Political Snap Shot



Written Oct. 6 7:30pm EST


   Many of you are upset with the cryptic message of Trump stating this is the calm before the storm. All of you in the media and Congress knows exactly what he is stating, the Truth. This is about increased wobble on earth by Niribu, which not one of you dares to tell the world dooming billions in third world countries. The days of you controlling the children of God are now over. You will be brought to your knees as God the Father Almighty shows you it is not Harp. It is not man controlling the weather. It is not global warming or climate change. He will now bring it to our home. The dark forces control your world and you seem to think it is individual choices. You have been told they heard voices in their heads, exactly who do you think that is? This is the error of your way. No law can control the mind. You are out of your league and shortly your leaders will cower and cry in their secluded corners as your world crumbles around you.

   As for the jet fuel tanks, they do not explode with a spark, but burns. The bomb in the car could have been set off, but again it was there to be found. Tracers are a joke as it would reveal the position of the attack. Your media is herding you; again you do not see this.


Update Oct. 9 11:59pm EST


   The media has now focused on Corker as this is by design. No Senator would have the balls to go against his own unless there was a covert backing from the powerful elite hidden within the new world order. You were told that WW3 will occur within the End Times, but it is how events would proceed for what seem like two opposing sides, all answer to one. This is no different than the Bank of England financing the Allies as they control the US Federal Reserve and the Bundesbank also under the control of the Bank of England financing the Nazis. This is a fact.

   Over half of your Congress, most of Silicon Valley, and 90% of your media is under the control of the new world order. All expected Hillary to win and all agreed to destroy the world in a nuclear war with pre-arranged targets on both sides. Here in the US it was to send a message, San Francisco to purge gays, Atlanta to remove elite Blacks, Miami to remove Hispanics and Philadelphia to gut the birth of this nation. This was their plan until Trump. All is on hold as Trump answers to no one. This is the problem. This is why all are against him as he will level all opponents if this nation is attacked. Corker agreed to be the test in the media. This will fail.

   The media talks about Trump starting WW3. This is not true as the North Koreans and Iran have exploited nuclear technology and this nation has done nothing to stop it, except treaties that mean nothing. You have the Russian war games on the eastern edge of NATO allies and lets not talk about the Ukraine and Crimea. The treaties are in place because of your inept politicians bought and paid for. This is the problem as the threat of WW3 should have never been in place. The plan is to limit the destruction of Western Civilization, but create enough fear that all nations will come UNDER one in the name of peace, the antichrist. This is the Truth.


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