Political Snap Shot

The Dorian Aftermath





Written Sept. 9 11:30pm EST


   The first major event of the earth changes with extreme loss of life, as you were told, has occurred. Hurricane Dorian counter to your atheist politicians’ think this was not an act God, but the false narrative of Climate Change, as the alternative or the truth, is unthinkable. The scientists predicted top wind speeds far less than actual every time several days out. So exactly where do we stand? The lesson, science will never replace the power of God, as this was a very tepid response to His children on Earth.

   I did not pick the location of the Bahamas, but did request a heavily populated area. I did request the sustained 185+ ( over Camille wind velocities) mph wind speeds, storm surge close to 25 ft, and pressure at lease 910, which came close. Slow progress speeds for maximum destruction and loss of life, which I told you would increase. All of this was granted, but the US was spared one last time, and it was God‘s mercy, as I have none, but you already know this. He wanted you to see His power and change, but you have not. This is your mistake. I urge you, conservation of the soul to the light is our plan, not the death of a human body. Your leaders work for another, and for now, it is not Trump.

   Both islands are virtually uninhabitable after the storm, as soon many American coastlines in the USA will shortly become, and never will recover before the shift. What you need to look at, is the number of survivors shown at the rescue points? Do you see a sea of people 70,000 strong? No! If they many now appear, it is a plant. To not move for days is death, be careful of deception. Thousands were washed out to sea, and never will be recovered as the sharks feast. They are free, but you are still enslaved by the elite. The Bahamas are being directed to release the death count of recovered bodies only. This is their lie, but if exposed, will lower totals, as no one will contest it or receive coverage. Your eyes, do not see tens of thousands awaiting rescue. This is why, this paper was delayed.

   I want you to take in, what you see in the Bahamas, total destruction of life and property until you finally call His Name, to save your sorry asses. The soul is forever, your bodies are a temporary vessel. The dark one controls your world, and I told you, when you stand between two chairs in unity, you fall between them. Pick the Almighty and His Laws or you can listen to men and women backing same sex marriage, as you smack the Face of your Creator, with any abortion.

   I have been given the authority, to intensify your lessons, as storms will increase in numbers and strength, to the point loss of life in the hundreds of thousands will seem normal. You will see green meteors exploding in your atmosphere, now what? You will beg to leave this earth, but as a representative of the Almighty, you will live, and grovel to were you eat, what is so disgusting. Women once so beautiful, now starving, look as bones will be seen for what they are, expendable. I am asking you, please let Trump prepare our nation for what is coming, and respect the Laws of our God the Father, and except Jesus as our Lord and Savior. This is your choice or you will force my hand with the permission of God the Father as His tool.


Update 9/10 11:59pm EST


   As I was watching the Weather Channel tonight, which I respect, they had a segment, which promoted their accuracy on Dorian. Yes, some aspects that were true, but they omitted the direction of the cone over Hispaniola, that shifted sharply off the eastern cost of PR. This was a few days out, not long range prediction when the change occurred. What they did not get right, was the storm intensification as wind predicted velocities were 140 over Grand Bahama Island and you saw this. This was missed by at least 45 mph. The stall was incredible, razing both islands to rubble, as if this was known, both islands would have been evacuated. The total population 70,000 on both islands are homeless, but you see only several thousand being rescued. You do the math on the dead.

   Rescue, no there was little, most drown as 12 ft of water eclipsed their roofs and when forced out of their homes and then were washed out to sea. So exactly, how would shanty towns completely destroyed in 200 mph gust and 50 feet cresting waves allow survival? It wouldn‘t, many are rotting under the debris and will decompose in the heat well before being discovered.

   The hurricane intensified by design, hugged the coast of the US by design, and then exited towards Nova Scotia with a direct hit of 100mph sustained winds, unheard of. I ask, one last time, heed the warning, next time the 20,000+ missing no matter how the media spins in the Bahamas, will increase exponentially. We save souls, not physical bodies, as you do not want to be captured by the dark side. By the way, I had chosen the coast of Florida to be destroyed, but the Almighty, said no, as to give a chance in mercy, use it please. You ask why? Few are listening.

   Up next, the destruction of the false cult religions, stop or your elders will be destroyed as people of faith, and your flocks will scatter as free. You were told Jesus forgives and if you do not know Him, your works mean nothing. This was written. Know matter how you spin it, Jesus set up the hierarchy of Popes in the Roman Catholic Church as His Church starting with Peter, but Francis is the false prophet. There are no off shoots in religion unless authorized by God. As for the Jews, they will suffer again as you crucified His Son, but you are still His children. No man has the right to change this. Does the Roman Catholic Church have men that sin, yes. All on earth sin, but the Word of God, does not change.

   Pete, you have become a pain in the ass of the Almighty. How dare you twist the Words of the Bible to support your pathetic political agenda. Do you know the secret of life? No, as you are just another idiot, twisting the minds of the impressionable for a vote. So lets school you. You say life starts with the baby’s first breath. So it is dead in the womb? Life is complex and a gift from God. Cellular development of the baby receives oxygen provided by the mothers lungs, transported through her blood stream. This does not mean life is not there? I told you the spirit of the baby and the mother bond, thus the connection after birth. The breathe of life (the spirit, not air) is whisked into the zygote, and attaches at conception. As the baby develops, the life force migrates to the developing heart and brain in as a little over 3 months. Any abortion to this process, as in your ignorant mind, is murder of a life created by God. This is where you are wrong, and lets not talk about your boyfriend, as God does not join two of the same in marriage, dream on as if your union is a Sacrament. You will get few Black votes. As for Hispanics and others from South America, ask them about the meaning of antiman. They will see you as a stale fruit cup with the same ideas that have failed.

   Never invite others before you take care of your own! Oh you ask why? You do not invite the world to come when the Middle Class has to pay. The rich and poor pay little to no taxes. You do not flood a labor force with illegals under cutting your own. You do invite the world and offer free housing and health care and then pass that cost with higher rents and insurance rates. Is this what America wants?

   So why did Trump fire Bolton? He was implanted in the Trump Administration to offer peace in the Middle East by war. It does not matter if Trump fired or Bolton resigned, both knew it was coming within minutes. Bolton was new world order with the purpose to inflame the Middle East, he has failed, and will pay a severe price, when he faces his master. Was he the source of the leaks? Some, but there is another. What you need to realize is that some in both parties were upset at his removal. If he quit, no need for an outcry. Fools speak to impress the dark one, and those that spoke up in Bolton’s defense work for the antichrist. Heed this. They will not make the same mistake, twice publicly.

Update Sept. 13 12:30am EST

The Weather Channel doubled down by repeating he same story twice on forecast accuracy. Why is that?



   Boris, you underestimated the power of the EU, and its infiltration of your Parliament. Now you are a smart man, but your actions and disheveled looks, show another side. Yes it was a smart move to suspend Parliament 5 weeks before the vote with the Queen’s backing. The chess move played on you by the new world order was, to have an MP switch to the other side, thus negating your majority as PM. Many of the MPs are pawns of the EU, not the UK, realize this. Boris. You have your back against the wall. They are not giving in to the back stop, and Ireland is in an uproar. Boris, you have no negotiating power with the EU, but can exit the EU free, or allow the tentacles of the new world order (EU) play your nation as a slave. I told you, insiders will never let the UK leave. Watch as it unfolds, and you fall under a dictatorship.

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