Political Snap Shot





Written Oct. 24 1:45am EST


   Over the past few days we have heard Don lecture us on the term nationalism. Yes white nationalists used it, and the term always proceeded with “white”. Be careful on what you imply. We had the Black panthers in the seventies so the word Black condemns all? Listen to your words as sometimes, they are without thought.

   The Bible has told you that your world will be unified under one leader who is a globalist. Trump was speaking the Truth. This is about America moving forward as one nation as all prosper and we shed the leeches who call themselves allies. What would you do if every time you went out, you had to cover the bill? Been there, done that. It is about economics, not what the media is pushing. All people in this nation are rising, but illegals are being expelled as they take valuable resources from you. We are not rich due to a deficit and cannot carry the burden of those who flee their nation, instead of standing up and fighting to change things. I say cowards not wanted.

   The migrants are funded and fed along the way. They are dirt poor, yet food, clothing, medicine and payment to cross borders left alone by the police is in their possession? The migrant movement is funded by the new world order. This will bring dissent at the border and undermine Trump as this is just another facet to remove him as he is not a globalist.

  The Democrats say compassion is needed; yes this is true. So stand up and sponsor them. It is about keeping them off of our taxpayers if you want them here. But do not push your ideas, which burden our citizens with your crazy ideas. Pay for it or send them home. Our immigration system has the same rules.

   It is not about fear, as the left will show women and children desperate for a new way of life on you. It will be just another bill the Democrats place on your budget. As they cannot control this nation’s spending. I saw Jorge swarm out of financially backing the migrants. I have told you judge a person by their actions, not the words in the media.

   The current polls have Trump losing a majority of women in the Mid Terms, is this true? The samples were taken many times and the greatest margin was released in hope more would follow. We have played this game before in the 2016 election, again it will not work. The Democrats may take the House in a slim margin yet to be seen, but the Senate will remain under Republican rule.

   Yes Trump’s words are sometimes crass, but that has always been him. Nothing new here is to see. I have told you Trump as a private man can do what ever he wants, the woman have a choice and it is always consensual. He is a billionaire. Most stay, few leave. Look at Stormy, she banged him hoping just to get another date and years later she hoped that screwing him by consent now that he is president would enrich her? This is your world.

   What you do not understand is why the false media would cover an airline groper stating Trump said it was ok. Trump as president did not say it was ok to touch any woman as portrayed in the media. A tape that should have never been released as a private citizen with freedom of speech revealed his preference only. There was no promotion for others, Don this is how you do not consider what is outside of the box. It is another ploy to influence the Mid Terms.


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