17 2am EST


   As many of you examine the claims of sexual assault with Kavanaugh. If it did occur, it would been reported in its day and time. We have he said she said only in place to delay confirmation.


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