Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 10 12:30am EST


   I have really reached my intolerance with the rhetoric coming from some within the Democratic Party and now you Hillary chose to add words to divide, you are still classic new world order as your spots do not change. Do you really want to see the true power of the Almighty? As we can start with your health!

    In any purge, it is best to start at the rot at the top to send a message. So be it. And how is your ex White House hubby sexual predator doing, oh I mean Bill your husband, as your lease only stretches so long. Do not say Trump, he had affairs as a private man, and your husband ran through the White House interns and staff as dominos lined up to fall. What pissed you off is they did. You did not care after awhile as you had Huma and I mean had. Please say it is not true as she will drop a dime unless you kill your lover and the world will know. Again please say something and infrared recordings of your hotel conferences to bedroom meetings will prove different. Secret service used infrared to protect you, but what you thought was sanitized was used to be released if needed. Little has been revealed with the Clintons in the White House, except Lewinsky. What is funny no one questioned how many times, but pointed to one event? Could this have been her morning espresso? We will never know.

   The new world order expects to deliver most of mankind’s souls to the dark one. It is my job as the Almighty’s servant to prevent this. So again we have a new threat that will assault our coasts. After Florence more than what was asked for in flooding was achieved, showing the Almighty’s anger. This is now history as you do not heed my words in the name of the Almighty. So be it with Michael.

   The world was stunned on the resignation of Nikki Haley. Why the sudden move knowing the Mid Terms may be affected? Trump and Nikki have a close working relationship. Being on the inside she is aware of the approach of Niribu and now chooses the most important thing in her life, is to spend time with her family. This is it.

   The antichrist is now cleaning house and sending a message to all who oppose and this will escalate. Did the Saudis kill Jamal Khashoggi in the embassy? No. This would have been too easy and suspicion points to them. He was smuggled out and now being tortured, any if mind control is successful; he will be released for the world to see and those associated with him will just disappear. If not, his body will be dumped in a public place proving he walked out of the embassy alive. The point, he is one of many, the goal remove those who are still threats as the media states he is dead and the targets relax. This is the current plan and a win-win situation. This is true deceit.

   A Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova was raped and killed to send a massage, did it work? Maybe, as few will like to travel her path in the EU. In Venezuela an opposition candidate was pushed out of the 10th story window to his death. Your weak media calls it suspicious.

   The refugees of Bhason Char are now required to relocate to an island that rose out of the seas due to earth changes a mere few years ago. This will reverse as the island will sink. The government controlling this knows this. The move is certain death for the unwanted refugees when it sinks or a tsunami sours its surface clean of all life. The point, it was an act of God they died as none are the wiser.

   Australia has come out against the new consensus that if changes are not made by 2030 our climate change will be irreversible. They choose to protect their coal industry as does Trump. All in world governments have lied to you as to the true cause, as now some countries are not willing to let their own fall with this farce.

   As hurricane Matthew approaches the Gulf coast line, again I was turned down on the level of destruction that it would impact as God is merciful. I am not. I asked for sustained winds to hit the coast at 175mph with a minimum of 140 mph as a compromise down from Florence. This was not granted on the upside. The storm will make Cat 4 and may approach a Cat 5 at some point and may not be reported. What will be new shall be the storm surge that will intensify as the western coast of Florida focuses and intensifies the surge. As it has no where to go and reflect off the coast of Florida and create a second surge. Levels could approach 30 feet in some areas washing away all life that will be listed as missing. The Torcon prediction of 4 is low as many tornadoes will spin off leveling certain areas of the cities. Wind may subside due to prayers again as the hurricane hits the coast, but other destruction will show you who is Almighty. This is strike 2.

   Will new world order pawns like Gillum in Florida be able to handle the crisis or just fold in tears? We shall see shortly, who are the true leaders that answer to no one, but the people.


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