Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 14 12:30am EST


   The election heats up, but many are seeing a bias in the media, but it is the smear campaign that is most effective against Trump. You Trump were told of the new world order and that they have tentacles in all aspects of government, media and banking. Your problem was underestimating that which you were warned of. Do not make the same mistake again during this final approach. You ask of your chances, the truth is 50/50. When you work for the Almighty there is no doubt, no matter what you face. Do you have this as I? Your ego is controlled by the dark side; lose it, if you want to succeed instead of completing mission points.

   You say you are not getting any help, welcome to the real world when you are on the outside. All turn against you, sometimes family members. Now let me give you good news. Your first goal, which has destroyed the hierarchy of the Republican Party, has been accomplished, win or lose. Your second goal was to expose the media bias in the favor of Hillary. This has been achieved. Your third goal was to force politicians and the media to polarize for all to see this has been achieved. Now you are not privy to the reasons why, but congratulations. Your thoughts ask, will I win, maybe despite the engineered tactics of the elite controlled media. All is dependent on the males in this country White, Latino and some Blacks to vote. But know this; you will be blamed for WW3 which is already in motion if you win, but will save millions where Hillary is designed to freeze on diplomacy by design allowing strikes to decimate this country. She is a traitor and you are still a patriot, but the world will not see this. The Almighty will.

   The nonsense that this election is about fondling is false?  Trump was in first class where there are many stewardesses that can see a man that takes advantage with roaming hands, as those across the isle. This is their job. Exactly what could have happened on a public airplane? Trump could get almost any woman, no need to deal with those who refuse. Remove her from the set next to me. This is, he said she said with no proof or filing of charges. Now abuse of women is a crime, but when a woman meets a rich man her eyes invite opportunity by design. This is a two way street. This was placed in the media to cause doubt with no need to prove. This is the tactic of the elite that backs Clinton and is very effective on a shrinking time line. She would have sued with witnesses. Men walking into the dressing room during a pageant normal as most are gay and the owner has seen many naked women, a non event. Most are flat chess, and their panties are on when changing, nothing to see here. This is the Truth.

   Those that are backing Hillary will use all tactics to discredit, this is standard CIA practice. I did not listen to Obama speech tonight on purpose as I know you are hiding the Truth that affect millions of lives in America. You know millions trapped in cities will receive no help and you are good with this? Your wife talks about fast food obesity, but soon many will crave any food. Your wife talks about empowering women, but when it hits they will be abandoned as a liability. For once in your life tell the Truth, because Trump may and your legacy along with Hillary is toast, choose.

   I have told you, the Illuminati are hiding the Truth and events will lead all nations to come under the power of one. Hillary talked about covertly compromising a climate change meeting, not to inform them of the dangers of Climate Change, but to muzzle the true cause. The Catholic religion will be persecuted in this nation as revealed in the emails exposed by leaks, but you dismiss them. Such the fools, as your Bible warns you.

   You will be allowed to vote your hearts with no major earthquakes, tsunamis, second sighting of Niribu thus allowing your government to use you, thus no a third term for Obama as he hoped. As a coward who could lead America for what it faces, you get no third chance. This is on you. What you donít know is that Hillary, through the orders of Bill will have you and your family sent to a bunker, they know will collapse killing all.

   Putin is the antichrist right hand man, will preach peace, but break peace agreements. All of you conclude nuclear war is not winnable. This is true. But the goal is population reduction and world domination of the survivors. This is how the antichrist rises, unless you call the Almightyís Bible a lie. Your test was Hillary and you failed, the antichrist will roll over you. Now letís address current issues.

   Many of you see desperation of the Trump Campaign, but I told all is not what it seems. He tells of a dark conspiracy that media outlets have access to leaked tapes of his past within crucial time in the election when he was just a man not a politician. This is by design. There were many Presidents that were womanizers in office, but this is not your concern. A person you know had idea he would be running for office is his private life, Bill, let it go or else all will be revealed of the elite affairs including your wifeís girlfriend and the infrared tape of positions through the hotel walls. If you win never forget, I work for the Almighty and if you even think about coming after me, then he will set things straight. Donít play this game that Bush tried and lost.

   I have told you that Syria was the key. Are you deaf or blind to these words? Obama, Putin sees you as a weakling and he will ramp up aggression. You cannot escalate as that will mean you have to tell America the Truth war will come. This is why I call you a coward. My advisor is the Almighty, yours are men. You will not win this one. As Trump if a loss is ensured due to all the fraud, he may tell the truth on Climate Warming and the approaching pole shift were the population of this planet will be reduced by 90%. Your choice will be to cut the transmission, but all will know.

   America, there are no Russian hackers, but there are patriots who are hacking the emails to show you how corrupt Hillary is. Most ignore the Truth. She wants open borders to depress wages of Blacks. She wants regulations on financial markets by those who make the profits. She has influence in the debates on the first with wired communication shown with photos, the second debate given advanced question or more. She cheats and this is who you want. Finally, ask Hillary what happen to the money collect by the Foundation that never made to help the poor of Haiti?


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