Political Snap Shot



Written Sept 19 11:59 pm EST


   As the world is caught up in the royal funeral, almost all paid their respects. All remember the pictures of good through public appearances. Did those actions change the world or just optics at the time? But, all also we remember the Empire enslaved vast areas of the world and few dare speak on it. During this past period of centuries, it was the Monarchy that set a policy in Africa, India and China (Hong Kong) not Prime ministers. Slaves brought to America and the exploitation of Middle East oil that gave rise to today’s terrorist. That said we will move on to issues in Ukraine.

   In Ukraine mass graves have been found. We hear of torture as if the Russians would leave their tools behind to be accused of war crimes by design. Exactly why would they torture civilians who know nothing of the Ukraine effort? Most of all electrical shocks affect the skin and may burn a few internal organs if the amperage is available. With the grid in Ukraine being spotty at most and the rapid decay of skin and underlying supportive muscles in graves, this would be hard to detect in corpses buried months ago. Again this is hype, as civilians would have been raped not tortured. The goal is to continue the flow of money were the heads of state in Ukraine can continue to steal and send kick backs to the politicians that enable it. This is your world.

   I see that new world order Bill has not changed his stripes in asking for a global initiative on GPS this past Sunday. With all of the actions of your past and you think you can change the future of the world, you still do not get it. You are out of power and you and your has been wife cannot offer anything to the elite under the guise of helping others. We have seen that game with your foundation and the transfer of funds overseas. You fooled us once and their won’t be a twice.

   Shifting to Domestic issues, what is with you, Lindsey. I called you out for being new world order years ago and you toned it down. Was it a true change or are you just hiding your true motives and waiting for an opportunity? We never took our eyes off of you. Now proposing a 15 week ban on abortion is not the problem. It is your timing. You are well aware the Mid Terms for the Democrats are about the SCOTUS decision. So your idea is to spearhead a new initiative just before the elections. Knowing nothing will get passed in Congress, but would affect the election favoring the Democrats. Just who are you fooling? Now, I am not putting words in the mouths of your fellow Republicans, but traitor not maverick is on their minds, just saying.

   So now I will address the Inflation Reduction Act. I have told you, all is not what it seems. The cost of the bill will increase inflation by design to 2026. That is their number. Expenditures for healthcare is in the low billions. Insulin is a small give back from the billions made from Covid. American corporations and Biden negotiated the reduction long ago in return to enforce vaccines knowing they do not work. The timing was to be before the 2022 elections, and they delivered. Example A is Biden. Example 2 is his wife. Example 3 is Fauci. All got infected and some multiple times. All had received the vaccine and multiple boosters. The Inflation reduction comes on the back end, but for many it is too late. It does not consider an attack on Taiwan, a gas shutdown in the EU, an extended Ukraine war or a recession here in the United States. It counts on all being perfect and you know the promises are just fluff.

   The long term Inflation Reduction Act effect for the common citizen is negative. The economy will slow and thousands of jobs will be lost. This will accelerate, as they did not count on a Global recession or collapse in 2023, which all know is coming. Those jobs created are mostly part time with little benefits. Yes corporations will pay more taxes. What Biden thinks, is that they will absorb costs and not raise prices. So in your absence of common sense believe, corporations will absorb your tax increases that lowers their bottom line and disappoint stock holders? If they do, the stock market will crash on earnings disappointments and 401s will hemorrhage. But the other option is to increase prices and pass costs on to the consumer, more inflation. Brilliant move Joe, as we lose both ways.

   So as the election comes close, those in power tamper with the poll numbers, as they pick the most favorable sample collected in many polls. Nothing has changed with food, clothing and other necessities. It is getting worse. We hear that the Administration is making headway on gas prices and this is true. Yes they sold your emergency oil supplies to certain venders in Europe and China at cut rates. Just to look good before Mid Terms and on the side, their friends got rich. Oh you thought it was about lowering prices, sorry. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Look at the connections to Hunter and the flow of money. It was a problem they created and now they offer a tepid solution. Nothing short of $2.75 as a nation average is a failure. If the quality of life is getting worse overall, how are poll numbers rising? They lie.

   Immigration is a joke. The Biden Administration moves people all over this nation by design. The point, no one knows where or the total cost. You have been shown the cost, as just a few thousand to Democratic cities in the public eye has exposed this. If the wealthy Martha’s Vineyard, New York City, DC and Chicago can not afford it, how can America? So Biden can move migrants all over the nation sometimes in the dark of night and this is different? It is not. You are pissed, because you are being seen for who you are. Bring them in, but not in my neighborhood. These are the true racists. You are judged by your actions, not your shallow words.

   My suggestion is to put to a national vote on a secure border and if economic flight and domestic violence qualifies as asylum, because it does not under the rules of international asylum. Check it.


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