Political Snap Shot





Written Oct. 5 1:45am EST


   The Democrats played their card in this Supreme Court nomination process as they never thought the Trump Administration would agree to an FBI investigation. Feinstein is seen as expendable, if the Ford accusation went south as all will point to her timing and release of the letter for political gain as whispers, but who leaked the name does to not point to her by design as it was one of her subordinates. She is not to smart as the letter was sent to her. So you tell another for a favor, release this, if caught you will have a job somewhere.

   You were told all witnesses named by Ford repudiated her claim. This is a fact. So you back a FBI investigation to dig deeper for character assassination. This was not about an alleged rape, but his behavior as a teenager to give hope as if he could have done it. Heavy beer drinker, who cares, if it is under control. The Democrats will pay a heavy price at the top. The Blue wave will be muted and the leaders that chose this path will be removed.

   You wanted the FBI and when they returned a report that does not back a sexual encounter; the Democrats say the FBI colluded with Trump. Really, why did you choose them? The answer was, you hoped they would find something to disqualify Kavanaugh. More time, ask why, as only the witnesses named by Ford that are relevant, did not back her allegations. In her mind an aborted rape attempt may have or did occurred, but no one asks how it was never carried through if they were all drunk? The point here is no one places Kavanaugh at her alleged location, but her. Again the point in any decision that allows Kavanaugh to be confirmed will be opposed by the Left. This is their game.

    The media never thought Ford would fail as the new world order linked politicians and the media listens to their master. This event was over saturated. Satan failed you and now you will pay the price. It is about souls and how so many of you sold yours to stop Kavanaugh, good luck.

   What has changed is that in close races, they may turn red. The House will turn bluer, but not what is expected, it will not follow the spin portrayed in the media. Letís watch as this unfolds as the nation watched a manipulated political process. Just know it was the Democrats that wanted the FBI report sealed. If Kavanaugh was proven guilty no need to see it. If Ford allegations are seen as false assisted by Feinstein, the nation will never know.  This was so tactical, but the American public will believe the Republicans as seen as hiding the results. If the results back you, why keep it secret in an upcoming mid term election. This is the common sense point.

   They will keep the movement going as an incident that cannot be proven is used stating sexual abuse is being discounted. Yes many women and children get abused as 20% is by a family member. The point here is that Ford had a sexual unwanted episode, but when the FBI investigated, nothing points o Kavanaugh. This is the deceit of your government.

   I am giving the Democrats very little time to drop this one last time. You will never hold power going into the Pole Shift. The Almighty forgives and will save your souls, I do not. All that you value will be taken away unless you change as you affect millions. The choice is yours as it only escalates from here.


Updated Oct. 5 7:10pm EST


   The Democrats seemed hopeful as if they could defeat Kavanaugh in a Senate vote earlier today. As for Mendez speaking about allegations, really with your past. The Trump Administration deflated that bubble well before the vote as key Senators released their intentions knowing the left would protest. The media continues to paint Kavanaugh as if he is a sex offender and this has consequences. I have told you that pushing a new world order agenda preserving abortion shall fail. Those behind this shall also fall. Had this succeeded many east coast cities would have faced dire storm surges. This at present has been delayed a month. Letís see how liberals survive in the upstate woods of Republicans. Gangs will roam the cities and the police will abandon their posts to protect their families. Gun rights, you will wish you owned one if forced to stay in the lawless cities. Just know, the general public will start to be aware there is no future on present day earth after the New Year.

   You in the media said the investigation was limited. It was limited to the witnesses of actual events in question. Investigating a teenager for drinking, that is not part of his present life for decades? This was about stopping a conservative Supreme Court and not about a blanket suppression of women who were assaulted. This is case that has no witnesses and both men and women lie. Kavanaugh is innocent unless proven guilty. There is no cloud, but an unproven accusation. What I do not understand, is how you allowed the whole Democratic Party to be used to push a new world order agenda. But I guess you guys are that blind. Booker would you like the Almighty to release your past and shady events with questionable women? No, was not part of your vocabulary when the opportunity to get laid presented itself. Most of you as Senators were idiots as a teenager and many of you were in the right place at the right time as intelligence is not one of your key assets as you follow the herd. For once is there anyone brave enough to stop the agenda of the deep state?  


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