Political Snap Shot



Written Oct. 2 11 pm EST

   You were warned, with this corrupt investigation of the Ukraine will be seen, for what it is. This is yet to come. What I did say, is that I would start at the top of the Democratic Party, eliminating one by one by the powers of the Almighty, as I can only request. Biden is embroiled in scandal, so who was next? Bernie, and had stints placed within his body. Was this by design, yes. As he will now take time off to reflect on the purpose of his life. All is not what it seems.

   Now we have leaks that Warren is under attack by the tech giants who were supporting them? This is a lie. Warren has been compromised, as to fight for the people against the banking industry and tech, really? Check her proxy donations. Pocahontas lied to get favored grants from Harvard, did she really change banking laws against short selling that bankrupts your 401s? She is new world order. Offer crumbs, and will back step once elected. This is your world.

   Who will rise to go against Trump, as Biden will fall, surrounded with corruption again by design orchestrated the Democratic Party. He is the fall guy, sorry Joe. You political leaders forget that, I have the power of God the Father Almighty behind me to cleanse this earth. The storms and earthquakes are just beginning, and they will bring this world to its knees.

   I have requested another Democratic candidate shall fall from Grace*, except the Almighty will pick them, as I requested starting at the top, and again request, granted. Bernie your symptoms may get worse, and I like you, as you are genuine, but I would spend time with your family and withdraw. You have a choice.

    *Definition: Fall from Grace, the soul in question, may choose to seek another for guidance to rise in power with the responsibility of leading vast numbers of souls on earth, and it is not the Almighty. Therefore the soul can be removed from earth with just cause, as contributing to influencing the imbalance of good vs. evil.

Update Oct. 4 12:45 pm EST

   Yesterday, some in the media acknowledged, the aid to the Ukraine was reinstated, shortly after Trump said it would be withheld. Within days, the funds were released, so how did that affect our National Security? As it takes years to make changes to a military complex after filtering out the corruption. Really Ukraine, is going to save America. They can not save themselves or the EU with full funding just to their east. They loss Crimea and the Obama Administration just let it happen. The Russians crushed them with out a fight. Oh yes, American taxpayer money spent with no return in the real world, but on paper, they are essential. Your leaders lie. Ukraine wanted the Javelin missile system and the Trump Administration had the right to hold the sale up, just like the Democrats held up Saudi weapon sales.

   Anyway to buy it, they are spending your money with the kick back to the military complex. The Russians need not send missiles to be intercepted in the Ukraine, which would be overwhelmed. They will save a fortune and roll in with tanks in hours as those from Ukraine scatter like roaches when the lights turn on from the dark, cowards.

   The Ukraine fired the prosecutor involving Bidenís son, not because of the cover story, he was not doing his job, and the replacement when accepting the job, looked the other way, as a condition to be put in he position. I heard Trump will not destroy my family, but the Almighty will under my order to expose corruption in your family. Biden I like you and you are caught up by the system. You have been told , all that is rotten, shall fall. Do not be part of that. The 2020 election will not happen, as this is why impeachment is in place. As for the Democratic Party if they had there way both Trump and pence would fall. Nancy would be in charge and under the thumb of the new world order.

   You have a choice, and you know who I am. Walk away, all is forgiven no matter your excuse. This is a promise. Stay, and wither like Bernie until he folds, as the Almighty has sealed his fate, hoping he comes home. This is your choice, and I do not bluff. You say no one wants Trump, then why impeach, if you are so sure you will win. You are not.

   Letís remember Biden, you withheld funds to protect your son from investigation, yet you label Trump with the same accusation as to questioning why the Ukraine dropped the case? Your world has had so many warnings, this is your last before the comet strike after the new year, as a nation of God, your leaders answer to another. Watch, as authorized by God the Father Almighty lay waste to your world. Change, as my job is to save souls, not flesh.

   Again the whistle blower received the recording of the Trump and Ukraine president conversation from the NSA. His line was secure, except from our own. Did the transcript closely match the released version, yes. As they expected Trump to never release it. There were few on the call, and even fewer in the room that had knowledge. If there was a leak, he would have been fired, as the circle was tight. The NSA by design leaked the conversation to a CIA operative, who is expendable and shall be. This is where we stand as your government, is controlled by the deep state.

   So where will impeachment fail? The contact with Ukraine asks for information, not to invent it. Election interference is only plausible, if Biden is the nominee, which he is not. He is just a man, and anyone can state, he or she can be president. This is not a crime and the Supreme Court will rule against the left, then what?

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