Political Snap Shot




Released Oct 2 11:59pm EST  

Written Sept 26 1:59am EST

Updated Oct. 4 11:30am EST


   The debate on Rosenstein is reaching a fever pitch as the media tries to predict Trump’s next move. Did Rosenstein collude with the Democrats? Many aligned with the new world order were to gather evidence to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment, yes? He is one of many. Not one expected Trump to win the 2016 election or be smart enough to prevent an internal plot against him with no insiders in place. The NSA backed by the CIA implanted listening devices on key individuals and specific personal Trump controlled locations that could not be traced by White House sensors within Rosenstein's body or general sweeps on others. This is how Omarosa taped Trump as she was assisted at the highest levels at the NSA. Why would Trump trust him as he knows the world of politics and Rosenstein brings nothing to the table as a FBI nerd? So how was the plot revealed? Counter to the news, you were told the plot never occurred, but he was caught. This has the Democrats and others nervous. How, will never be revealed as this country can never handle the truth. This is what they banked on. He will be fired, as he tried to undermine the present Administration. This is a fact, yet to unfold until after the Mid-terms. None of you would keep him on, if you are is his target. So do not expect Trump to do this. The meeting scheduled last Thursday is superficial, is there hope? As this paper is released, hindsight with those in the know will seem like there is none. Many will be seen as fired to impede the Mueller investigation, but the truth he was a traitor. The Democrats will be allowed to exploit this, but they will pay a severe price as I will release more details of their deceit.

   With the delays in the Supreme Court nomination involving the FBI now by design, her hope was a lie detector, but inconsistencies emerged. She was forced into the public media to be exploited by politicians as details of the attack were presented, but serious lapses in her memory occurred with to whom. This of course was not a problem as the Democrats present an allegation only to eat up time whether right or wrong. This is their plan.

   If the mind has an induced subject either real or created, this can be real to the victim. Could this have been introduced in a Psych-Op operation as a sleeper and the event is real, but identification is flawed. Yes, but this was not the case with Ford. Not one of you entertains the thought if one fears for her life, how did she evade the rape? What about the trauma on her face when she was seen allegedly by others there? Ripped clothes, missing buttons in an alleged drunken state would been seen by others, disheveled hair, a sure sign of a struggle? No scratches, but more important no words to others as she escaped? But recessed memories are unreliable.

   Anyway, the CIA would have doctored the results of any lie detector test wirelessly through a secret interface as they planned on this, and Trump did not take the bait. It is about Kavanaugh once confirmed and the Mid-Terms pass, Rosenstein, you are out. That is the good news for you. The bad news, you are considered as weak as a definitive connection has not surfaced yet to the new world order, but the plan is to draw out the charges, and will turn exposing certain coordination with the new world order and our government.

   Plan for your funeral and move your wealth to hard assets for your family as paper and stock assets will collapse. What I am so surprised at, is that you trusted them, but you ignored the words delivered to the world via the Almighty. I see history has taught you nothing. So be it, as I will be there, when you descend, no thrown into the pits of hell unless you change. Is it possible?

   Trump, I heard in the media, you were laughed at in the UN as if you really thought they would disrespect their leader the antichrist. You were told of the UN, by me and you thought your presence would change things? Move on. Welcome to my world.

   Cosby was a lesson to your world, one with a perceived pristine persona. Many of you adored this fantasy of a Black successful family man in the world, hiding behind a mask of evil, but you cannot see past this, until they fall. Most of your entertainers and leaders are not what you think. They will be exposed slowly at first, and then it will accelerate. All that is rotten shall fall by the hand of God. Just like Cosby.

   Many corporations have received a much needed tax relief this year, adding sometimes billions to their bottom line. This was given to embrace your workers and management. Be careful as giving bonuses to your workers, and then pushing them out the door with sub par packages will have consequences. Do not play this game to destroy families due to raise your financial bottom line in order to sell off? Do you really think I will allow this to happen?

   Certain types of corporations yield dividends, yet the days of steady and a slow rise in the stock price is not conducive to the present markets. Remove the dividends attached to general shares and billions will move to your bottom line. The stock price will drop in the short term as the savvy go short and the suckers are weeded out. The rise in stock price will compensate temporally your investors yet preserve your work force that you hoped will be gutted. The price shall stabilize, but quickly fluctuate as earth changes become clear. Then what?  It is not the corporations that will suffer as you hope to sell in a buyers market. It is your management and workers that will be displaced for weak decisions and your stock options. Disasters will increase to a point where executive stock options will be far below where they stand today.

   In this world, the weak and aggressive brown noses get promoted by personality and connections. A mistake at leadership is common, they move on with a package near 100 million at the CEO level. Those that have to clean up, remove their workers that built the company, and take the fall for leadership mistakes. You ask; why would they give golden parachutes? Most are yes men with few ideas; all protect their position and work towards seemly become valuable to corporate as they hope. If removed, they walk away with millions. It is about moving the stock price to maximize their options. If the company does fold after the hype fails, they cash out on the workers and stock holders. This is your world, which we have seen many times. Direction is gathered from advice of others. As the corporations move forward and you want to eliminate waste, cut dividends if your stock moves. This is where your leeches reside.

   I am asking one last time to the corporations of America to choose. The new “5” network which will fail due to inference, but you know this. Call centers in India, Philippines and Singapore will sink, then what? The coastal cities in the United States will be washed away. Do I have to request a site in off hours to be destroyed by God to send a message or does it come home? Again to corporate be careful on your path with managers and employees. We are all here to ascend to the Almighty’s Promised Land. Destroying families with little as their jobs are taken away for a profit that will never come is mankind at its worst. You have no idea of the power the Almighty has given me. Make the right decision.


Written Oct. 2 12am EST


   Trump made a strategic move to trap Flake. The elevator encounter was orchestrated as the cameras and the timing of Flake getting off the elevator in front of abused women was planned. Would not security monitor private hallways? The Democrats asked for the FBI to investigate, but they already have. The President allowed the FBI investigation to proceed, but limiting all that would delay the nomination beyond a week. There will always be doubt, but in a court of law, none of her words would stand without corroborating evidence. This case would have been dismissed, but women who have been hurt and the media perceive this as a crime. Yes rape occurs far greater than what is reported, but do you protect the 20% of victims who are attacked within the family? No! What about those accused wrongly through misidentification or revenge? You are hypocrites. The Me Too movement will never expose family members thus others will suffer the same fate due to your silence.

  This investigation was seen as a win-win for Trump as he allowed it to proceed. Ford was already interviewed as Kavanaugh? The primary witnesses signed off. Leaks, there are none. Exposure by another accuser in a party in the open as it was not in a private room, but only you saw it? But, worse were the rape parties. So you are going to accuse another, yet you embraced the rape of women in front of your eyes. You did nothing if this is real. So you are an accomplice to the crime as you never reported even as you were alleged to be raped. Why as a college woman were you hanging with violent high school students? None of this makes sense and this is why America will move past this.

   The some in the media finally has finally realized given a week, now more will be needed. If the primary witnesses have failed to back the Ford testimony, who was the only witnesses, what to they hope to gain? An extended witness pool of those not present is only for character assassination. Drinking beer at Yale, most do and you move on as an adult. Binge drinking is not part of his present as people change. Do we need to go back to when you were a child? Yes, anyone under 18 is a child.

   Those reporting events have seen true events. How may of you have got wasted on legal beer? The key here has it impeded your stability to do your job. Has it destroyed your family? For the weak it may take one drink. For the strong mankind's limits mean nothing. If you want to play this game, I will reveal the secrets of many of your revered politicians and leaders again please test me. This is the Democratic goal and comes with consequences. Please make my mission easier and back the agenda of the new world order.

   As for the Ryder Cup, I was so disappointed that you let Europe kick your as..


Earth Changes


   Almost all locations predicted here as a warning has seen an increased destruction or seismic activity in recent weeks. I have little patience for your disbelief in the power of God and I as authorized under the Almighty's name will level this world in order to save souls. You pray and ask for help, but do you act for others without pride in what you do? Do you even accept the help when presented or follow the many down the rabbit hole under the influence of a false media and politicians on the façade representing truth, but worship another?

   I have told over and over again, what seems right is wrong and what most see as wrong is right. You were told the road is narrow yet you follow the wide path, why? Some have, many do not, but you hold on to the beliefs presented by your world as being right? Is there not one of with the balls to stand up for the truth? Protesters are paid, as few see this. This is how you are being deceived in the time of satan. The Almighty told you he has allow him to do with you as he pleases. You reap what you sow. Think about it a 20 year old threw his 4 year old brother off of a six story roof and you think all is right?

   I told you that Florence would be the first precursor in showing the anger of our Father, God Almighty. You were told Indonesia would suffer constants quakes, yes, but tsunamis have been added as a small glimpse to your immediate future. You have no explanation of why the tsunami system and buoy system did not warn the populace? Oh yes they did not pay 69K really, cars cost more. They speak of maybe the waves were funneled into Palu, but the channel of the bay is near uniform in width instead of focusing to a point until the end. You can Google the satellite image. The explanation is a lie along with the tsunami cause. Your scientists are puzzled. What is worse the death toll is being suppressed as the need for mass graves. The true death toll will be hidden by design as the hope there will be no team interviewing the general population shall an update near 30,000.

   The West Asian Pacific basin is now facing constant super typhoons. Crete precursor earthquakes and storms assaulting the Greece coastline are just beginning. Again you are not listening, especially the EU. So I have something special coming for the English Channel. If you succeed in defeating Kavanaugh who has been put in place to repeal Roe vs. Wade, Florence will seem like a gentle rain shower. This is my promise. And for the Jehovah's promising rapture, I guess your Kingdom Halls in North and South Carolinas did not fare that well as they were flooded or destroyed. I have told you again, your founder talked to the dark one when he was alive and if you do not change, your innocent will be lost, except a few.

   I will target your world headquarters in New York with a quake to cause structural damage at first as a warning if needed to prove a point. I know you will not listen in advance, so just know your church headquarters along with the elders homes shall be destroyed for deceiving the innocent who knows nothing else. Spin that with your faithful.

   If Jesus judges the living and the dead, in His divinity, He is God. He died for your sins and you doubt these Words? Tell the truth and save the innocent who had no choice as I will reveal the Word of our Lord.


 Written Oct. 2 11:59pm EST


   So Cuomo addresses the nation tonight through his show to subtly mold a perception of Trump with a new approach. Did it dawn on you that all the rich hides their money from the IRS? Swiss accounts, Cayman Island sheltered accounts and you think you are breaking news. Trump was audited and no tax fraud charges were filed. Just who and why certain numbers were leaked to the NYT, which is illegal yet no charges of tax evasion, are part of the public record against Fred Trump? Did Donald have more help from his father than he stated, yes so he lied as all fathers help their sons to the maximum. It is none of your business.

   All Americans do their best to avoid paying taxes within the law and those who do not are arrested like Willie Nelson and Snipes. Cuomo move on as you are wasting America’s time. You say his wealth was essentially derived by taking advantage of the tax laws, really? He transformed the real estate business based on public housing and moved it to providing homes and hotel rooms to the rich and you think he has made little money.

   Don you said treat women with respect and this is how I lived my life mostly, unless tested unfairly. You said if a man accused with no corroborating evidence then there is no evidence. But this is the case against Kavanaugh, as all witness has no recall of the alleged party, but the accuser is sure. These are your words. Did the FBI find something new as of tonight, no, as it would have been leaked. So they will expand, but face more dead ends. So tonight they are asking the FBI to interview Ford after she testified in front of the Senate. There is nothing new to learn here, as we see a desperate need to delay. This is your world.


Written Oct. 3 11:30am EST


   So what is behind Trump’s reversal and now attacking Ford? All of you are aware that Ford’s attorneys acting in the interest of the DNC has asked for the FBI to interview her. Why? What the public does yet know, is that the FBI cannot corroborate Ford’s story with witness interviews as this has been leaked ahead of time to both sides. So the Democrats will play this as disgusting as an overall approach to sexual harassment as Trump speaks. No man should be assumed guilty in public opinion without proof. Ford provided details on what happened, but no details on where, when and more important those there did not back her story.

   Using Ford has backfired as the charges would not stand up in a court of law. She was assaulted, but again the perpetrator can not be proven as Kavanaugh. This is the bottom line. Trump will be Trump when he knows the truth, so he is on the attack discrediting her due the findings coming in from the FBI. You ask what about the others again there is no proof on who flashed as a party had many people and no one saw the described event. Anyone who is flashed, the first reaction if unwanted is to look away. Could she have been staring at Kavanaugh and someone else next to him could have flashed we will never know. Many women are victims, and this needs to change. But, to use this as a weapon to stop a conservative Supreme Court confirmation is underhanded and this process has been exposed to this nation.

   Just to let you know Trump has put in place a text alert system to warn you of up coming disasters to save lives as it is tested later today, those aligned with the new world order both some Democrats and Republicans would have let you die in place especially the cities. As Obama failed to warn you of what is shortly coming. Trump has been muzzled, if he warns you, he would be labeled insane and removed. Watch as this unfolds here just like Indonesia that is the precursor.


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