Political Snap Shot




Written Sept. 19 5 pm EST


   Most Americans are adamant on their political views, now forged in stone. But few of the masses backing Trump, are speaking on it. The people are rejecting the status quo views presented by the media and politicians, but do they have answers on how to move ahead if in charge? The Democrats, no matter the media spin, stirred the pot dividing this nation on race, but you refuse to see this. Did not a governor dress up in a hood? Did not Biden hang with a member of the Klan? How many woman were used in the White House for sexual favors by both parties? We have the pot calling the kettle black.

   I expressed to some, that the Democratic faithful are being herded. They ask, how? You are offered social programs, early learning, affirmative action and over 60 years when you were in charge, you the common man voted, nothing has changed! Now you will vote again and give away your rights to change, what has been put in place by design.

   Education, equal rights, opportunity to move ahead as a common citizen seems to allude you, but voting with the Democratic party has not changed your lives. You are taken for granted. All have see the riots, as your cities burn. All have seen the in your face confrontations in the streets and restaurants, as if this is going to change minds in your revolution. Yes it is a revolution as you want socialism to replace capitalism. Where all share, but few want to work. Wake up call, this is called communism and we fought two wars to stop its spread, yet you now embrace this as the new future? Little do you consider history.

   Quietly you have turned off independents and harden Republicans. Drive through the semi rural areas of Pa. within a 100 mile corridor of I 81 and you will see about 2 Biden signs to every 100 for Trump, barns and buildings with immense signs. The general population is not happy with what they see. Covid will end. Racism and the abuse will end eventually, mostly as old fashion ideas die with those who hold them. What will not change is the deals that make your politicians rich through foundations or hiring family in foreign countries that open doors for influence. This sells out our nation. You offer no solutions, but you stand and watch until the polls dictate your response to events. This how you want to lead this nation, a poll or listen to a focus group? Yeah lets take a poll on what to do if the Russians attack. Oh that is the way Ukraine loss Crimea.

   You speak of health care and that plan was stopped. Many participants, when it was active, could not afford it. It had high deductibles, low participation by the young, healthcare providers dropping out as they were losing money, and long waits at hospitals who would take you. And this was your plan? You seem to think that the world is going to stand still, as you create programs with no real idea, as to how to pay for it. Oh, we will tax the rich, really. They will leave or reduce their taxable income, as you dare not change the tax laws, knowing Corp. will cut jobs just to spite you. If 500K left New York City earlier this year and still are, because of riots and Covid, they will leave for high taxes and the earth changes now firmly in place. The deep state, controlled media, the Democratic party and some Republicans are lying. Do you really think race relations will improve when Biden delivers words instead of change, if elected? The point, win on promises, and put them on the back burner, as everything else is more important. This is what you face again. Will you ever learn?

   The media states there would never be voter fraud. Remember the missing votes found in the swamps of Florida when a police escort of trucks carrying votes from Democratic areas in 2000 got lost, or the voter forms that were shifted that did not line up? What about the chads? The plan is to tally the vote for Biden and replace the original with the doctored vote if there is a recount. The signature will be copied as it is on file. The same books you sign every time you vote. This is to occur in the rural areas, where few are watching to counter the Trump edge.

   You have been told of the Earth Changes and they are not related to Climate Change. This will not be revealed before the elections, but next year when the double suns will appear in your skies and your government will have no explanation and you in denial. Know this, this is the precursor to the Warning, as you were told this years ago. The end was set to occur in early 2021, this has been moved back months only, as it is taking souls too long to come out of your slumber. You can thank the Almighty, as I did not push for it. This is last delay as the date not to be revealed will occur within a year. But this will be your least of your concerns, as daily survival will be your main task, as a one of the dwindling living.

   Your coastlines will be scoured either by storms or rogue tsunamis. The storms have just started to gain your attention, and will continue to escalate in numbers and strength as your eyes do not lie. Prepare now, especially your souls, when the New Madrid fault rips to where all bridges along the Mississippi break, it is down hill from there after a small break of enlightenment.

   Polarization is peaking and the results of the election will cement it. No matter who wins, the people will riot. BLM and Antifa will realize, they were used by the deep state, and will be despised by the general public as the scapegoat. This is what they do not see. This is what will bring the Democrats down, win or lose. This is what, will divide this nation as a final straw, leading to the race wars. You were warned so many times, but did you listen? No, now the innocent will die and for what? You reap what you sow.

All Rights Reserved: 2020