Political Snap Shot





Written Sept. 18 2am EST

Updated Sept. 22 12:30am EST


   Recently we are hearing from the Democrats who want all to be represented as diversity is their strength, but removing the electoral system, put in place by the Founding Fathers to protect all voices is just for what is being proposed now. When like minds overwhelms a system, the rights of others are ignored. Why even listen to the Mid-West when you only have to spend time or care about 8 states? Removal of the Electoral System takes the voices from those who do not live in great population centers and great wealth. This is not diversity, but suppression under the guise of the popular vote as the great decider. This is why the Electoral College was put in place under God.

   Now we see a perfectly expose of Kavanaugh as a high school student. Would you like me to reveal your actions during your teenage years? Both were drunk and attracted, Kav had no moves (not smooth) as he laid on top of her at her request. She was drunk, but it did not feel right. She told him to stop kissing her and he did and begged a while to more no’s then walk out. If he molested her, she would have filed charges as he was unwanted at the end. This did not happen. What is unusual is how they found her. The me too movement states if it is unwanted it is an abuse. In her case as her memory is vague and will be dismissed as the connection was wanted at first as he was a dud and she changed her mind and he left. For those who are behind this, roll the dice as I am requesting one of you to be removed by the Almighty as a lesson. Your news will not cover this.

   Many ask what is behind the declassification of many documents related to the Russian probe. The left screams, he is trying to obstruct justice, just how, as the American people will see how you based your spying on a set of laws and evidence, bit was it true are doctored? If legitimate you win as you state, but if you lie, the tactical release before the midterms could crush your chances. My advice drop this, let Kavanaugh get approved and win the House. Plays games and Kav will be approved or another more conservative, you will lose the House. Just know I warned you, all politicians will wish they were never elected.  

   As for Manafort flipping, all of you seem to overlook the obvious. He was entrenched with the Russians long before Trump and was associated with the Podestas. One was given immunity, the other is at risk. Manafort is cooperating to expose how foreign government buy influence, what they had hoped to find was something on Trump, but he insulated himself, as this is not his first rodeo. Mueller will find connections to Obama and Hillary and will have to choose, expose or bury. He will drag his feet until after the Mid Terms, as if he had Trump, the perfect time of the release of this news is in two weeks. Watch as your corrupt political system unfolds.


Update Sept 18 11:59pm EST


   As the Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation continues, I have to give the new world order a high five (with distain) for their ingenuity on this one, but you are still will lose in the end as your grip on this country will slip through you slimy fingers. As flawed men, you listen to a dark force that promises power, wealth and has delivered, but will enslave your pathetic souls forever in pain, the absence of love and you think you are making the right decision. As for Feinstein stating Ford may have lied, does not release you from your words that affected this nation or the timed released of the accusation to the media. You are now number one for the Almighty to make lesson to mankind. I say well deserved. I am curious on how you plan to save your ass and forget your soul, unless you get a revelation and you better hope it is from the Almighty. Help her and you will join her. As for Ford, I am sure they did not give you all the details as you are in over your head, if I was you, I would run.

   This was carefully concocted plan of unanimity and what the media called for was granted. She was interviewed by the media seeking the truth, which she is the sole source for now of her version. So now, the FBI needs to investigate her memory, scant at best to come to a conclusion. This was already done. No place, date or witnesses and this holds up a Supreme Court Decision? All men are innocent until proven guilty. The process will not stop as he is not guilty in a court of law. This is a fact. If you have definitive evidence as you are the only story so far do it. You Ford have no clue you are being used and I am sure the threats are now coming. They will kill you, just know. With you gone and the new world order assassin responsible then pointed to a far right fanatic who then commits suicide, you know the story, but they could release a conspirator at the last moment again if this fails. Then what? The sad part is that she is now releasing nothing on Monday another strategic play.

   So the FBI is supposed to investigate her mind for the truth? What will come from her complaints? She is being used to delay a political decision. All that are astute knows this smells and their gut feeling states this orchestrated, as delay is the goal. No, our political system can not be corrupt? It is if the answer to the new world order and its leader the antichrist still not revealed as I am. An FBI investigation when there is no physical evidence. Did the accuser report an assault or rape in a timely fashion or was it the liquor, no? Are there crisp memories that can back the assault up? No. Was there a corroborating witness in the room, no? It is he said she said. Yes if this is true it can not be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations as her clothes were not removed or torn and the media states “ripped”.  As this is about, Trump who will need to appoint a new justice that may repeal Roe vs. Wade.

   I have warned you again and again that abortion is a severe sin in His eyes of God and for the Democrats to block someone who backs the Laws of the Almighty will change the lives of your Liberals. I told you the Almighty has given me the power to represent His wishes on earth and I say so be it. Stop the nomination and your coastal cities will face a wrath that will make Florence look a pleasant rain storm. If the confirmation fails the Almighty will deal with those who voted no by my request. Test me as I am tired of these games you play misleading God’s children. Victim souls will be in the thousands and it is on you if you succeed. As I told you before, I do not bluff.

   You still don’t get it. The elite and their media slaves work for the antichrist and they want you to curse God as He is not saving you. But He is, as death releases you from the bondage of men and woman on this drab planet who serves satan, which you cannot fight. Just know, I will fight for you in the name of God the Father Almighty and His only Son Jesus.

   Many are wondering about the new emergency system to start Oct. 4 allowing all cell phones to receive a text in an emergency. This is being put in place as the cell towers and satellite transmissions can not be controlled like the Emergency Broadcast System. Those established leaders expect you die in the immanent disasters and write you off like Puerto Rico. You say Trump hid the numbers when your Commonwealth officials counted the dead and stood by the number. The deceased, was not about Trump, but those who have a financial interest in keeping PR as it is. Look there. The push back was due to the debris cloud wafting away from earth temporarily from Niribu still unknown to the general public, but will still pepper our atmosphere with what will be called rogue meteorites. The auroras will go crazy and many will have questions. This is just the start.

   Will Trump reveal Niribu to the nation using this system, eventually, but they do not know when and how and he will be forced to resign, by causing a panic and no signs for a week. For Trump this is his mission and he will walk away with a smile as weeks later he will be proven correct and all that crushed him will be removed from this earth. This is my promise to Trump. If we meet in the future you know what I like.


Update Sept. 21 1:30am EST


   As the left intensifies the battle against the Supreme Court Nominee calling for an investigation, they over look the three others who may have seen something. Just as Kavanaugh said, two out of the three witnesses on the record have no recollection of the event. The other has not come forward. So exactly what are you going to investigate with no public knowledge of the crime? Was it rape, fondling of your private parts that is naked skin or groping with your clothes on? If you feared for your life, how did you become alone and why would you go to a house without girlfriends occupied by men drunk? You said no and it stopped, because rape would have been reported and this would be the present day story. Three out of the 4 that was there said it did not happen. If you are drunk, identification is murky as her story. This is he said she said and the point is to delay, if true in the future he must resign. This is your only choice. As I told you in order to save this nation, abortion must be repealed. If not, I under the authority of God Almighty as the Deliverer will lay waste to you liberal coastlines. I did not bluff with Florence and I am not bluffing now as what is to come is beyond your imagination. As for Gillibrand, you are walking a dangerous line in the eyes of Almighty as you influence many.


Update Sept. 21 7:30pm EST


   The leak that Rosenstein was planning to record Trump was the Truth and did take place as the CIA gave him covert recording devices, just like Omarosa, but there is more. With the removal of Comey, the new world order moles were threaten and did not expect Trump to heed the advice that moles were in place within and still are in his Administration. The Rosenstein wire revealed nothing, yet the leak said it never was invoked, but it was as Trump never trusted him and spoke in generalization pin pointing nothing when around him. Omarosa also wired by the CIA was not on the inside and her sexual advances honey hole trap were rejected. The White House is constantly sweep for bugs so how did Rosenstein and Omarosa get pass security sweeps? Her tapes revealed nothing that was not known. What you do not realize is that several members of the Cabinet want Trump removed by the 25th Amendment, but cannot back it with probable cause. The new world order is squeezing their moles with exposure of blackmail and death. Watch as this unravels.  So why was the news released?

   With the Mid Terms closely in play, Trump has a real reason to fire Rosenstein, but will not as a mole will squirm and may reveal who his is working with. For him this may be a death sentence as in an accident, if they fail the Almighty will remove him from the earth. Rosenstein you played the game and picked the wrong side, I just hope this does not involve your family as the new world order considers you now expendable. In that you failed and are now exposed.

   The case of Russian collusion was a setup by the DNC, Hillary and assisted by Obama with many others. This is why the release of the documents related to the Russia collusion points back to certain so called allies, was stopped. Certain agencies used their resources to dig up dirt on Trump, but found little. The dossier was not the work of one man, but several European agencies and the fall back if caught was to point a specific man. This scenario was backed by your bought and paid for media promoted in your news.

   As for Ford, the Republicans want to be seen as giving her more time, but not her date as they do not want to be seen as caving. The move to have an independent to ask the questions is smart, as the Democrats wanted to blame the Republicans if the Ford testimony goes south. Ford now knows she has been used and the demands are place so she can back out of testifying leaving doubt in the eyes of America. This is their present plan as it is about gaining control of both Houses of Congress.


Update Sept. 21 11:45 pm EST


   The tactics of the Ford lawyers have hit an impasse tonight. They can not give a real reason for the delay, as no other opinions will be considered. You were told 2 witnesses have no memory of the events and the other does not want to be involved. A charge of sexual abuse is serious and needs to be backed by facts, to which there are no corroborating evidence, but her word and his. Neither can be taken as the truth. So we are to choose the future of a Supreme Court Justice on who presents themselves the best? Are we not a nation of laws where all are innocent until proven guilty or has this changed? Moore be very careful as a advocate. Both were allegedly drunk and memory is fuzzy. Again if she feared for her life, she would have been raped. Can any one of you stake your reputation on her word? This smells and all know it. For Ford you are taking a real chance as the Democrats can not protect you if you are caught lying under oath. You will go to jail or worse. Your situation has gone south and you know it. I ask why did you do continue this as if, I when it fails they will throw you to the wolves. All of this in place so that abortion is not repealed in the nation as I told you the new world order answers to the antichrist and you Ford also do.


Update Sept. 22 12:30 am EST


   Plans for the new world order have changed with the agreement surrounding the testimony of Ford. A house party has many witnesses and the owner needed to give access to a bedroom where no one would see. You can not drag her as all would notice the stress on her drunken face. She went willingly expecting to be turned on, but it went south. Details are murky and the event did occur, but was it Kavanaugh?

   The key here is to allow Ford to fail to provide key details and spin it in the media. She is now expendable as the Senate hearing shall be analyzed as hearsay and the left will go crazy. Bottom line, there is no proof or witnesses and a investigation into your vague memories, really. Exactly why report it now? He is a judge at near the highest level. All know you were pushed and you will pay a price. A lie in the eyes of the Almighty when you are preventing His will is serious. I have recommended that no family member to the 4th degree remain on earth. This is your decision. As I said before, they will kill you if you do not testify. On the other hand the Almighty will remove you and your whole family from earth, choose. Again I do not bluff in the name of the Father.

    Kavanaugh with be a Supreme Court Justice for a mere year if lucky with the upcoming pole shift, but Trump will be removed via impeachment as Democrats line up to push out Republicans if Ford is dismissed. This is all about taking Congress and Ford is a new tool. No one cares if she was fondled, as it is about moving votes. This is the deceit of your government.

   All know the earth changes hidden from the public will unfold slowly and then accelerate in the last days to cleanse this earth. All are given a choice, what will be yours? For Republicans and Trump, this is a lose-lose situation. If they withdraw Kavanaugh nomination due to a carefully crated plan, the Mid Terms are lost. If the dismiss Ford and her testimony the Mid Terms again are lost. Back Kavanaugh and repeal abortion and mission is accomplished. The earth changes will shortly change the prospective of the deep state as millions die, but a true decision from this nation needs to made by its leaders or else.


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