Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 14 11:15pm EST




  The media recently has concentrated on the Saudis as they have been reported to spend 250 thousand dollars at a Trump owned location. This smoking gun proves nothing as anyone can stay where they please. For a government this is a minor expenditure and the profit margins amount to several 10s of thousands. You really think Trump would sell out this nation for 40 to 60 thousand dollars in profit? Your media are fools. Hillary and Bill siphoned off over 2 billion in fund for Charity. As Bill and Hillary counted the money it was 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 for me and 1 for the charity, but you donít see this, and transferred the wealth to the Middle East with no extradition for financial crimes. Ask why?

   As for the missile that was being fired at Air Force One going west, was not covered by your media. Those at the top knew the President Trump was not on the plane, so why allow the launch to go forward if Secret Service knew about the attempt in advance and took a different route?  The revelation is that it was the Israelis and this is the setup. The missile could have been placed on a truck that could easily been abandoned as the alleged sub from unreliable sources can be captured along with a crew. This does not make sense. The point to see if this would be accepted as truth among those in the know without public disclosure. The goal was to point fingers at the Israelis. The people are mostly of God. There leaders answer to satan. This was a false flag event, one of many that when the antichrist is in power all will agree to eliminate all Jews. This time, unlike ww2 there will be few survivors

   We have Guatemalans marching towards the US in protest as they are migrants. We have borders for a reason. We as a nation have the right to protect the interest of our citizens, but we also need to help the impoverish.  No one has the right to demand entry to this country, because you have no jobs and your own threaten you. No Political party has the right to promote open borders as it is law, but win and you can change it. Fight back cowards instead of running from your own.

   Just to remind you, that you were told Hurricane Michael would reduce some areas to where you only see slabs. Lives lost as missing will never be counted. Many stayed in what was a house and the bodies washed inland or were flushed out to sea. The death count just like Puerto Rico will be suppressed as mankind is not ready to hear their world will change shortly. This is a fact.  


The World


   Lately we have seen Trump talk tough with the Saudis. Trump talks as he does not know the true fate of the journalist, but is depending upon his analysts. It is speculation for now. It is about creating a strong posture against the injustice in our world and caving to the media in the world for the Mid Terms nothing more. Why would he protect a representative of the media working for a paper that does not support him?

   Khashoggi was captured and taken back to Saudi Arabia for information. His fate hangs in the balance on how much the West pushes back. There are so many ways to kill a person quietly. He is not protected, nor of true significance to this world. You ask why he did not acquire a marriage certificate in his home country. He knew of the death threats against him and assumed in another country and an embassy, he would still be alive today. He is, but has little freedom as he was monitored and this was known to the NSA and CIA.

   Trump must do the political side step. Publicly condemning what seems to be a murder, but find a way to maintain the military contracts and supply of oil from the Saudis to the world as America does not need oil. A Saudi spokesman came out stating consequences would occur if sanctions are put in place. Trump knows a reduction in oil production would crush the EU, raise prices in the US, but provide a windfall for US oil production. His choice now negotiated is to provide priority supply for the US with a mild increase. The backside is extreme profits supplying the EU. The Turks released their prisoner and now are providing info on the missing journalist. You need to ask why? They is an action of an alleged murder or abduction have nothing to gain, which unless they are have been caught as part of the new world and mimics those that control Erdogan a media point to curve the opinions of Americans.

   The Saudis face a lose-lose situation in their encounter. They see this as an internal problem that goes against its sovereign government. All governments have the right to maintain its internal power structure. What is right here is not right in Saudi Arabia? This is not your concern. We do it here, but the knife is the media. That is the bottom line as comments of support for Khashoggi for the most part are false from those who align with the elite. The new world order is pushing this new narrative. Yes US corporations will withdraw from the conference for show, but back door talks still keep the business relationship strong outside of the public eye. On this world injustice is always happening, but you do little for the poor expect enslaved them financially through goods and services in the West and interest rates in the 3rd world.


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