Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 23 1:15am EST



   We now hear, there maybe Middle Eastern people in the convoy from El Salvador and Guatemala. Not one of you knows who is walking with them and you ask for proof. Really, none of you are willing to stop them and what proof. They are all illegals, most without identification. Would a terrorist use this avenue to infiltrate, yes as you in the media laugh no one has proof. Most will be innocent, but it only takes one. Again you are fools as the new world order plays you. The approaching storm will slow activities beware, I could point it as a direct hit, but I wonít.

   Can the Military be used at the border, yes as backup to Border control supplying transport, supplies and forward observers? Many will be turned at the border and told to apply for asylum at designated locations. This is the law. They have a choice. None of you ask how they were organized and who funds the trip as they are poor? They cannot afford it and neither can Mexicans along the route giving away food and clothes when they live day to day. Who pays for the gas and time for the vehicles moving the crowds? The new world order does, though a proxy shell organizations.

   We have Gillum in the Florida race for governor. Remember you are financed by new world order and the price you pay will come after when or if you are elected. You have no clue of what you have involved yourself in. Your statement is that Trump rides on the backs of others. I ask just how? Yes his language is crude, but that is it. Racists have their own opinion. Abortion, the gay community are not authorized by the Almighty, as are you.




   Trump and the US Military have finally considered exiting the Intermediate Missile Agreement. Are the Russians cheating? Yes, they decades ago have moved weapons to other countries. What is more important is the Chinese build up that threatens Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Singapore. I told you the US has ultra high sensitive neutrino detectors in space that sees all. The treaty negotiations when applied to China will be delayed. The current plans of the Chinese are to plant intermediate Ballistic missiles at their base near the horn of Africa. The point, most of the EU is under threat of a nuclear hit with out breaking the treaty with Russia. This is what you face.

   I want to make this perfectly clear if Trump does not crush this, I will. We know your plans and weakness is not part of our fabric. I with the power of God with wipe all of you from the face of the earth. The sad part you were warned in the Bible. I am sending first warning to Putin and Xi. You have the path to change, as your leaders in this world will betray you no matter the words of peace promoted by the media. Just know I will watch as to scream when dropped into the pit. Donít say I did not warn you as I do not bluff.

   With Khashoggi you were told he would appear in public here in advance, but the twist is a body double. Are you that sure and second, why would he or a double be allowed to walk free? This states if the Saudi did it, it was planned with the double. If the Saudi did it, you would not know as he would have been away from anything connected with them. The event was to point and nothing more. Who did it? Look again who had the most to gain. Only the fools would believe a murder would be committed that would lead back to the Saudi King or Prince when what looks like natural causes would have been arranged.


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