Political Snap Shot



Written Oct. 18 5:30 pm EST


   The Middle East and Syria has been heating up for months, as the disinformation being spread by the media and some politicians increases. Almost all saying, we as a nation have abandon our allies, really. The Kurds are a frenemy, just like the Turks. They fought only to remove Isis from their disputed territory that encompasses southeastern parts of Turkey, northern Syria and northern Iraq and northwestern Iran for their own goals, and used the US to fund the operation, due to the common goal. They did not put their lives on the line just to confront Isis as you perceive or are told by the media. They want a Kurdish country carved out parts of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. This is their goal, check maps for Kurdistan, as here lies the truth.

   The Turks used the withdrawal of the 2 dozen US troops, yes just 2 dozen in Northern Syria, as the media and Democrats and some Republicans lead you to believe many more left before the invasion. Was the Trump Administration told in advance of the move by the Turkish Army moving on northern Syria? Yes, this why the two leaders talked. This is the reason the troops were removed from harmís way.

   Turkey wants an ever expanding buffer zone between Turkey and the Kurds filled with Syrian refugees and the removal of Kurds from the southeastern part of their nation. This is their goal, not peace in northern Syria, but the reduction of power and territory controlled by the Kurds, a minority group in their nation. Summing it up, ethnic cleansing under the guise of keeping the peace. Democrats as blind as they are, try to play both sides, but in the end, will get burnt by both.

   The US cannot trust Erdogan, as some in his organization has already leaked key information on the F-35 Program gathered from the pilots that were in training. The Trump Administration were right about terminating the program. It would have led to be integrated with the Russian S-400 missile defense system due to the aircraft shared information, the software would have been back engineered. You ask why did Erdogan order the 2.5 billion dollar system from Putin? Erdogan said, because he was not offered the Patriot missile system. This is a lie. There is already Patriot missile systems based in Turkey northeast of Incirlik air base and on the air base itself. Check it, a map is below.

   The S-400 missile system was purchased for defense against whom? The Russians would not sell it, to be used against them, as they can override it. So again, with Turkey as a NATO ally where is the threat? Iran, no because Turkey smuggles their oil for them into the EU to skirt US sanctions. Yes the EU is that dirty, to the world they have imposed sanctions, but they buy black market oil from Iran that Erdogan and his cronies facilitates, and they all get rich. Israel will not attack a NATO ally, that would be suicide. The Kurds, they donít have an air force or missiles. Your politician are dumb, dumb and dumber.

   Remove all nuclear weapons from Incirlik air base in Turkey as tensions increase before WW3, Turkey will turn on the EU and NATO per secret agreement with Russians and Chinese. The weapons are obsolete anyway and intermediate missiles were banned before this country withdrew from the treaty. S-400 missile defense system will be used to stop any planes coming to protect American servicemen and weapons within a short window. Once the base is captured, the nuclear weapons will be captured and all Americans at the base killed. What to the Russians hope to get? A forward base that is into the heart of the Middle East, where no one would dare use nuclear weapons as it will self destructive, so conventional war is the only option. The region will be overrun by Chinese manpower. Hesitation by a polarize US government will be the key, as push back against the Republicans from the Democrats will allow the Russians to overrun Israel, then what? Only when the EU eastern border falls will the missiles fly. This is the current plan.

   Moving on to Brexit, Boris seems to have done the impossible. As the EU blinked, the agreement was renegotiated, and they caved on the backstop. What did the EU get in return? Will the MPs allow the UK still to have their strings pulled by the EU? We shall see when Parliament votes maybe tomorrow.


   Very short brief, as the current strategy of the Democrats is to remove Trump by impeachment for the same thing they did in 2016 with the paid for Steele Dossier by Hillary and the DNC. Trump withheld funds, but released them, Hillary paid cash, a campaign finance violation. The side target is Biden, as he will go down also for HunterĎs influence peddling job, and neither for now can be controlled by the new world order (deep state). Your son makes a billion and half dollars from China, and he does not brag to his father? You are lying Biden.

   You were told this impeachment process comes with a price. Some will fall by the hand of the Almighty. Bernie was warned with a heart attack, please quit, Cummings was taken. Yes I am sad to see Cummings go, as he championed the Civil Rights Movement, but over time he answered to another. Civil Rights changed the lives of millions, this is the only reason, he is not in hell. The word from Cummings on the other side, he pleads for you to stop, as he was shown the Truth and sees the future. Heed his words from the grave. Keep playing this game, as the Almighty is in control, and has picked another to fall. Heed this, as it will be at the top.

   To America they are practicing earthquake drills in the Mid West and West Coast for a reason, as time is short. For Catholics place a blessed Crucifix over every door that leads outside and sprinkle Holy Water in the 4 corners of your home and property and the Angel of Death will pass over. Just know only one in sixteen that has passed from this earth walked the narrow road and many were women.

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Map source: http://studies.aljazeera.net/en/dossiers/2014/04/2014417557815795.html