Political Snap Shot



Written Oct 4 2:30am EST

   Current events in America are approaching the insane as the Supreme Court nomination moves forward. Look to where this is going as all old white men are now suspect to rape and abuse to others. Is this true? In many cases there is a consensual encounter that goes south due to being used as a piece of the sexual moment, but is this a small percentage of encounters? Yes.

   As the entertainment industry and corporate use power to exploit what they think is beautiful for their own sexual pleasures. Nothing has changed with mankind over thousands of years. Abuse has always been committed by those in power and those seeking to rise, and that which cannot be compromised, are smeared. This is what you have in the Supreme Court Nomination. White men you are about to be set up, but it is a small scale to negroes in the early 20th century in the south as many innocent black men were lynched under Jim Crow and the women raped as they dare not speak. Doubt the words? Then ask how, are there so many light skinned blacks when you see an Africanís skin today? This is your world as few have the concept of the total deceit.

   Reflecting on Ford, yes Trump did over stepped etiquette with his comments, but this is not new. Dial it back Trump, if you want to continue to help the midterms. You as journalist need to ask, how did she escape the room with her clothes on and vagina intact? Any false accusation destroys a man and any sexual assault destroys a woman. It is about finding the truth as to who is guilty. Evidence is key; if scant memories, then move forward, if primary witnesses cannot remember, case over.

  As for Lindsay Graham being accosted, this is part of the new world plan as with Flake. Flake coordinating with the Democrats was by design and Coon was the patsy. Coon wanted a true solution and this was real, but was used. You stood up, but were set up. The current hope is that those associated with the deep state will pass over.  A reminder Japan is expecting landfall from its 9th typhoon. 


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