Political Snap Shot



Written Oct. 8 12:30am EST


   To media, oh are you so easily manipulated. Again I do not defend Trumpís actions, but he was a private citizen. The tape and audio was private and was never supposed to be public. Trump did you read the fine print as you were betrayed? Such is the power of the new world order. All men have said words about women, including myself. There are those you marry, those you screw, and those well. This is a fact. The point is the outrage.

   Really, hypocritesí life is now as you portray to the news media. Trump was a bad boy, but a private citizen and people change. Your husband was President and boned anything available in the White House and you condemn, and this will continue if you get elected.

   You have nothing to offer a man, maybe a woman intern and your husband will pounce on any willing intern. This is normal for the rich and athletes as there are many women who encourage this behavior in order to secure a wealthy husband. Letís get real.

   The outrage is a joke, not that there is a problem with the perception of woman in many menís eyes, but to pin on Trump as he is the only guilty one. Apologize for words as a citizen said in private no, but assure your voters this is not his present path, yes. A man grows from the past. Hillary, a stern warning, do not let America know of your past with interns or a. Drop this line of attack and if you win, let it be the issues. If not, you will be crushed after you win by the Almighty, and the dark one you worship will not save your pathetic ass. This is a promise delivered by me from Him.

   We have many problems that face America like the erosion of the buying power of Middle Class America while you spout 15 million new jobs, many of which, few will support a family. This is the difference.

   You speak of your foreign policy and the Russians have told Obama dare not stop us. New intermediate missiles placed, that are now facing the Baltic States. Constant breaches of NATO air space with armed fighters while you state there is peace. We were warned of your kind as the East prepares for war under your rhetoric of peace, paper tiger.

   The Philippines breaks ties why? North Korea is for real. But your leaders are passť. Ford move jobs to Mexico and trashed Trump and Michigan votes for the fool that sold you out. This is the disconnect in the American Political system. You would rather listen to the past rather than consider the future. A past revealed which destroys any challenger, but offers no change for the future, but words. This is the Truth.

   The media now realizes there is a bias as you run your woman card, but there is a back lash. Yes you will pull the over 50 women; the polls, that shows wild swings with independents is a lie. No one changes on sound bites, yet we are meant to think so. You will not take Latin men and split Black men as something is not just right with you.

   Looking at the past, White Water is blocked. You emails are blocked and you state the FBI backs you as no wrong doing. The truth was, you had classified information on private servers stated by Comey, but he chose not to pursue. It is good to have people in high places.

   The earth changes have ramped up. Hurricane Matthew is a warning as it took an unusual path hugs the coast with its turns was not random for those who want to see. It may turn south and back towards the Bahamas. Current predictions state the storm will fizzle as a depression, but can intensify again and assault Florida and the Gulf all in the hands of mankind.

   I have told you again that I was a Hillary fan and voted for her as Senator of New York. So what has changed? She has joined the likes of Kissinger, papa Bush, Bill, the hidden Jesuit Vatican, the Jewish bankers, Soros all members (pawns) in the Illuminati for world domination. This is the Truth. If you fall for Hillary then what when the dark one emerges on the world stage? Heed the warning as few of you will be around, if status quo continues.


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