Political Snap Shot





Written Oct. 24 11:59 pm EST



    We have random bombs carefully placed to affect those who are part of or will affect the Mid Terms. This was not by accident. But with the news coverage they are now in play. You were given x-rays, but what was interesting is what filled the pipe, not all the way was a consistent particulate when a pro would use C-4. Any terrorist knows the Clintons and Obama’s mail is screened and opened by the maid or assistant. I have told you, who has the most to gain is behind this. The bombs were another new world order ploy to energize the Democratic vote. You have no clue you did this, but I am sure a Republican fanatic will be charged only to be let go after the election for lack of evidence. Damage done is the plan. Did any explode? It is the presumed threat that counts. Those associated with the Democratic Party arranged this as another tactic to affect the Mid Terms. A warning to the media, publicly rebuke this and I will release the evidence. Let it go.

   The Soros organization is funding the migration as you see the food and clothes in piles to be picked up by anyone. Is Mexico responsible for doing this, no? Are the people responsible no, as they are dirt poor, yet you are led to believe they are charitable this? No one asks how piles of clothes are left for al to claim when they are in need?

   What the American people are tired of is your compassion as spokes person for American, which we have to pay for. You betray America as you broadcast what you are told. You know what is coming and this plan. Is there not one of you that will stand up for God? If not, I will destroy all that you value.

   There are billions in poverty and we as tax payers many living week to week are going to subsidized those fleeing from their own country without a fight? So they need apartments, creating an increase due to demand. You lose. They are in poor health. They are accepted to emergency care and walk out on the bill. You lose. Property taxes increase to cover the rise of pupils in school systems. You lose. Low cost labor affects marginal Blacks and Latinos. You lose. Need I go on? None of these factors are discussed. Look before you leap is all I am saying.

   This nation has evolved to the point where we welcome what is needed. This is the bottom line. This is not the 19th century when all are welcomed. This nation will not follow the disaster the inept leaders of the EU imposed on them selves, under the rule of the new world order. Mass migration does not work. This is a fact in the EU. The UK is running. Ask why?

   Gillum you may face allegations, but it is only to keep you point. Did you accept the tickets, yes no matter how you spin it? They have you on so many fronts. Behave or they will destroy you. You have no idea of you linked up with for a state that will be shortly under the waves. You are the fall guy, but yet do not realize it. Good luck.


Update Oct. 27 1:15am EST


   You have been told with any event that is pivotal, it who has the most to gain is behind it. I told you the new world order set up the bombings to help the Democrats as it is timely in the Mid Terms. You have no information as to the chemical mixture of what was in unclosed within the pipe bombs. So what is going on?

   The perpetrator wore gloves while assembling the bombs. He was betrayed as the samples sent as prototypes were lifted. The DNA was accumulated in the form of dust. What you need to know is that skin that sheds within a home creates some portion of dust.

    What you were not told is the composition of the material within the pipe casing. You were not told if the bombs could have taken out the intended targets by design. This was designed to create fear. All of which is to point the fingers at the Republicans. The fall guy just happens to drive around in a van with Democratic targets on it. Again he was allowed to be caught with a motive by design.

   I ask all sometimes to step back and look at the big picture rather than be caught up in the rhetoric.




    Putin, you say the US will no longer be a super power. Do you really think in your small mind you know who you are dealing with? I have been told this must play out, but when we are face to face, you will wish you were never born. I told you the US knows where all of your obsolete weapons are stored. The treaty is shallow words. So what are you going to do wet paper bag? The antichrist lied about the time line. I will leave it there.

   Erdogan, you have killed tens of thousands under your regime and we are to listen to you? Both of you and the Saudis answer to one. Did the Saudis slip? Yes as they never thought would use a world platform to step on them. Welcome to the new world order.


Update Oct. 29 11pm EST



   As this country reels from the massacre in Pittsburgh, it is time to reflect. You in the media say it is time to tone it down, but it is one sided. Did any politician back the Jews in moving the American embassy to Jerusalem? Not one, but Trump did and you say he is the one that inspired hate against the Jews? Hate comes from satan, but you refuse to believe this.

   Trump has warned you of the globalist against you, but the many cannot connect the dots. It was they that arranged for their puppet (politician) Hitler to kill more than six million Jews. It was a the German arm of the banking empire controlled by the puppet master and the Bank of England that financed both sides of a war to achieve financial slavery due to interest rates in this world. So are the Jews now under attack as in the days of WW2 when the world watched and did nothing? Yes, but it is just starting.

  You were told this world will polarize and those who would seek comprise will fall between the chairs. You stand on one or the other. In your world there is right and wrong and if this is when the dark one rules, then what is popular comes from satan himself to claim his own. This is the Truth.

   As for the US Military along are border in support Immigration forces, they are protecting you as we cannot afford to take on those running from economic distress. We are broke. Some say this is not America. This nation has done little to change the plight of a poor minority. This is a fact as nothing has changed. What is funny is that you think words condemning all will change things when you do not address the problem.

   Racism is when a Black person is held back in the corporate world. Racism is when you are accosted to feel less than human. Racism is where the political system allows a group for any reason to be disenfranchised from the norm. Words do not matter actions do and pointing to one does not mean all. This is what this nation does not understand.

   If you think that vulnerable children do not get raped while crossing the border or drugs do not pour through, you as the media and politician are idiots and should not lead this nation. Anyone that gets through is one to many and does not legitimize those illegals who are good spirited. We have a legal process for entry to this country. A spade is a spade and the correct political statement helps no one.

   We do not need more illegal cheap labor suppressing our wages, raising rents for your young and placing an unneeded burden on our social and healthcare systems. Is Soros money funding the migration, some parts? But, any action by Soros does not reflect the views of the Jews. It is the elite that want cheap labor and stir division among all so that they seek a new leadership, a global leadership, but as the media leads the blind, the general public does not see this.


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