Political Snap Shot


Written Oct. 22 12:30 am EST

    As your media continues to lie to you, Hillary in her old age continues as a deep state operative, targeted those not on board by following orders blindly. Gabbard a Democrat is now working for the Russians? She is now just like Trump, an asset of Putin. No, she is not part of the deep state as most of your politicians. This why Gabbard is being discredit. She served for this nation in the military, and she is a traitor? You think Hillary would serve as a soldier for this nation? No, she is a coward, choosing not to face death for this nation. In America, we see this for what it is. Let Hillary keep it up, and all of you who stay quiet, will again sink with her aimless ship.

   Currently, the primary reason to go ahead with the impeachment process, is to start a civil war. This is the goal of the deep state, but your clueless politicians follow orders like lemmings. Did you investigate the quid pro quo of the Clintons as they got paid through their phony foundation? Where less than 5% went to a charitable cause and they keep the rest. Plus, they did not have to pay taxes, only in America!

   The timeline with the earth changes is at the point of all or nothing. A trial and vote by the Senate will never happen before Feb. 22 2020 and then, it is time up. Their goal is to have Trump resign and then force out Pence, so Pelosi becomes the first woman president, the nation will erupt. Race wars will break out in the suburbs. Black and Hispanic crime on crime with each other will explode, as resources becomes scant. In a national emergency, the poor areas get shut down first, and resources are constricted to a few places where in desperation the local residents turn on each other, then you as our government evoke martial law. You will say, did they not know this was coming? Yes they did since the early 80‘s, they expect you to die, useless eaters.

   To the people of America, ask to let the 2020 vote to go ahead, as it is your choice. To the Democrats, prove your point to the American people even with your slanted media. But you won’t, because this nation smells rats. He loses in the booth, that is fine, almost will walk away. Just know, Blacks and Hispanics do not want to share money within their own families, and you think, they will let you give it away to illegals and they have to pay? You are idiots. Remove him for something the Democrats have done, you will be responsible for the race wars. This is your choice. So, will the Almighty take a liberal Supreme Court Justice or another committee head? It is His choice, I only warn. Pelosi, no, you will be saved for last and you think you have wrinkles now. I am only the messenger for the will of the Almighty.

   You were told tornadoes would hit major cities. Dallas is a wakeup call, as this is just beginning, on a scale of 1 to 10 going forward, we are at a .5 with just storms. Earthquakes will separate this nation by ripping and sinking New Orleans first. Town after town sinking and leveled up the mighty Mississippi. St Louis will stretch the nation’s resources and over 200 k will die, as destruction will be total, next Chicago excluding minor cities along the way. Hospitals, electricity, medicine and blood, that is your past in that region. When the New Madrid fault has ripped along the Mississippi valley, just know Wales, Britain and parts of Ireland and Scotland will be scoured down to its bedrock by tsunamis generated by a Mid Atlantic rip with Iceland as a memory.

    The Netherlands as a after thought, a cesspool of pollution, sewage and thousands of dead bodies. There goes your get high and prostitution magnet for the EU and some Americans. I guess more Brits will have to travel to Thailand for a new option, the under aged. The reflection of the waves will crest off the foot hills of the Alps, and then the bounce back will then assault the US east coast as thousands will be loss and vast coastal areas rendered uninhabitable. Off course DC has evacuation plans in place to move thousands of your elite politicians within a few hours, but many others will drown in their cars trying to leave stuck in traffic. This is what you face in your arrogance. When Nibiru shows in the skies, then what? I know, you bow down to the antichrist and francis the false prophet. Again why does not Trump reveal the Truth? Because they will label him insane to protect their asses.

    Please continue Democrats on your same path, Cummings from his grave is telling you to stop. The Truth will be revealed, and the people will turn their anger towards you. Is this what you want? Change, there is time.

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