Political Snap Shot





Written Oct. 16 1:30am EST



   Trump has stated that global warming goes in cycles. This is true as the pole shift is now upon your world; our last occurred 3600 years ago and repeated in the past. Current problems have nothing to do with global warming. The elite use this to keep the citizens in their place along the coast lines and people in their jobs paying their bills. This is the Truth.

   Warren comes out to prove what is perceived as a Native American heritage only to take that cloud over her head so that she can run in 2020. She stated she was non white, so is if your DNA is 99% white and less than .5% percent Native American and letís not forget the black part. Are you now Black? Was the sample kept from contamination? Was this the only test until you got the desired results, like polls? Like Trump said what percentage, but April on CNN has another opinion. Almost all Blacks have traces of their white slave masters and just the general events of sexual abuse and rape during the latter part of 19th century and early part of the 20th century is in their DNA. That does not make them white as with you Warren. Yes their may be a small percentage in your DNA of Native American as with many Americans. But you cheated the system to get financial treatment you did not deserve. You took benefits away from Native Americans as funds are limited. So a less than .05% Native American can displace a full blooded as that is what you did. When you play games especially against God, you get crushed. You will not get a chance to run as your world will change. Letís see you lead as those betrayed with the knowledge of Niribu, which you will not share or even acknowledge shall come against you.

   The media should stop saying the Electoral College came about due to slavery. This is a lie. It was the founding fathers that put this in place in our original Constitution so that all areas of the country are represented instead of the coastal cities and populated states.

   As for Paul Allen in his passing, I hope he made amends with the Almighty. His was ruthless on his rise like Gates as they stole the operating system from Apple, but gifts to the arts and universities do not make amends in the eyes of God. Karma is a bitch. The poor need help with humility.


The World


   Today the Saudi story changes on Khashoggi. Trump states it may be a rogue group, but this is false. I told you Khashoggi was taken and flown to Saudi Arabia and then tortured. They had two choices release him after being interrogated or kill him. They chose the latter. Did the Saudi king give the ok to a subordinate to use any means necessary, yes as he knew when the plane landed on Saudi soil. The key here was why did the Washington Post use him and what was his agenda?

   He was investigating probable links with the Saudis and Trumpís businesses. The Post was hoping to release a bombshell just before the Mid Terms. They would have revealed investigated report would have shown the Saudis in a bad light as they were set up by the new world order. The interrogation led the captors to realize he had nothing and this was a set up.

   So they killed him to send a message for those who would follow to achieve a political agenda. The king has denied knowledge, as he has layers of denial. This is how it works. Khashoggi took an assignment for the Washington Post that he should have never done. He paid with his life. Was it a mistake he was killed, no it was by design and they lied, as they say it morph out of control when they were in control. Khashoggi knew little, but his assignment. He was a pawn sent to bring down a nation in scandal. This was the plan. This why he was killed as the American media when trying to topple its own has consequences.

   Shifting to Yemen millions are starving by design. Where is the United Nations with support? As the earth changes intensify, they will quietly perish as disasters affect the West to where they are overwhelmed. The key here is to withdraw aid from Africa as over 98% of the continentís inhabitants will not survive the pole shift. The goals for the China and the EU is to colonized the land and enslave survivors into hard labor.

   WE will cover Brexit and the Irish border another day.


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