Political Snap Shot



Written Sept. 20 2 am EST


   You were told here weeks ago, the missile strike in Kabul, had no evidence of a secondary explosion or identification of bombers. They told you, they were loading gasoline containers, but not at a fuel dispensary, and a propane tank blew up in the strike zone. That would not mimic a bomb. So who and what is behind the attack?

   The Biden Administration is basically being run by the State Department. Reeling from attack at the airport, a false flag event of a missile hit taking out bombers was planned for media optics. The order was to find any target, no matter how marginal. So a vehicle seen loading containers was picked. They figured the gasoline explosion would be confused for bombers. They were wrong, as it was water. Those who truly gave the order, will never be revealed, and so far no fall guy. 7 kids were killed in order to get a positive media spin that bombers were taken out. You have the CIA, who usually leads an operation like this stating, civilians were in the area, showing some other agency gave the order to fire the weapon. They were lying and now you have proof, they are murders, all for optics.

   Moving to our border, no one is even seeing the racism by the Biden Administration. Has the media asked, why are all the Haitians black people, not brown people being flown back to their country in massive numbers, as opposed to others being dispersed about the country? I ask, why is this? As for Harris, she is hiding hoping to distance her self from the many mistakes of the Biden Administration. It is a plan she hopes will lead to 2024 presidential election. She better hope no one sees that she hides from a problem, instead of offering a solution.

   Biden has stated that the illegals will offer a source of tax revenues. How Biden, sales tax will not close that gap. They can not afford homes, so no property tax. They will over populate apartments, many illegal like in New York. School and Health systems will be overwhelmed. How are you going to pay for that? You say, they have skill sets, what skill sets? There is little need in this country for low skilled labor and you invited over 2 million this year alone. They have little education and do not speak the language and many are just kids. They will be getting refunds on the little taxes they do pay, remember child credits. Biden is selling you, America a crock of s..t. Yes many of them will vote Democratic, but you will lose just as many moderates and independents, but you do not see this.

   You were told that many of your leaders are new world order. General Milley was just an example. Trump can not fire nuclear weapons for no reason. But if Japan, Guam, or Taiwan was attacked by the Chinese using nukes, our leaders would tell them of a coming retaliatory attack? You think the Chinese would stand down on incoming nuclear weapons? They would use this as an advantage, you created and target American ships, subs and planes, killing Americans. So you would tell our defensive bases to stand down? Plus he revealed the presence of the Kinetic tungsten weapons based in space. You say, isnít there a treaty stating no space based weapons? Yes, it only covers nuclear weapons. Milley answers to the new world order not America. The media can spin it any way they want. There was nothing patriotic about him revealing any military plan, for any reason. Any nuclear response would be because of a real threat, not a panic move of what you think is a deranged man. The problem with Trump is that, he is not new world order, this is why he is painted as a racist. A tactic the CIA uses to smear someoneís reputation to discredit them. You are beginning to realize Biden is a talking puppet controlled by the State Department that has ties to the new world order. Look at the actions of your government, not the words being stated on your media.

Update Sept 21 11:59 pm EST

   With the Biden Administration caught using horses to push back illegals at the Texas border, they did not expect the bad optics. The State Department gave orders to stop the Haitians at all costs, as the border crisis is seen as out of control. Now Biden, I do not know if your family owned slaves, if they did, it seems you are not rusty with your policy given to border agents, as the apple does not fall far from the tree. With the left influenced media forced to report this, now we hear some Haitians were flown to an unknown location, others back to Haiti. The Administration lies, if Haitians showed up in an American city, you would know from the locals. Black America, you are being shown Biden has not change his spots from his early days, but he has refined, how to hide it.

   His Administration choose to expel the Haitians, as it is bad optics. They play the game, but again, judge them by their actions. Then really, using the FAA to ban drones, this is not the old Soviet Union. But it showed intent. All who come to American, are seeking economic help, they are not escaping persecution. The more you let go free, the more will come. This is your nightmare, you created.

   Biden, you do not have the low income housing space. You donot have the education and healthcare services in place for excess poor. More important, you do not have the money. You created this problem and now you scramble one blunder after another in the hope of offering a solution? You were told, your Administration was allowed to win the election, to show America, how inept your Administration would be. With the fraud, was it worth it? It is going to get worse, as all that is rotten will fall. As for Pelosi offering Jeffries the position of speaker, she is jumping off a burning ship and handing him an anchor in the deep blue sea.

   As for your policy stating vaccine proof is not needed for the illegals, because they are not staying. Do you hear yourselves. The holding centers at the border is a biological cesspool. You disperse illegals into the country without testing. Yet clamp down on the nation and legal persons entering the country. The sad part, you think America does not see this. You are idiots and a danger to this nation. Now Biden, you can wish to be removed from earth, but the Almighty will not grant that wish. All who placed you in the presidency, did not expect a mentally challenged person. Wait you really think we can not see this? No matter how you try and hide it, all shall fall starting with the Clintons. Watch as the rats scatter, when the truth becomes public.

   Finally, I hope what I hear, is not true. Are you going to payoff France, because this nation has a superior sub to save face? So, let me get this straight, in a free market competition, the best product wins, and you are going to pay off the loser, France with our tax money to save face with the EU? If its true or even if you think this, your party will be burnt toast. For it will be exposed for all to see next summer 2022. Heed the warning.

   I will tell you straight. The media is lying. More than half of your government is owned by the new world order through blackmail. The Biden Administration policies will invoke out of control inflation to where the dollar falls to that of a banana republic. The elite control the banks and have engineered a financial debacle by design. For once, how many American are going to come out the fog, before it is too late. How many?


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