Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 18 11:30pm EST


   The controversy of Trump disrespecting a fallen soldier exploited by a politician Congressman Wilson does not present the Truth. It is true; all knew the dangers of this mission. The mission was covert and to be inserted into a dangerous territory that had to look like normal. It was suppose to quiet in and out as this is why it was a small elite force. They all knew the risks, you the public just comment. Did someone on the inside drop a dime was as to the mission was coming, yes to undermine Trump. This is one of hundreds of plots now in place. The mission was never supposed to go public as other missions are in place. Look to those who had the most to gain. To the media, if fire power would have been used to fine what they were looking for, they would flee. This is war and people die. Do you blame Johnson for the deaths of 50K in Vietnam? No. For most that comment, you have no clue of the deceit of what is in place. Personally, I would have never called, knowing the setup.

   The widow and mother, was told the call was coming and the call was taped as a memento. This will not be released. She was told the body was left for 48 hrs, as if you are going to risk lives to recover a dead body? Do you comprehend the risks to recover the dead for the living? You wait until it is safe. The widow was told to cooperate as Trump is not working for this country, but you can. This is the Truth.

   You were told Hillary and the Clinton foundation was corrupt. Now the FBI releases the truth that money was funneled and the Russians received Uranium reserves, but not covered by mainstream media. If you are the enemy, you do not make that deal. I told you the Russians were connected to Trump by design so he would lose, but he won. Hundreds of millions in bribes and donations to the Clinton Foundation a large portion off the books and they are still trying to gather evidence, open your eyes.

   Bernie had a new debate on CNN tonight and concentrates on tax breaks, but the true transfer of wealth occurs during the stock market bubbles and the burst. Address this Bernie. Taxes do bring revenue for infrastructure and other programs, but the corporations that are granted the bid and many fixed, are directed to the connected that will strip the extreme profits. This has gone on for the last century. The Democrats have continued to support the rich as they allow corporations and personal companies to profit off of programs seems to help the poor and middle class, but nothing changes. Start with the interest for student loans if you want to help, but you won’t go against the banking interests. This is the Truth.

   The media speaks of nuclear war, but you were told over 50% of politicians have agreed to a limited nuclear war with pre-selected cities and abandoned military targets on both sides with 3rd world countries being devastated to usher in the new world order as the world searches for peace. As they have sold their souls to the master of the Illuminati, the antichrist. Trump states he will annihilate all, so this is the ultimate deterrent. North Korea now spooked, reached out to US back channel insiders as Kim was told, start the problem and he would get a pass. This has not happened, so he feels betrayed by the Illuminati and is trying to broker a backroom deal. He may be assassinated to clean up a problem.

   Again the Democrats ask to raise the minimum wage, but fail to address the source of the problem. A designed flow of illegals that depress the wages of those you are just starting. A burden as those off the books degrades school systems, hospitals and infrastructure. This is the problem few address, but accept all. We can accept all in moderation where our society can assimilate that benefits the nation for all, but all must pay their fair share, not just those that made it.

   I will reveal a word of caution, ask why certain Republican Senators are standing up to their president? The clue is the break from party politics as you were told McCain was new world order and his actions now confirm this. Yes Trump is allowed to be off the cuff and rude to bring out those that see an easy target. This is God's plan.


Update Oct. 23 11:59pm


   Tonight for once Don Lemmon told the truth. Yes your statement of how Trump should have responded was correct. Compassion for the dead and family were the focus was on them. This was a great job. There are tapes of the conversion that need not be revealed. Let's move on. As for McCain, Corker and Graham, they are aligned with the new world order and their job is to discredit the president. The party is loyal unless they are answering to a new voice. This is what you need to consider.



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