Political Snap Shot



Written Oct. 27 11:59 pm EST

   The California wild fires are occurring even though the power grid is turned off in areas of concern. What it will show as they intensify, there may have been another source for the starting of those fires, and the power company was not the only origin for the majority of the fires last year, but an easy or necessary scapegoat. Acts of God are not subject to prosecution. The check, with all the winds and the power off how many broken lines to cause potential sparks were found? Lightning, winds coupled with the ground heating up, the wild fires, a part of the earth changes will quickly explode.

   The Durham investigation will shock this nation, as many in this government are gauging, how much to reveal to the general public. The truth would destroy many icons in the Democratic Party, and some Republicans who answer to the new world order, so some are quietly dying. Without revealing details, Podesta will fall as engineering the hoax and Hillary skirt prosecution. The debate as of now, is whether to release information that Seth Richards allegedly could have been the source of the emails provided to Wikileaks. That the Russian Collusion was created to frame Trump. We shall see.

   Microsoft winning the 10 billion AI cloud contract was to send a message to Jeff. You played the US postal service and pushed your delivery expenses on the tax payer. You have slanted the press with your ownership of the Washington Post. Now you expect the Pentagon under Trump to give you a government contract? You are an idiot, if you did not anticipate this result. I ask, how much before you are satisfied? Be careful, as you do not want to reach the end of your rope with the Almighty.

   As for those going against the IAU for removing Pluto as a planet, you have a point. It is the primary gravitational source within its orbit, far outside of the Kuiper Belt objects. What the IAU will not explain, is the tilt to the orbital plane and its elliptical orbital off center, counter to the rest of the planets. It does not fit their creation of the solar system theory. Pluto escaped the gravitational hold of Nibiru, as it approached the outer reaches of our solar system eons ago.

   A warning to the pope, you will not incorporate any changes to the Church from your Synod built by Jesus Christ. The Laws and Traditions set in place by God are perfect, are not subject to change by man, and you do not have authority, false prophet.

Update Oct. 29 1:45 am EST

   With the secret elimination of Baghdadi, why would the liberal press state no audio? Did they have an insider in the Situation Room, no? Special forces, Delta Force command is in constant contact with Central Command. It is standard protocol on a mission of this type. So you are telling me, Trump ordered the audio feed turned off. You are idiots. By the way Pelosi, please order your impeachment vote in the House, and watch how many drop, by the hands of the Almighty in corruption exposure or just pass. Did Conyers get your attention old woman? He would not have been my first choice, but who am I to question God the Father Almighty. There is time to change Pelosi, like some of those at MSNBC just beginning in their Me Too fight. The Almighty has given me permission to crush this world to save souls. I am still handcuffed. Heed this, as the shackles will be shed soon. All of you who answer to satan, will be destroyed. This is a promise.

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