Political Snap Shot




Written Sept. 27 11:59pm


   As for CNN revealing that the Russians promoted a theme of protests in Furguson and Baltimore as Black Lives Matter is only partially true. With the mix of added insurgents to create and stir violence is not mentioned. The ads did appeared on Facebook, but all their sources on the surface does point to the Russians as do the counter ads now pushing the division seen in the NFL kneeling with Middle America who just wants to watch the game. You were told it is the new order is covertly pulling the strings and the scape goat is Russia. This is the Truth. What America needs to consider is that your media and politicians do the same thing as all are working on the same team except those who seem to be despised so they can be pushed out. The Truth is the salvation of souls as Niribu initiates the harvest prophesized in the Bible and as the deliverer, certain elite will be removed from this earth as they hurt the innocent. This is a promise, backed and sanctioned by God the Father the Almighty.

   Don Lemon on the flag, that rule was put in place for the American flag that flies in the wind, not an embroider emblem sown on a piece of clothing. A flag shall not be worn. Know the difference when preach to your audience.


Update Sept. 29 1am


   CNN with their, “exclusive” knowledge, that the Russians are behind the Facebook ads posted on the web is far from the Truth. They have not offered any evidence or reliable sources. The Russians are a tentacle of the new world order as are parts of the EU (Merkel) and Chinese. Influence is the key and the prize is to never get caught or all that was put in place is gone. The leak to CNN was deliberate as the media again is another tentacle of the new world order. With any covert action to divide you cover both sides with the same funding. Did not the Bank of England fund both sides during WW2 by their secret subsidiary in Germany? Yes! Black Lives Matter, Furguson and Baltimore protests was funded to the tune of millions by Soros. Ask why?

   Look at the bigger picture. It was promoted Russia backed Trump to crush Clinton as no one thought he would win. Now the narrative is they help him and is the reason Hillary lost. There is no proof, but they continue to dig. If there was, Trump would have been impeached months ago, not still building a case. Russia is the reason Trump won through hacking when the NSA tracks all internet traffic and our voting system is isolated from the WWW. Any intrusion would have to local, but the media in their ignorance states it is from overseas. Congress knows this yet withholds the truth from the American public. Again ask why. Russia hacked the producer of the voter system software, not our system. Your media is lying. Russia is funding both sides in the racial divide in America. The divide has always existed and for the astute all was promoted by the media as the neo Nazis and racists would have no voice. The goal of the new world order is divide the nation, our neighbors, and allies with the words of actions or lack of to where the population herds in predicted opinions. The key is your electronic devices which entrench all of you. If it is promoted there it is gospel. This is the Truth.


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