Political Snap Shot




Written Oct. 26 2am EST


   Much has been said about the reverence of the office of the President of the United States. This is true, but Trump was brought in by the Almighty God the Father to separate at an accelerated rate as foretold to separate the wheat from chaffe or polarize this nation. All of you can agree this was successful beyond all who comment on future trends in politics. Do not question God with your petty complaints as none of you have changed this world to avoid His Raft as many of you work for another, the others silenced. By design Trump is painted as a racist, but if you went to his parties, African Americans were a significant part of his invitation list. His daughter married a Jew. This is the Truth before he was a politician. I told you, he did a favor for the Republicans by being the front spokesman for the birth certificate. This was a set up if he was to move on as he did. Hindsight he knows it was a mistake, but his ego allows no apology. This is Trump.

   The current plan of some Republicans who sold their soul to the dark one is to increase dissention among their own with one public encounter after another or events backed by the media to remove Trump before March 2018 since he passed the initial October 2017 deadline. Impeachment will send the country into chaos as Trump broke no laws as of this release. If he did commit a crime, it does not take almost a year to gather evidence.

   The earth changes are of primary concern as little from the government is coming forth. Puerto Rico is show cased as a failure, but it is a separate common wealth not a state. Yes they are citizens, but resources that states get are not precedence. Houston, Florida comes first not a common wealth with the earth changes just starting. It is you the American public that is in the dark. Confused by the media and the constant exposition of Trump and his errors, some by design others due to incompetence, but he is better than traitor Hillary.

   Events show you the Clintons and DNC paid the Russians for the dossier. So you in the media are so stupid as to not connect the dots. If the Russians are colluding with Trump then why provide paperwork to discredit him? What we are witnessing is that you the media and the public are being taken as fools. The Russians are the enemy, but you Hillary and Bill take their money and sell out this nation. Why would Russia need uranium when they are selling natural gas to the entire EU?

   In Las Vegas there were multiple shooters, but not the one found. Cameras off line, no one saw how the guns were brought to the room, the guard disappears after being shot by an AR 15 that would have crippled him for weeks, but he drives to Mexico on an active investigation and the media is still focusing on a Gold Star family. You are ignoring the Truth.

      As the media debates whether Hillary, Podesta, or Debbie knew of the payments that provided the dossier, letís shed some light. When you spend millions and those at the top deny any knowledge either they are incompetent or set up the law firm as a proxy buffer for deniability if caught as has now occurred. There is a process and only those at the highest level would approve spending millions on an ALLEGED MI-6 document to discredit Trump. Again if the Russians were backing Trump the dossier would have never been released. I have always said, those behind the plot have the most to gain.


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