Political Snap Shot



Written Sept. 23 11:59 pm EST




   The media is stating, the UN wanted the prosecutor removed, before any connection with Bidení son, is now at the center of the Trump Administration alleged scandal. The reason was, the eastern border of the Ukraine was needed to hold back the Russians on the eastern front, and address the downing of the flight MH17. Years have passed, with no resolution. Now a prosecutor needs to be removed, ask why? The UN was not focused on Bidenís son, as he was there to make money, just like Manafort, who worked for Podesta, who worked for Hillary.

   Bidenís son was placed on the board of directors of a corrupt corporation by design. No skills except to be deemed untouchable. Check it. The some in the Ukraine did fight back to keep the prosecutor from being deemed expendable, if things went south. When they did, Biden applied pressure to fire the prosecutor, and now certain politicians have linked the prosecutor to MH17 cover up. Did Obama know, yes. As this is why, Biden went public.

    The money flowed, and cocky Biden bragged, as never to think this would surface again where the spin can be controlled. Trump caught wind of this. On one of his many calls with the Ukraine, he asked, if there was an open investigation of this corporation that had Bidenís son on the board, if not, why werenít they acquitted or convicted? Once the prosecutor was removed, the case was dropped. Again by design, if the UN was removing the prosecutor, no need for Biden to exert power.

   So Biden said US tax paper money would be withheld, and they are suppose to be our ally. This was a bribe. Trump asking to reopen a dropped investigation is not a crime, it is a request for the truth. Exactly what did that company do in the Ukraine, ask and you will find the truth. This is what America does not see. By the way, a certain news show had loser Leshchenko babbling on, what a waste of time.

   Today I was shocked to see a group of world leaders listening to a child. Are they that inept? You were giggling and laughing in your minds, when we can hear your thoughts, as if the minions think they can change their fate. The rich pay, hell no. They are not interested in saving what they call almost 8 billion useless eaters. Let the general population die and 500,000 can rebuild, not 500 million which was planted on the web by design years ago. They have their bunkers with carbon scrubbers and endless supplies. They expect you to die. The general public will foot the bill, as corporations pass the cost to you in price increases or as the democrats say, tax increases. Your scientist always leave out the most important factor, population growth. We are at the human carrying capacity of this planet. If climate change was true, the birth rate would need to drop to replacement only. You will never achieve this except through war, which is their plan.

   Allow a problem to fester, then offer a solution, where all elite get rich. You will see food rationing, and almost all social safety nets fail, first aboard, then here. So how will you feed and support tens of millions of illegals? You wonít. So what does the new world order expect, you to do? Roll over and die!

   Climate change is a by product of the approach of Nibiru, and Thunberg does not have a clue. She is a child. Your press, scientists, and politicians are under a gag order, punishable by death. No one is talking. This is the truth. Thunberg speech was written by another and the delivery well rehearsed. Thunberg is right about one thing, you have no future under the new world order. You will be given signs, watch the skies.


Update Sept. 24 11:59 pm EST


   Pelosi as the fool she is (stop listening to the new world order), upped the ante on impeaching Trump without a House vote for impeachment inquiry. What the Democrats and media have wrong, is that Trump, is accused of pressuring the Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden as if it did not exist. Thus he would with hold funds as a bribe? The money to the Ukraine was allocated, but the timing of the release of the funds are in the hands of the President and in Bidenís case, his.

   Bidenís son was the subject of government investigation, as the energy company in question, put Bidenís son on their board to deflect government scrutiny. It was money well spent for no energy expertise. When called energy corporation was out for corruption, the net when dropped included the board of directors, which included Bidenís son, he contacted his father and the pressure was applied, and the prosecutor fired.

   Fast forward to today, Trump requested an answer to why the prosecutor was pushed out? This was a valid question. So in turn delayed funds also, but could not cut off funds, just like Biden, now asking to reopen their own case. Inventing dirt is different, than reopening a case that should have never been abandoned. This is the dirty truth. Impeachable no, but facts the democrats had not hoped surface, shall. This will be your demise. Is this election manipulation, no, as Biden will not be the nominee, as if Trump is psychic. The Democrats are destroying Joe and Bernie by design, and do not need any help. You reap what you so.

   You guy are idiots with the Trump tweet on Thunberg. She is a child, and you give her an audience, as if she can change this world. She states listen to scientists, but they do not have a clue. You are fools and the world sees this. She is right about one thing, ďwe will never forgive youĒ, when they find out it is the approach of Nibiru devastating the earth, and life as you know, shall end shortly. Children was used to promote open borders, and now a child is used to promote climate change. The sad part, you are listening.




   The Supreme Court in the UK blocked the suspension of Parliament by design. As delivered by new world order representative, Supreme Court President Brenda Hale. The will of the people is being thwarted by unnecessary delays as to Brexit. Many Mps are secretly aligned with the EU, which has vowed never to let the UK go, as other countries may consider the same path. Boris wants an exit on October 31, deal or no deal. The EU wants to inject doubt into the hearts of Brits, as to delay an exit. Thus, watch who votes for the delay vs. those who want to leave honoring the peopleís vote. It is here the traitors shall be revealed, and it is not Boris.

Update Sept. 25 11:30 pm EST


   What you now see, is that the deep state set up the Democratic Party into believing the Trump Administration leveraged the Ukraine government to find dirt on Biden, but it was his son. Then got them to commit with articles of impeachment against Trump, and then threw them under the bus. The whistle blower is a second hand informant. I hope you have tapes, but you donít. Where is the evidence? How many times to you call wolf? As they trusted the orders from above, that Trump will fall. You do not have the votes in the Senate. The Ukraine president rebuked the charges of pressure, but the media ignores this.

   Exactly how did a mole remain close enough to compromise another on the inside? If there is corruption in a foreign nation, receiving funds from the US, we have the right to investigate corruption. Going after Bidenís son is fair game, as no charges have been levied against Biden yet, running for office is not an exempt pass. Nor is it interference in our election process, when a crime may have been committed. No matter the media spin, this was what will be seen, as to successfully remove Biden, who is not new world order, and cannot be controlled like Trump. This was the plan.

   Will this hurt the Democratic plan to regain the White House? Yes, but not for the reasons you are presented with today. This move by the deep state sent shock waves as to their power. The message, either you join the new world order, or be destroyed no matter who you are. Beware Warren, you are next.

   Exactly what is the mindset of the Democrats outside of the influence of the new world order? They are clueless, Trump asked to reopen the investigation of Bidenís son, not the Vice President. The reason was to connect the dots between Biden and Biden jr. Biden held up funds, but they are seeking why?

   Where will this end? Biden will be forced out as baggage, Pelosi will be removed for allowing the Democratic Party to wander without giving a focus for the voter, besides Trump hate. The party will shift more to the left and AOC will see an opportunity to for a vote for speaker of the house, which she will run for. So you may be led by a political baby.

Update Sept. 26 11:30 pm EST

   Tonight we see Maxine circling like a old shark on a prime time show. She states, I never trusted the president. Your words follow an agenda, instead of moving this country forward. America realizes you are fed the same talking points. Are you talking robots instead of journalists? As a representative of this great nation, may you just do your job. I have watched you spew hate, as you apply it to Trump. What you do not understand is Trump is here to protect America, not the illegals, not the countries that are leeches in NATO, not our trading partners that sap almost a trillion dollars per year, due to bad trade deals and not social programs that have not worked since the sixties. Protocol states we must be diplomatic, but I rather have a crass president and reverse those poor decisions for decades. Your own people are suffering Waters, as they do not move forward, and you are proud for what you stand for? Look at California, it is a cesspool of filth in certain areas for all to be seen. You are a sell out to this nation, and you are new world order.

   The whistle blower was a CIA operative that was not privy to the call, but got his information second hand. Cell phones or recording devices were not allowed in the room where the call occurred, and the transcript not released, except to the inner circle. So how did this information get out?

   The deep state has many in place in the NSA who recorded the call and dropped it to the rogue agent. He had no concern on the Ukraine call, but was given a mission and well paid. The whistle blower was a secondary source, how can they reveal who it was? Someone has to take the fall for the NSA, this has people nervous. Ask why did not the primary source come forward, if they were so concerned?

   The media keeps saying Trump asked to dig up dirt on Biden. No, he wanted to know what did Bidenís son did that required an investigation to be crushed. Podesta and Manafort exploited the Ukraine government backed by the Hillary Campaign. She arranged to pay for a false dossier to crush Trump in an election. Do you remember? Now Trump asks for an investigation to be reopened. You say the next prosecutor dropped the case. So you are idiots. If Biden removes a prosecutor by with holdings funds, you think the next prosecutor appointed is going down the same path?

   Democrats, you are being herded, and this will destroy the country. You are being played by the new world order. Be careful.

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