Political Snap Shot




Written Oct 20 11:59pm EST


    The debates left us breathless, as to how far our political candidates will go to gain power. So let’s review some of the pre comments in the media.

    The problem is that you have let the status quo shift the narrative of our political process and you are so blind. We had Meg state about character and disregard positions. We are talking about abuse to women that cannot be proven as it is word of mouth from decades ago. People change as they mature and more important when they run for office. Those against the status quo will have their past as a common citizen dragged into the mud. But more important look at how all surface revelations by pass women have surfaced simultaneously should be the clue.

   You look for character, but has that served this nation lately. In a group of friends, the rich one eager to please all gets ripped off.  The friends are phony when another offers greater is in place. The president of the Philippines just told Obama to go to hell. China has the money and the US just a nation that owes. For so long we have allies that do not pull their weight, this is the truth. Taking care of home first is right, as politicians’ spout we need to protect the world. No, we need to protect America first and when we have the resources to protect others only then may we help.  This is leadership. No family would give money leading to debt for another stranger family when food is scarce on their table. You take care of home first. This is what creates division in this country.

   For all of you politicians, do you really want to tell America, this is their last presidential vote and 2020 will never come? Trump hinted at Climate change as you all shivered as he may tell the truth about Niribu. He is not that stupid, though I hinted to him.

   This election is about your future. If Trump caves to the new world order, Hillary’s plan will be allowed to proceed. If Trump has balls of steel, then Goliath may fall. This is in the hands of man. Trump if you win, you owe me lemonade. If not, I will see you on the other side of the veil as you blew it. You will be supported by me and others 100% up to and including Nov. 8 then, you are on your own, if you lose. You have said losing is not part of your vocabulary, prove this. Great job at the dinner tonight as her speech was prepared, no rewrites and had you been soft, she would have walked all over you. If she wins, then you just made my job a whole lot harder. Oh where was Bill, with his other? This is how the Clintons roll.


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