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Written Oct. 12 8pm EST


The World


  We will cover world events initially in order to let you know, America is first for me and will always be, but my responsibility is now to this world you call earth.

   What was behind the aborted Soyuz take off mid flight failure bringing two astronauts one Russian the other American to the International Space Station? There has been reported sabotage by someone drilling holes allowing air to escape the primary encapsulations, but not the outer shell. What they are on, the International Space Station is now a suicide mission and they will fulfill the Hopi legend of a house falling from the sky if not evacuated shortly. They are constantly being peppered by debris from Niribu, but this is not reported in your news. They are ordered to stay at their posts even under the threat of death as they are a prime observation post at the incoming planet and its tail of moons and debris, Niribu. This is critical for the survival of the elite so they think.

   Some of the workers on Soyuz know of the threat and their friendís plight is known. An accident causing the booster to fail was arranged to put no more in peril and the others will soon be evacuated. The ISS will fall from space with the excuse of no maintenance, but will be struck by debris from Niribu forcing its descent. Watch its orbital path; there will be no gradual degradation of its current orbit over time, but a subtle abrupt shift in direction. Your media will feed you lies.

   As for Turkey having evidence on the death of Jamal Khashoggi, exactly how and why this would occurred, then explain the delay of the information? Turkey has a prisoner that the US is trying to release and now they provide info? It is false. No one in the Saudi Embassy would have leaked this, nor would the Turks have revealed that they bugged the embassy over a journalist. Many people coming and going is normal. The Turks saw what was an incapacitated body being removed in a box via infrared from spy satellites provided by the CIA. He was still alive confirmed by thermal imaging. They were told to say he is dead and have complied. The Journalist is in the hands of the Saudis and is being indoctrinated to put it mildly. As for backlash from Congress as had Rubio stated. The statement is grandstanding in hope Trump gets impeached so he can run against Pence. Oil and military purchases from the Saudis will smooth this out as this is an internal problem not affecting the general world. Then you have new order, Branson stating he may pull his billion dollar investment with the Saudis. I ask why? As you both you and the Saudi Government answer to the same one. This move is a farce. You have no principles when it comes to making money. As for America most have know idea of who Khashoggi is and what he stands for. They do not care. Letís move on.




   The Media again is fixated with the irrelevant visit to the White House by Jim Brown and West. Kanye voiced his concerns and some need to be addressed. That is it. To say this was a disgrace on how the Oval Office used by the media shows how bias and stupid your media is. Bill used the Oval office as a brothel, are you offended? I am just keeping it real.

   I have told you Hurricane Michael is strike 2 as you continue to promote sex same and abortion and lead His people astray. There is no compromise. It is either right or wrong, God or the devil. Strike 3 is yet to come and will be far greater devastation than Michael and Florence. Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, meteor strikes or something unforeseen, we shall see as you still think of these as natural disasters or climate change when it is the power of God. The next one is you last chance before thousands die before your eyes to save you from the dark one who controls your corporations, governments, churches, banks and media. In order to save a soul sometimes a physical life must perish as you on earth have offered little help. Life is eternal.


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