Political Snap Shot

The 3rd Debate: All comes Together




Written Sept. 15 11:59 pm EST

Update Sept. 20 7 pm EST


   The Debate has offered nothing new, talking points that will not change the lives of the poor. The media states the Democrats had a breakout moment, really. We heard nothing that has been accomplished over decades, except how you will pay for this. All candidates reflected on what is best or this country, we need not be lectured America on what is best for this nation. All have needs, but your money goes to support others, when we have a serious need at home? Medicare care for all, but you pay for it. So if millions of uninsured are added and your plan, is guaranteed by our employers? No, we move to government insurance. Now thrown into a pool and you think corporations are going to raise your salaries by 20 thousand for the loss of your private insurance?

  The Democrats just gave away your union benefits forged over time. Bernie said they will give it back voluntarily. Really, a corporation given a free health pass is going to give billions to its workers? Maybe a part, but far less than 50%. Higher wages for all, but inflation sets in to balance it. This is 101 economics.

   We are a nation of immigrants, but this is not 1900, and you pay for it. Millions with no skills, and yes it touches our hearts, but it also touches our pocketbooks, which is greater? But in the media, the problem is Trump. Few in America wants depressed wages pushed down by the unskilled accepting dimes on the dollar. No one wants increased rents as illegals flood available housing living 20 plus to a home, driven by demand. Then they send their children at 10 K at pop to your schools. You are idiots.

   What about Bidenís comment on Blackís raising their kidís. Sometimes the inconvenient truth may offer wisdom and a change. Biden did not make a gaff, but an opinion to discredit parenting in the Black community, but he did raise awareness to some flaws, all know in some instances are true? Yes. If you drop out of school, then how can you responsibly teach your own, when you lack the skills? The truth is ugly, own it instead of painting Biden that, which he is not.

   I have told you, what seems right is wrong, and what seems wrong is right in the end times. Is Trump crass, yes. But he got NATO to pay their bills, where all others stuck you the taxpayer in America with the bill to protect the EU. Allies who freeload, then we accept a trade imbalance. Millions flocking to America with no skills, and this is what you back? Then it was you the Democratic party that promoted Trump as a racist, because he called some Mexicans rapists and criminals, which is true. The key here is some, not all. This has backfired, as you energized this movement as you refuse to look in the mirror as to source and point to another.

   So as I listened to the varied ideas for the trade war, which with China, we lose almost 700 billion dollars a year, theft of intellectual property, and we should just stand by and talk. The Bible tells you that China and Russia are tools of satan and you gave them trillions to make money that sacrificed American jobs. All of you are so naive as if peace is the agenda, when they prepare for war.

   I heard, we must make sure that foreign countries pay a fair wage, why donít you add in health care. You are idiots. Our corporation moved plants to China for cheap labor, in turn, they stole our technology. Corporations screwed American labor and China screwed American corporations. Not one of you candidates can force another nation to abide to fair labor practices or climate change. It is a pipe dream.

   Democrats and Republicans allowed the trade imbalance to continue over decades, as it enriched corporations and robbed you of your jobs. This is a fact. Now you blame Trump as he cleans up your mess? You again are idiots. The sad part, you are not telling the world, is that your models leave out population growth, which will nullify all your efforts if you had the time. They are lying to you.

   You speak about Afghanistan, its mission was to capture Bin Laden. They have killed him and his son. This was achieved, and under a Democratic Administration, and his son under Trump, we should leave. The mission was a kill, not nation building. Your military complex has other ideas, a never ending war with never ending profits, trillions and counting. This is what your freshmen politicians do not see.

   Now all talk about their models for climate change, that will cost trillions to the American tax payer. Is there a plan to stop deforestation in the Amazon, and other areas in the world? Is there a plan to give an alternative to wood for fuel in poor countries? Is there an alternative in a disaster when the sun is blocked out for solar? Weather is erratic, and you can not depend on winds. So what would happen to a grid, if winds died for a week or two along our US eastern seaboard? You have no answers, only hope that no one catches your forecast mistakes.

   You addressed education and Yang schooled you. Teachers are only part of the solution. Environment and parental participation is the majority. Billions spent, only to be undone at home where parental support is nil in fatherless homes and the mother is tired. Oh, Biden said that.

   Booker, you spoke about being sabotaged, lines tapped when you ran for office in 2002. Just know, it was your own party. I will tell you, that you are no Obama. You talk about living in the hood, exactly when, as your parents were rich? Did you change Newark? No, is still a hell hole and you are senator. If you can not transform Newark, then how can you change the nation?

   Beto, Trump does not influence the minds of the weak, it is satan. Your party promotes Trump as a racist, not against Blacks, Asians or legal Mexicans, but illegals. Illegals have no rights in this country, no matter how you spin it. You are running for President, whose job is to protect American interests. You say, this is not who we are, speak for yourself. Americans need health care, not illegals. The homes in LA and San Fran need affordable apartments, not illegals. Americans need well paying jobs, not illegals pushing wages down. This is your disconnect.

   The protests erupt on the last question of the debate was by design. What has been reported, is that those protesting, are backing DACA, and citizenship for all who are here illegally, and shall be granted amnesty. Yes your parents bought you here illegally, as a child. No illegal has the right to protest for entry into this nation, as we have a process. Did you apply for citizenship and pay the fees? You do not skip the line, as it is your right, due to the crimes of your parents. This is where you, will lose the nation. Can you ask for forgiveness for the sins of your parents? Yes. This is a better approach. You just protested the Democrats, who are using you to get elected, but now you are seen as maybe a liability. Please roll the dice.


Update Sept. 17 11:59 pm EST


   This will be brief. The US Military has evidence as to source of the missiles, but what should be looked at, is that the Patriot defense system failed by design surrounding the Saudi oil site. The radar scan revealed the source of the missiles. This will not be revealed, despite what is said in the news. With the removal of Bolton, new steps need to taken by the deep state. He was an inside traitor to this nation. Iran was given permission to provide weapons, and in cooperation radar scans of the area will not be revealed showing a flight path from Yemen. Trump asked why, if we monitored the area, where are the tapes? Not for you Trump.

   Disrupt the 5% of the worldís oil supply to the world, warrants an action of response. Trump is not taking the bait. The deep state wants war, as Netanyahu is fighting for his political life short in seats another deep state representative. The Saudis have calmed the oil market, stating production will return to normal sooner. As those who established long positions have taken significant losses on options and futures contracts. You were set up. It is all about the money.

   So Omar talks about that God does not want violence, but your faith extremists have other ideas. You are not authorized to speak for Allah, hold your tongue. As for Pete, the Almighty destroyed a 2 cities because of homosexuality, scribed in the Bible. Do you really, again want to roll the dice?

   We are polarizing by design, there is no middle ground. The debate on Kavanaugh is a waste of time to cover. No Supreme Justice would be removed in this time. The Democrats would loss the faith of the nation by the actions of their own. By the way, I would sue the NYT and end this.

   Now a word of advice for the Democrats. AOC plan is to replace your leadership by specific events and congressmen. It will be said, that what is old will not beat Trump, and this will ring true, as you look at Pelosi. They will say, she has no balls, and will be replaced. This is AOC plan. Her people could win, and there is a shift, all will fall in line, as politicians are lemmings.

   You are idiots, as you created a beautiful Frankenstein. Just to let you know from the Almighty, AOC and Omar 75 percent of your male representatives of Congress and 50% of female representatives would like to bang you, be careful. This is why you get so much press. As for Omar, we hope that guy, is not your side man. Get divorced before committing the sin of adultery. In your homeland, they would honor kill you for sleeping with another when married.

   As for the hurricane approaching Bermuda, my wind speed as a cat 3 requested was met. I have no control as to target Bermuda, pray. Mock the Almighty and a cat 4 will level your island. Heed this.


Update Sept. 19 11:59 pm EST


   A piece of advice to Cuomo. It was great you gave Rudi time this evening, 30 minutes to speak, does not mean your are fair, but time allotted was your choice, due to valid points. This is why he was on so long. Did it slant in your favor from those watching, no. I ask you to look beyond your job, as the rhetoric did not change opinions of your viewers. This is not the first time, I have called you out.

   He was focused and angry, as he is on the inside, and knows the truth with little time. You know Rudi, and he was sending you a message, the best way he can, heed it. The deep state controls your job and the media. Look around Cuomo, all is not what it seems.

   You answer to God the Father Almighty, not a group of what you call elite men. When they die, they have nothing from this earth. Remember that. I like what you are doing to a point, but focus on the truth. Ask and you will receive as corny as it sounds. Just do it, and you will be seen as fair. Was the statement from Rudi about CNN as crushing stories for the left true? Yes it is. Do not let this bite you.

Update Sept. 20 7 pm EST

   You the media, are going down the wrong rabbit hole, as you follow the narrative presented to you. Your media corporations are owned by the deep state. Do any of you have common sense? Trump knows that Biden applied pressure to the Ukraine to drop an investigation against his son, and Biden used tax payer funded assistance to be withheld. The case investigation against his son was dropped and the funds flowed. Trump called the Ukraine asking to reopen the investigation, since the original prosecutor was called corrupt by design, as he was investigating a sitting vice presidentís son. Only a fool would believe a corrupt prosecutor, would go against a vice presidentís son. He would have taken the money. A mole inside the Trump Administration reported the call, but did not know all the facts as to why Trump called. The spin is out of control.

   Did Trump cross a line by asking to reopen the investigation, the Ukraine started, no. The Ukraine investigated what they thought was a crime, and was pressured by withholding vital funds by the former Administration, it was dropped. Trump wants to know why? This is why, he asked, and this was not about an election, but to show corruption in the Obama Administration, which has far greater consequences. Trump is not worried about the Democrats and the election, oh and Warren, you cheated the system to get ahead in Harvard just like the privilege did to get they sons and daughters into good schools. You do not stand a chance if the nominee. As your whole party will be dismissed, as the earth changes accelerate and those in the know, lied to the American public. You ask, why does not Trump tell the American public? They would label him insane. Just as the US Military lied about UFOs since the 40ís. Why tell you now? There is a greater secret.

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