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Voter Fraud




Written Oct. 18 7:45pm EST


   You in the media are so upset about Trump bringing to the fore front, alleged voter fraud in the Land of the Free. Rebuttals hinge on this only happens in Third World countries where many are told that lead the nation despite the pleas for change is not suppressed. Not here in the good old USA. But you ignore the Truth of what was presented to you.

   Many in power positions knew of the vote swaps that occurred with the Diebold machines. All know about the shift of candidates a level below and the hanging chads. The disappearance of votes in the swamps lost troopers that escorted in Florida that stole the election in Florida. The fix was in with Bernie in the Caucuses and coordinated attack by the DNC. With all this you still discount this, fools. And you question how the antichrist will rule when you cannot stop Hillary?

   Trump change of plans as to state the fix is in, many suspect the polls are skewed to reflect a Hillary victory in key states like announced tonight in Indiana, Arizona and others. To defeat the alleged rigging is to announce to your people quietly to follow there gut with either stating they voted for Hillary or just abstain. The goal here is the exit polls that voter fraud already in place with false registrations is exposed. With no guide to the lead, the vote switches will reveal some anomaly spikes, where there should be none in certain counties. The media will be watching in disbelief if it occurs. Obama will hope for a disqualification extending his term.

   You ask about the registration fraud now in place orchestrated by the DNC but put to those who register. The minions do not plan for replacements or recruit those who would vote falsely. Check the addresses to purge ahead of time, train all to compare signatures when in doubt ask for identification and use video monitoring to isolate repeats and keep all servers isolated from the internet and state collection until an internal count is done. Insure that all precinct results in all states where the critical vote could change the result of this election is hand delivered along with the transmitted totals as a check. It is to change from talk to action. This is how you win.

   So what is the Truth? Polls tell you have an 8 point lead when it is closer to 20 with independents. With women it is not a 20 point, but closer to 14, but this may change depending upon your debate. Men are far higher than reported with Republicans at 98%, Independents 70% and Latinos who are macho 65%. Black men are 50/50 in secret, but few will vote. Ohio is yours, Pa. will surprise all with all focused in rural Pennsylvania. They are tired of the lies from the establishment. Florida shows the hidden disdain for the narrative, just ask Amy. This election is about no compromise with the elite; conform with the elite, Trump and you lose.

   Now shifting to one issue, the report that Hillaryís campaign colluded with the FBI to change a classification of an email is the present narrative in the media. Most media outlets have down played as the common citizen has few facts or true knowledge as to the compromise of power or just a mistake. Analyze what you have been told. Nothing to see here as first you say, it remained at classified, but Hillary continues to state they had no classified emails on her server, so she lied by your own admission to cover another lie and you think we would forget? Deception is why she is unpopular, as for the Donald engineered smear as all see the truth. This will be the difference as Trump supporters will crush the apathy in Hillaryís campaign, if he stands by the Almighty.

   The FBI would never ask to reclassify an email as none are familiar with State Department protocol as to what is important versus not as you would need to be on the inside. An FBI agent is not on the inside, this is where you know what you are being told is a lie. The world is being seduced as foretold, where the last will be first and the first last. The message deciphered is that what you see as right is wrong and what seems wrong is right as in the End Times almost 5 years in to 7 is ruled by the dark side, but you donít see this.


Update Oct18 7:45pm


   As for the comment "Stop Whining", this is true. but you should have kept quiet on there no basis when you know better. You where a part of voter fraud when Hillary upset you in the New Hampshire primary in 2008. Had this vote manipulation continued in other states you would have no legacy. If she wins your support will burn your legacy as supporting one will turn on this nation.


Update Oct18 10pm


   As I watched the OíReilly Factor, he inspired an idea that Trump can use as a closing statement. Ask all supporters in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Denver, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Charlotte, and various locations in Florida to state at the exiting the polls that they voted for Trump in front of the cameras. In the rural areas make no comment as not to get an accurate exit poll. This will help thwart the plans of the DNC, Clinton and the elite as the media and some politicians dismiss voter fraud. I guess the raids in Indiana were a false run.

   You are to increase ads in PA., Fl., and Co. as the polls lie about your chances. This is your focus if you want to win and place the Almighty first as he knows your faults and your soul. Shift to the words of indecision about you and you will fail. Hillaryís health will not fail before the election or will earth changes expose the elite and Obama to change the election. It is about hard work and presenting the Truth.

   This nation is at the tipping point. When are you as a nation going to become adults and face the fact that we are in trouble. The election is personal and not about the issues. Do you not see the influence of money and the media? Yet Russia has their population prepping for war with drills to shelters and a rush to build bunkers and stock them. This is the Truth. The current administration has no plans and in an emergency millions will die as they do not have the courage to tell you the Truth. It is not man that will push the button, but satan himself incarnated as a man. Whose goal is to destroy this earth as foretold in Revelations? Most of you will be fooled and they will persecute the evangelicals and Romans Catholics. The leaked emails state this as a goal of Hillary. Just who do you thinks she worships and is led by? This is about destroying all of Godís Children and population reduction, but most of you are still drinking the Kool-Aid.

    Hillary is a politician that sways on opinions on of all. Her foundation collected money for the displaced in Haiti after the earthquake, but a lionís share of the funds never arrived. The signs are there, but the nation is blind. This is not a leader, but one that reacts, easily guided by events. She told Wall Street that an unchecked flow of immigrants ensures depressed wages. This is a fact as you look at your bank accounts and present wages. Yet you focus on words about women that most men are guilty of. It is not abandoning NATO, but making sure we are not stuck with the bill. Look around at your lives; are you happy in this once proud nation? Do you think the current process in Washington has your bets interest? There is an elite that controls both parties, this is why you have turn coat Republicans that want Hillary. Take your head out of the sand and face your reality before you vote away your precious rights to something else. Heed this.


Update Oct19 12: 30am


   I ask; have you even listened to my words? I told you I like you, but you are getting on the nerves of the Almighty. Let put this in plain terms that even you can understand. There is no force greater than the Almighty in the universe while your petty concerns are of the earth. You are a coward in not warning the earth of the coming changes and all will know you and Hillary have with held this information. The people you speak of to protect will die in the millions, so that the elite can protect their assets and you say it is to control panic.  So you leave them in harmís way, brilliant.

   I understand your distain for Trump. I understand your lack of courage to reveal to the American people what will befall them. What I do not understand is backing Hillary when I told you she is aligned with the antichrist. The EU has signed on led by Germany and you know this. You also know Russia will attack with nuclear weapons by design as Hillary delays a response if elected. This is your last chance to choose either you are with us and the Almighty or with them. That choice to choose at the last second does not apply to you, your wife or Biden as you influence billions. For once step back and look at the big picture.


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