Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 11 1am EST


   You have been warned of strike 2 with the land fall of Matthew. Florence was strike 1.  In advance, my request for 175 mph was reduced to what was a marginal Cat 5 as predicted in a previous post, but your official report stated 155 mph instead of 170 mph due the pressure readings, the true value. Andrew came in on the east coast as opposed to the west coast of Florida.  By the mercy of the Almighty the path was altered as I did not specify one by design. I told destruction of property, but was limited is the first phase. The problem is that you did not learn on strike 2. This is what upsets me. Given a lesson and you ignore it. You still think, this is global warming, but will soon see strange signs in the sky. Then what?

   You were tested as to see if you would heed these messages, but you did not as the strongest winds affected a sparsely populated area. As did the severe storm surges nearing 30 ft in certain areas.

   You were told this storm would intensify to just short of a reported cat 5 as they lie. This is a fact. Florence hit the predicted city with a predicted turn, slow down and catastrophic flooding on point, check it. My instruments are God. Yours failed as your forecasts predicted max speeds at 125 at 2am yesterday as the 12 hour window went from cat 2 to a muzzled 155mph. Please check the archives. I have told you, that the Almighty has mercy for His children. This is the only reason Panama City was not leveled as I did not request it. I grow impatient as few heed the Words of the Almighty. Handcuffed by the Father you have one more chance and my cuffs are off. This is not the Moses that granted Pharaoh so many chances as I will eliminate first those at the top after strike 3 if you do not heed the sent message in the name of the Father. It is about saving souls instead of promoting the corruption physical body now under the control of satan. Does it take an earthquake or a coastal tsunami killing over 100 thousand to capture your attention? So be it. Just know; the Almighty last night has raised my control over America to the World. The next event will capture your attention. This is your last chance to save what you see as your world. All will change around you and the worse part is that the liberals with have to depend on the rural Republicans for help and they will. You have no clue as to what is coming.


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