Political Snap Shot




Written Oct 27 11pm EST


   Wednesday Evening Moore announced he is for Clinton. This was a choice of free will, but in the Almighty’s eyes, a disappointment. You with so many God given talents, you can not see beyond the fog. Can you see into one’s soul, no? Then why state to America Hillary is your choice with all that is continuing to be dropped on the web? Moore, we do need change and your work in past, which I respect reflects this. Times have changed and again, all is not what it seems. It is the time for that is dark to reign without a balance; this is what you do not understand. What you have experience has not prepared you for what is to come. For once step back and look at the events with the eyes of a child untainted, only then will you see the Truth.

   Let’s move to releasing non-violent criminals. The truth is, that once they are released many will prey on their parents or other family members. As many will think it is their fault and a need to step up, thus hope. Criminals prey on the weak and family is weak. This administration knows this. Thus a release of non–violent criminal will shift the budget of mostly parasites, sons and daughters to the care of the family. In many cases, this causes severe turmoil and a break down of a family structure. Your political system does not address your primary concern when it comes to family. I ask you Obama is this plan of hope or are you part of the problem?

   To the media, you continue to put your heads in the sand as if voter fraud could not occur here. Gore with his tongue tied, plays with the program as the Clintons are in bed with the Bushes. This is the bottom line that he crossed.

   The polls are false, but all you need to consider is the direction of some as this gives true insight. For Trump many of your advisors have their spin, but it is hard for you to trust the Almighty. Just know it is His advice that has gotten you here along with your effort. The goal is to expose the evil in the politics of this nation and your win is second place. This still is within your grasp. Compromise with another and you will lose, the key is Pa. This is your mission.

   In the media as you continue to down play the access of the emails; if it was the Russians, then if true they have everything. She gave the Russians the uranium mine and now probably is a part of the plutonium in the new satan2 ICBMs, which only 1 can smoke Texas. You think the warning in the Bible are false and when the missiles fly how do you say to your wives and children we are going to die? Such is the arrogance of you and your associates. She allowed her server to be hacked as she is above the law. The Russians are tired of being blamed for political reasons and the may retaliate against this nation. The Russian population is preparing for war and this nation dismisses it, yet the Bible foretells this. Now you can believe the media all is under control or God who knows all, past, present and the future. The dark side with all its tentacles in government and industry creates the problem as with ISIS and then offers a solution yielding a financial gain. This is the Truth and a fact.


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