Political Snap Shot



Written Sept. 29 12:45 am EST


   Ian was a storm to catch the establishment off guard. First, the eye replacement that should have occurred near land fall, was moved to an earlier point in time by design. Thus allowing rapid intensification. The reports on Tuesday after 8 am were frozen, as equipment failure and the same readings of wind speeds and pressure was maintained at 11 am and 2 pm updates. How could that be? The true storm intensity was muted to reduce panic. The storm surge was the equivalent of a cat 5 storm and the destruction will be blamed on a slow moving storm. The death toll will be controlled as unmarked trucks hide the true number deaths recovered at sites, out of a prying media just like in Hurricane Charlie. This is how they lie.

   Addressing the Nordic pipe sabotage, was there a report of an explosion and where are the pictures showing the underwater damage? Seismic recorders would have picked up the explosion as the gas leak would have enhanced it, to where all would know. Satellite coverage just shows a leak and not an event that raises sea levels in an focus area due to an explosion. Where is the thermals of water temps in the area of the explosion? There will be no evidence, as the break is a clean facture of the pipe. Now you can speculate as to the cause. Again they lie.

   Now addressing the media again. You were warned that subverting the American to news fed by the new world order would be stopped. You were told in advance here, which correspondents would go or be demoted. Just know demotions was your test, and that is fine. They step out of line and the Almighty will solve it, just saying. The list contained Brain, Rachel, Don, Chris and this has been achieved. So with regret I am pointing out the next. Lawrence, the MSNBC Morning Show and the View. Each of you will be given a time period to change to report the truth, instead of being a mouth piece of the new world order causing division in this country. As for the View, Whoopi and Joy are going to be removed, beware Anna.

   Now for Whoopi you know better. You are on the inside and know the earth changes are true the cause to global warming, not CO2. There nothing worse than an minority selling out its own. Biden was a KKK racist in the seventies hanging with Byrd, (chief officer grand cyclops of the state of West Virginia) aka imperial wizard. You know this. The Democrats are the Jim Crow of the fifties and in the past, back to the Civil War. They voted against Civil Rights Act of 64’and again you know this. Did you cancel them?

   Only this weekend Levin had the balls to state this after so many years. What took you so long, Levin? You have seen no change in Black lives in the inner cities and they kill each other by the thousands yearly, not the cops for the last 60 years and you know this. And you ask why is the Hand of God coming down on you? I am only the messenger.

   Whoopi, you reap what you sow, as you influence millions. You have weeks to change and retire, through the Grace of God. I would have given you days, heed this. Be stubborn and the Author of life, God the Father Almighty will address your existence, Whoopi or the network can fire you, rather than face repercussions in their lives. Please test Him.


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