Political Snap Shot





Written Sept. 21 12:30pm EST



   Warren has declared the police are racists, but this has occurred in the cities under Democratic control since the thirties. You have appointed the Police Commissioners that runs their departments, which patrol your streets. So you are saying the leadership (you) that appoints leaders (police commissioners) and you cannot control your own as they let those under them the rank and file to assault Blacks and Latinos over decades and now it is a problem under Trump? You as leaders do have a clue and are inept.

   As for Warren her self, you only care about yourself. Few whites would ever choose to say they are a minority. You did and the choice was greed to be offered positions that your tainted lily white butt would have never received. Being a minority is hard enough, but pretending to be one in order to steal benefits is a new low. This is what you are. This is how those in the know see you.

      Democrats have removed one of their own, Salas for stating, “I stand for the flag and knell for the Cross.”  Have you really though about your backlash? It is one thing to be stupid and go against your nation, but God? This is your world that now tips towards satan, but you refuse consider that those who oppress this opinion may work for another. So this is why your way of life will be destroyed as you are brought to your knees. It is to awaken you and to prevent your loss of soul.

   Many major corporations have transferred their data storage to Goggle. Secure yes, but in certain cases they have access to all information of their employees adding to the control of the world’s email.  What you do not see is the new world order has infiltrated all high tech corporations. From inception going public allows an outside entity to influence through stock purchase by proxy. This is your Achilles heal.

   As for Cuomo continuing to push for climate change as if mankind is in control. This where you will pay a personal price as the people that respect you now will turn when they know the truth. For you it is better not to say anything, and then advise after everyone is told of their fate as their little worlds will collapse.

   Again we have a migrant train marching towards this country as if they have rights in this nation. There is a process to enter this country legally. Anything else is stealing from the American tax payer, but some of your leaders do not see this. Refugee status does not include poverty and local violence. Look it up. When events go south and the world knows of the upcoming pole shift thousands will turn to millions as whole populations of countries destroyed will migrate here or any place of safety, as the policy is set in their minds. How are you going to feed and clothe them, when your own resources are stressed to feed your own?  Better yet, how to protect them as crime goes rampant as police and military forces are decimated by desertion as paper money has no value? Exactly what do you think the migrants will do when facing death from starvation and look towards well stocked suburbs? You are being set up; please take your blinders off. 




   The Khashossi event makes no sense as if he would be killed in the embassy and the event revealed instead of suspected. Forensics ignored by the media found no blood splatter, which cannot be completely sanitized without specialize equipment. When the alleged 18 were leaving the embassy, there was no blood seen on their clothes involved in the alleged fight. How was the body or alleged parts carried out? Exactly how long did his partner wait before contacting authorities? If another location was searched, then they did not find a crime scene and suspect another location for the interrogation. Do you think there were blind spots in a wired embassy if audio was released? He was removed alive and flown to Saudi Arabia no matter what your media states as the embassy has an escape tunnel. Would not his fiancé call authorities along with audio to have the embassy surrounded? Information is extracted slowly. If one wants information, no country would do it where it points back to them. Why not give him cancer with no trace as the CIA does? This was designed to embarrass Trump through the Saudis. A planned robbery as if he resisted would have been open and shut. Both the Trump Administration an unwilling partner in this event is trying to minimize fallout that may affect the Midterms. The Saudis who were betrayed by the Turks are just lying. This is how your world rolls.

   So you in the media are going to claim outrage as the ulterior motive is to enrich the elite. You will push for sanctions by design thus forcing up the price of oil. You as Americans will pay the price for the death of a journalist (spy), which you know little about as a common man. Morals now count as politicians facilitate a transfer of wealth as you stand up for what is right. Aerospace workers out of jobs, military contracts are canceled, but the EU or Russia will fill in for them over one man. You have evidence from the Turks who jail those opposed to them, but releasing him just in time and you believe Turkey would reveal they bugged embassies over one man? Khashossi worked for the CIA under the cover of a Washington Post reporter and this nation will never reveal this. You in the media are so quick to protect Khashoggi with out knowing his mission. You are fools.


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