Political Snap Shot





Written Oct 26 11:30pm EST


   Let me enforce a dire warning to the world. The election in America is not about Trump and all of his flaws, but that Hillary has aligned with the new world order as this seems to be the convenient choice This is the hidden agenda that most in the media refuse to comprehend. They are from the east and will conquer certain sectors of this country at a point known only to the Almighty as prophesied in the Bible, Godís Word. You were told all would be fooled as Hillary is presented as Christian, but calls Roman Catholics that of the past. This is the Church of Jesus built on the rock; Peter for the Son God who died for your sins. I stand with Jesus on abortion, against gay rights do you? No woman changes the Laws of God in her pursuit to power over this polarized nation or disrespects behind closed doors the will of the Almighty.

   With the Russians technological advancements like the satan 2 missile that can destroy Texas or France, you need to heed the warnings, coupled with Chinese manpower in certain areas, it is a force that will cover the world in darkness. But the patriots can stop this, for now Trump is a patriot. Hillary a champion in the past for all disfranchised, but this has changed due to the Clinton greed as Trump did from a womanizer to a leader. Bill I guess you are really looking forward to fresh meat as energizer bunny is old, but more important, Hillary tires of HuÖ Lets see how this plays out with secrets that no one needs to know.

   Speaking to the Latinos and Blacks, life has never been fair to you. You are offered carrots that a few excel within the system, but the wealth when gained is squandered by the excess purchased the elite preach. This is the trap. Decades pass and one after another goes bankrupt. The proof is the NBA and NFL.

   What Hillary offers does not change your lives. I ask, you were offered s..t in the sixties, they killed MLK who wanted real change and they left you with Jesse compromised by a string of women. The Black Caucus is nothing more than a name. Name one achievement the Caucus that has changed your lives? I thought so. Hillary is worse as she tells Goldman Sachs one thing behind a closed door speech and you hear only through leaks her true positions and yet you still believe. She lies and is crafty like the dark one who taught her. A soul can be corrupted from its past that served others, this is what you need to recognize.

   Obama is pressing the media to uphold the democratic process, but has allowed some news outlets to reveal the Truth as with MSNBC showing the suspected fraud in Florida with Gore. And Fox is covering basically the same.

   As to the deceit, I point to the political arena where all look at Ashcroft as he rose in the ranks after a loss in a Senate race and the opponent died in a plane crash. The wife serves in the Senate and he rises to Secretary of Defense, why? Now I am not saying this was an arranged killing then reward an appointment, but the events are interesting. The history of mankind never changes; just analyze how events are presented in a different way.

   Letís focus on Wikileaks. The Clinton campaign is not denying the content, but is focusing on the source of the leaks. The problem is that if the Russians did hack the DNC sever and more important Hillaryís unprotected server, all of emails are in the hands of the enemy. The point the server was put in place by design. So as head of the State Department, she allowed the Russians to compromise our internal communications by design. Now the FBI calls it incompetence and a slap on the wrist. I call it treason as she answers to the new world order. You cannot have it both ways.

   Hillary if the Russians did it, you are a traitor and need to be prosecuted for allowing state secrets to the enemy. Or it was patriots allowing the people of America to see your hidden agenda that is hidden from public, either way; you are a pricked puss boil oozing on the skin of America.

   The problem with the media bias is that they bait you as if the results will be fair. The clue I told you is in the wild swings in the polls, people do not shift 3 to 6 point as a nation in a week. People are afraid. They on the most part do not voice an opinion supporting Trump, stay quiet to hold the peace. This is the Truth.

   Enthusiasm is the point for both sides. No matter what they say, with all the media spin, what you say with your vote that no one can see once in the privacy of the booth, counts. Hillary is a traitor to this nation. As she has aligned with the new world order and all lose on this earth. Trump no matter his faults still favors the Army of the Light. You have free will, pick your side. Just know I will ask the Almighty to sweep all that is dirt or aligned with the dark one off the face off this earth. This is a promise. When our Savior descends as He will not walk this earth before the appointed time, only the few that survive Armageddon that is dark will be thrown in the lake of fire. Puppet Hillary, consider a change as all in your leadership if you win will cost millions of souls, but you know this.


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