Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 23 11pm EST

Update Oct. 24 10pm EST


   We heard from Hillary today, the usual, as we choose hope over fear with her approach to Black voters. You have the status quo that must maintain an underclass, but provide the concept of hope that never comes, has it? Or promote fear, fear of change as they will no longer control of money to unless projects? Just when are you going to wakeup? She takes you for fools. You are provided the clues of what goes on behind closed doors with the email leaks, but you do not listen.

   Wall Street has no interest in the minions. That is you, but does want the continued policy of allowing illegals to shift our government funds from those that need it. This is also you. It is about depressing wages as you are told welcome the disenfranchised, but they are also the ones that will work a fraction of your wages as it is above where they came from. Where is your welcome after slavery? It is all about controlling labor costs and reducing the threats of union formation in this nation. Again you focus on a flash point, but ignore the ultimate goal over time.

   With your safety nets reduced, you fall prey to the interest rates of banks as disposable income falls no matter if wages rise or as the banking elite calls it, financial slavery. Your health plans put in place by Obama is failing as the nation does not have enough healthy to offset the sick so you will pay more. This is the goal. You donít see this, as there is and agenda for the elite, and one for you. Those in the media have been told support Hillary or lose your job. This is the truth for those with no power. Of course the major anchors are not controlled, but some have been influenced.

   Donna told you after delivering the question for her candidate, if you stand in the middle, you get hit and you expect her to stand up for you? Politicians serve those who have the money. Do you, the Black Community have the money? No, so you get played for your votes, a few appointees and broken promises. This is a fact as little has changed since the sixties. Again, this is the truth. Just to let this nation know, the polls are lying. It is about the sample and choosing the many samples taken that will favor a particular candidate.

   With all the talk of voter fraud, why would the Justice Dept. remove observers? Hillary has in place covert operatives in the counting rooms and hackers to replace vote totals transmitted by the internet if needed. The problem is that they need approval as to the numbers of real time votes coupled with the exit polls and this is the flaw. Create fraud when not needed risks exposure, but key precincts in Philadelphia and Miami is their focus. Trump is no Romney where not one Black would vote for. Trump does carry many more minorities than revealed as they will be quiet until they vote. This is the unknown Hillaryís staff will face. Get caught and you will say it is an isolated event, but it is coordinated with denial in place. This is the Truth.

   Hillary after being seen with a device attached to her body has continued to wear heavy fabric as told before. She cheats at the debates with an ear piece. She cheats at the debates with advanced questions. She cheats by hiding devices to control her health problems under heavy fabric. Now you think she will not cheat like Bush and fix the vote? To think so, is idiotic.

   She spoke out about Jesus Christ in NC Sunday as if she has faith. This is a lie. She does not worship God the Father the Almighty, she answers to another. As, I will now, reveal more of the Truth that applies to her and herí husband. They are agents of hell. Hey Bill how is the energizer bunny treating you lately or has Viagra failed you. Chelsea has not made that decision yet. All will doubt until you see a systematic approach to crush what are seen as Middle Ages religious views of the Catholic Church that are out of touch with a womenís right to choose and the right of the LBGT community to marry. You were told the Laws of God do not change for time or man. As if the Creator is flawed. Her influence comes from another. If she wins, this nation will pay a dear price. You have free will and some of you will back the candidate that represents the dark side, if so blinded.

   Trump if you analyze their method of attack, the primary focus is racism, but the Black Community has not seen applied to them, yet the media portrays this differently. A comparison to Moslems that attacks this nation or Mexicans illegals that take their jobs is real to them, but not covered in the media. What you do not know is that African American men will mostly stay home and the few that will vote shall be divided. Black men have a hard homelife coming from some Black women; rabid arguments will state you are not the man, as you bring little income for the household. It is so easy to talk. It is so easy to see the shows where the few offer more. This is their dream that pops with another baby unsupported. The truth, it is not for those brain washed over time. Focus on the message as some womenís votes are etched in stone.

   It is your job to energize Pa., Fl., Oh., NC., to start, then move to Co. and Az. with ads Is it numbers that will vote that shall win. Do you know why women are the biggest voting block? Because, men sometimes sit on their asses, rather than excise their right to vote, but now they are tired of being screwed. So, you need to state take back this country with your vote. Change this Trump and you win. Remember the Bible showed you faith prevails against all odds as long as you follow orders. Never betray the Almighty as their will be some that will interject doubt, by design. You have never been led astray by me or my words. When it is like all odds are against you, stand up as I have done and nothing on this earth aligned with the dark will defeat you in the end. This is your choice.

   Speak of the large crowds that attend your events and stay mainly on message. The media is bought and paid for and can you blame them as Hillary unable to secure an easy victory as some media outlets imposes any release by any reporter that favors you. Welcome to the world of the new world order.

   It is your temporary job to save this nation from the influence of the new world order as you are running for the President of the United States. This will only last until the Warning if you win. Then you will be led by the forces of good or evil. If Hillary wins our job gets so much more intense quickly. It is hard enough to fight the antichrist who has not surfaced yet, and a new crony as president of my country is not my idea of making my job easier.

   If you lose, it is from doubt, and this is understood, but you will need to remain true to the cause. When events get tough, send a family representative covertly and all options will be considered as to the safety of your family to a point. Hillary if you send one of yours pretending they will be destroyed by the Almighty.

   Just to add those women who accused Trump beware as Hillary will abandon you if caught. It only takes one to fold, then what? For the others take notice, you will have no support as she will say you came to them, when layers of individuals shielding Hillary recruited you. Your lesson, there is no honor among liars, but more important the flood of women willing to tell a story will stop unless, they are fools.

   Trump, stay on message. Talk about the Defense Department bonus money for reenlisting and our soldiers trusted the government and they served some loss limbs and lives. Stand up for right is right. Because, Obama and Hillary have chose to say nothing. Your leaders would rather take in Syrians with little or no vetting than take care of our own that fought for this nation. That is what I call weak leadership. This is why Clinton needs to be defeated. This is why our nation is on the wrong path. Bad decisions have hurt good people far to long. It is time for a change. This is easy.


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