Political Snap Shot



Written Oct. 22 11:59 pm EST


   The Brits are finally realizing the truth, the EU will never let them go on their own terms. The House of Commons has long been infiltrated by the new world order, yet not completely as there are patriots. As the votes continue, The goal is to stalled an exit, but you were told this. So what does the votes in Parliament against Boris let the EU to do? Allow a smooth exit in their favor (Brits)? It does not.

   The EU was so shrewd, as they allowed the UK to modified a deal as they said, was set in stone. The EU said would never happen, but it did, as they played Johnson. Knowing that Parliament, due strategically placed MPs would never accept. A controlled defeat for Boris, but he plays as if he did not see this coming. Now the EU with the upper hand, can choose to give the UK a gift of extension and add give ups, or let the present agreement expired Oct. 31 as law. Giving an extension, that only helps the Brits, so where will this go? Now that the strategy has been exposed, the UK may have a chance or fall under a dictatorship, but this is in the hands of the new world order.

   Nation building has not worked anywhere on this planet, as the Kurds have shown you. Remember when Bin Laden turned on the US after being funded for years as the Taliban against the Russians in Afghanistan. This is a fact. This is round two, as your leaders never learn. Bin and the Kurds wanted control of their country, that is it. Kill some Russians or Isis achieves this, when it is over and we leave, they hate us. You are not our children, fight your own wars and most important, spend your own money.

   Oh, how about Putin and Erdogan, you were told, they have a secret agreement, now a small part hits the news. Who lets thousands of Isis out of jails, no one. The are shipped off site, then killed, cremated as to no trace, but dust blowing in the wind. The media lies. To support the Russian involvement along the Syria border, they will need a forward base. You were told this, but few are listening.

   You sill promote that child of Climate Change, who knows nothing about this world’s future, please follow her, idiots. As you will make my path, so much easier. She has not seen the super secret report on Nibiru and its approach, now in its final months, but your leaders know.


   I am warning you again, the 2020 election will never happen, as you predict. The sad part, almost all in closed circles of our government, you know this, and you hope time will be delayed. Did you tell Omar? She would not believe you anyway, as she is in love, what a waste. The Almighty controls time and the progression of events. His servants on earth modify events and severity to further His Cause. Pelosi and your pathetic side kick Schiff will be swept away, unless you change. Oh, by the way, have you told AOC and the squad, they are the fall guys when all this fails? I thought not, but they know now.

   For Omar you’re an idiot, your boyfriend led (coerce) you to dump your husband and children, as they do not live with you. You are attractive and you paid hundreds of thousands to his firm. You do not even know, when you are being used, mind and that little body? What a sweet deal, get paid and you get to bang her until the money dries up, except my man, you come up short. I wonder how this is going over in the Muslim faith, what an example.

   Let’s get real this evening, transgender shared bathrooms are out of the question for our children. Vaping has a new additive compound, destroying quickly the lives of our children, as it is not natural, but engineered. Try to tax the elite, and they will just move. If you can not afford health, your leaders offer free healthcare to illegals. The underground job market pays no taxes, yet they enrich those who exploit them, their own, so where do we win?

   This can not go on. Rising taxes, crowded schools, rents out of control, and wages depressed by an influx of cheap labor? Is this the American Dream? Everybody is a racist, and we have to pay reparations on the backs of those who have passed? The Democrats will destroy this country, and it is up to you to keep your mouths shut in polls, and around anyone until a day to vote, that shall not come, due to the upcoming pole shift. You as humans had your chance, now God will correct this.

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