Political Snap Shot

Against All Odds




Written Oct. 15 12pm EST


    A message for the Global Elite and your political-industrial pawns that belong to the Illuminati, as you look at our election and your death grip control of the media, the present events are in your favor, but you will not win in the end. In these End Times your window to change is closing fast, but more sadly this nation may elect a leader that has pledged their soul to the dark side. This is the point.

   The emails were hacked from the NSA storage facilities where every email and telephone call ever made since the system went online is stored by patriots not the Russians as I dare Obama to state this lie on national TV pointing directly to them only to raise tensions even further. This tactic was to create mistrust in that the emails may have been tampered with as to the content and favor Trump. This is false. As the last thing the Russians want is Trump who will stand up to them in force. This nation has copies of all destroyed emails, but the existence of this program is above top secret. So you ask why not release all them?

    In the End Times it is about choosing good over evil as it is carefully masked and they lie, deceive just like their master. The United States as of now has not fallen under the grip of the new world order, but this could change dependent upon your media and leaders who are controlled, but the blind, you cannot see this. You were told all nations are to come under the rule of one a great statesman, but how?

    Trump is being smeared by a coordinated well time set of events that dig up an unproven questionable past. A woman who is willing to go to a hotel room for a meeting really, women kissed when they could turn their face, in first class where many can see the octopus, but others may be true. Most men are pigs. This is the Truth. If the past actions of Congress were reveled some would be in jail others made to resign or be censured. Again the point he was a private citizen and those charges were never brought public and in a court of law would be dismissed and past the statue of limitations. The goal was to destroy the political process for a candidate in a timeline that could not be countered effectively days before the election. The woman voter is so focused on talk and actions rather than issues that will bring this nation forward or constrict your ability to raise a family. If presidents have a parade of mistresses in and out of the White House you donít think they groped while in office? Kennedy, Bill, and Trump have looks what about the others? Obama you are out of it as you are not that stupid and Michelle would kick your presidential Ö

   The emails reveal what the Clintons were doing while serving this nation. They used black lives matter, yet went against a leader of N.A.A.C.P. The emails reveal Bill and Hillaryís disdain for Obama privately, but he campaigns for them in public as a frienemy. Hillary privately while in the State Department refused to secure the borders as her Wall Street speeches stated in order to depress wages in this country thus creating a financial stranglehold on families through increasing borrowing to leeching banks, but more important over crowd school systems maintaining a permanent underclass.

   The emails reveal how Israel thinks of Obama as Middle East policies favored a nuclear Iran masked under peaceful research. This was the reason Benghazi was attacked by paid mercenaries, but you were led to believe it was the locals. Only the State Department knew he was there, but somehow this information and the location the safe house was known. This is why Hillary delayed a response under the indecision of what to where. She sold this nation out by allowing an attack to proceed through inaction.

   The Clinton Foundation is criminal as donations and influence mingles. She is lying about her health as she recovers out of sight until the debate. She is lying about Climate Change as millions will soon be in peril by coastal storms, rogue tsunamis and crushing earthquakes were none have been recorded in present time. She is lying about religious freedom as emails show a bias against the Roman Catholic Church. This is the Church of our Lord and Savior, Son of God the Father Almighty. This is where this nation will pay a price.

   Events on Earth are about the spin out of control. For Trump if it is meant to be, it will only cowards quit in effort. Shortly after Jan. 20 the Earth Changes will accelerate as sin will be rampant in this world and you will get a severe Warning, milder here if Trump wins and he shuns the new world order, crushing if Hillary does as she carries out the will of her leader. Billions will die around the world after the comet impacts with our atmosphere at ground zero south of Bermuda. There will be a sign in the sky for all to see, that survive offering hope. Just as you recover from that as many will revert back to their sinful ways the Russians will move on the world and war will ensue as you were told Syria is the key. They are calling their people home and all are training to reach the bomb shelters while your leaders here talk peace. All that is in Revelations will come to past over next 28 months.

   The double Sun (Niribu and our Sun) in the skies will tell you the Warning is very near. 10 days food and water, blankets for the extreme cold, toilet paper, antifreeze to pour into toilets and drains not in use to prevent bursting pipes. Those on the Eastern seaboard I would flee inland to a friend or family home as few will survive out in the open or in tents and cars. For all Catholics go to confession and do your penance for your sins if you start early go every 2 weeks. This will make the 15 minutes of cleansing less painful.

   You as a nation are being herded into a direction that you seem choose. Those who can discern the Truth behind all the lies presented are the ones that should lead this nation. You the children of God have free will. This is why the deception is allowed to continue and those with keen senses wonder why the discord at all levels in life. This is why all emails will not be released. You have to make the choice as no clear cut event will be provided. You will be voting with your hearts and the decision you make, good or evil is on you, no matter how the package appears on the outside or the polls tell you, which are manipulated. Events will reveal the truth that this nationís leaders have been hiding for decades on the Earth Change and its true cause. The people of this nation will realize they have been lied too and nothing their leaders say especially if it is Hillary will they listen, so they will look to another. This is how the antichrist will rise.


Update 3pm EST


   Debate prep has been presented to be needed out of sight 24/7, why if you were wired on the first with the moderator responding to your hand signals and handed the questions from a town hall forum in advanced on the second and you perceive you won both. She cheats and will do anything to win. This is what you have to be afraid of. What you need to know, the people and their questions were hand picked as to lead the discussion at the forum in a particular direction. Hillary to hide wires and devices is now wearing a heavier material for clothing as a photo will never reveal the truth again. Trumpís talk of drug tests is to reveal the medication in her system to control her symptoms during the debate that are hidden from the public. This nation subconsciously knows what they are being told is a mixture of truth and fiction and when this goes south and you in the media that helped will take the fall. This is a promise.

   Now the Russian cyber attack threat from Biden, I thought you were smarter than that. There will be no third term due to the Earth Changes, so you backed those you hate for no reason. You need to look closely at this attack. The CIA does not announce any covert attack until after it is carried out. The KGB will put effective blocks to minimize any system intrusion. Thus negating what you will think the CIA goal is. The true CIA goal is to announce to this nation we are taking steps to interrupt Russian cyber systems as they are hacking the DNC. This is a lie. Yes we are being hacked. Yes the emails expose the political truth. Yes these hacks were provided by patriots who want the deception clouding the election process to stop. Hillary is using this narrative to continue her domination over your voting process.

  Really all this effort to help Trump, but not hack X-37 program that monitors Niribu on its 500 day mission as if you can predict the motion of an inbound object with flawed gravitational concepts and equations to give the connected an edge, the infrastructure of our electrical and telecommunication systems or the super secret program to control gravity. This is a joke and the joke is on you the American people. I like you both Obama and Biden, but the Almighty is growing impatient, be careful on what side you pick as there is no middle ground. Both of you know me over the decade years through your surveillance and taps first put in place under Bush after 911 as if I care; maybe after the Warning we can all have a couple of beers on me. You know I am not lying as a straight arrow and I am backed by the powers of God the Father Almighty. You will not win. Heed this.  


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