Political Snap Shot





Written Oct. 25 9:30pm EST


   The polls are closing in, when they should be expanding a Clinton lead. The abused woman that has dominated the politics instead of the issues or the emails leaks is over as some may face slander charges in civil courts. This threat was not taken lightly. Hillary wonít pay the bill or associate with you, but she paraded you in front of America for her gain and will discard you if caught. America is not that stupid as if we really care about allegations a decade ago with a private citizen. It is hearsay and nothing more to a point. Are there charges, witnesses, no as your tactic was to destroy a reputation that could not be rebuked before the election? This was dirty and why you were called nasty. Your husband abused women as President in the White House. This was a disgrace. Donít let and email leak between you and Huma. They have them and infrared video as I told you months ago crushing you. Pull back your dogs and allow a fair vote. This is your last chance. I do not bluff.

   The Clinton campaign is in prevent defense as keeping appearances to a few. White working class voters know they were screwed for decades and see the process continuing. They tell you wages have risen from a base point almost 20 years ago, but the truth is, disposable income is in severe decline. This is how they lie to you. A health care plan when put in place gave a choice, for many, you now have one non competitive choice that is now skyrocketing in cost, so much for cheap and affordable.

   You heard the double talk on immigration for open borders and she lied by deflecting focus on energy at a conference in Brazil. One story to the elite and another to your ears, say it is not so. As for the Blacks many are so blinded as they donít even know the issues as a majority and flip the levers just as their fathers and grandfathers did. This is all they know. It is about the benefits as a bottom line. I ask, when you speak about education or the lack of, but what percentage visit their kidís schools or helps with homework so their children excel past what they have achieved? Donít lie. Donít expect another to do the same work; you wonít do at home for your own.

   This election is about the closet voter who wants change and Hillary has far underestimated this. The DNC is just hoping she gets elected and as the house of cards fall they have their malleable puppet, spineless Kaine, who by the way was picked from the start for VP almost a year ago. I told you this, months ago as Corey had a wish and a dream, you was used. Evidence will mount and Clinton may resign due to health, another lie she has fed America. She becomes the first woman president and the dirt is buried as an agreement. This is the current plan.

   A warning, no matter how this looks if you side with Clinton, you side against the Almighty. You were given so many signs to make an intelligent choice, but the influence in the media was allowed as this was a test. Guess what, most of you failed, but there is still time to change. This is where a Clinton Administration will fail in disgrace if elected. This is in the hands of man and the fortitude of Trump to never give up. If you cannot stand up to Hillary if elected, you will be destroyed by the one yet to come.


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